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  1. the RP-1400SW hands down
  2. mint condition , anyone local will be getting a great deal on perfect speakers
  3. unscrew gently , lay the Mids driver down , tighten the 6 screws of the top plate until they are snug tight , the driver is composed of 2 halves sandwiched between a rubber gasket , a loose top cover can cause vibrations or an irritating sound . an Ohmmeter can pinpoint to a problem with the driver's diaphragm if the resistance reading is way off between both drivers , typically a good k-55 diaphragm should measure from 9 ish to 10,5 Ohms , anything lower than 9 Ohms indicates a worn out diaphragm , the replacement is a breeze 15 minutes with a soldering iron and a flat screwdriver
  4. 5 posts count activates the PM messages
  5. a clear furniture polish
  6. same here , stunning
  7. We understand , I hope all works out
  8. there aint no F.........s , strictly Boneheads
  9. 1200€ is an excellent price from Supersonido , regular price 1800€ , the 1200 is sold out in the USA . https://www.supersonido.es/p/klipsch-cinema-1200-soundbar
  10. no Official statement yet , but the Cinema 1200 799$ promo was a hit , it's sold out or on BO
  11. you are confusing the Nines with the Sevens , once more there are thousands of positive sales of the Sevens and Nines , and you cannot put all the powered units made by klipsch under the same boat , to say that the klipsch powered speakers were not ready for primetime is a false general statement
  12. good , so leave it at that , send the product back , and stop the negative comments , there are thousands of happy clients using the Sevens , you just happen to have fallen on a DOA , it happens , end of story
  13. take an Ohmmeter and check the resistance for both midrange drivers ....... what are the results for the right and left speaker , the mids are 16 Ohms
  14. you can reach klipsch parts by email . fill the form , indicate that you want to buy quantity 1 of part # 1007632 .https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  15. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k77f-127126-diaphragm/
  16. Steve , @BigStewMan was a great voice on the Forum ,no news for a while now ,
  17. where did you buy the diaphragms for the k-77 , what did you buy , originals or aftermarkets ? - swap the Lascala tweeters and midrange drivers into the Cornwall and see if the problem follows - take an Ohmmeter, check the resistance for the Lascala HF drivers/ K-55V midrange / K-77 tweeters , the K-77 are 8 Ohms , the K-55V are 16 Ohms , - .get your crossovers checked by JEM @JEM Performance https://jemperformanceaudio.com/capacitor-kits ,
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