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  1. the MCL-905 is inspired from the Frankestein with a few different styling cues + McLaren graphics.....https://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-kpt-904-speakers-frankenstein-edition BTW the McLaren series ...... MCL-905 -Forte -The One are " out of stock " .
  2. OO1


  3. depending on the overall condition ,4- 5k$ .........Belle speakers are quite rare , nowadays to be found in mint Original condition , Walnut veneer is a plus .
  4. 5 choices , FREE would be the Forum Garage sale , Usaaudiomart.com , CL ., Facebook Marketplace -Highest selling prices for klipsch speakers in 2022 were on Ebay
  5. there's no such thing as a carbon graphite cone in the Tweeter diaphragm of the KG-3.5 ....BTW there are no cones in tweeter diaphragms .
  6. not sure you can purchase the k-402 Horns without having to buy klipsch HF drivers as a package
  7. run dont walk , these wont last long
  8. Please refrain from unnecessary Negative comments , .
  9. the question was not addressed to you ! do not answer for others ,as it can be annoying
  10. @JRH can you please check in the log books for Serial numbers 993 and 994 , both these shipped with the W5-22 crossover , Stevens 103-LX woofer /K-1000 horn /University SA-HF mid driver /
  11. The woofer is different . W5-22 crossover shipped with the Shorthorn equipped with the Stevens 103-LX woofer /K-1000 horn /University SA-HF mid driver / University 4401 tweeter , based on the picture you posted , the W2 Network shipped with the Shorthorn equipped with the EV15WK woofer / K-1000 horn /University SA-HF mid driver /University 4401 tweeter ,
  12. the Pioneer elite vsx lx101 puts out 130wpc at 6Ohms , the Marantz sr8002.puts out 125 wpc at 8Ohms , the Marantz will be a tad better , you'll see a slight improvement
  13. a few candles cant hurt , a picture with Spanky and old Chucky would be great
  14. OO1

    NFL 2023

    the Seahawks tend to win at the very last minutes or in overtime this year , next game against the 49 ers is gonna be a tough 4 quarters , last game between these 2 teams was 21-13 in favor of the 49 ers , I cant wait
  15. .1st step , remove the screws .... gently separate the top plate , clean the Voice coil area of the driver , and inspect the windings of the VC , retest .......any amelioration ?
  16. For the Echo in the room , 2 wooden, insulated platforms or risers for the Jubes can help to dampen and decouple the bass section from the floor .
  17. dont worry about it , unless it sounds scratchy
  18. Simply speakers sell an aftermarket kit .....it aint klipsch tested for the Forte II
  19. klipsch use 2 shades of black - matte black and satin black - black satin - gloss ratio 25 % -in comparison , flat black is 0% gloss , and 50% for semi-gloss . -matte black- gloss ratio 10% versus flat black
  20. I use a Variac when the amplifier is out of commission for 1 year or more , no matter which type of amplifier ...just to be safe
  21. it takes me about 1 minute to be transferred to klipsch parts if I call klipsch's 800 telephone number
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