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  1. the barrier strip on the rear door panel acts just like a set of binding posts , no difference whatsoever , except being screwed versus being hand tightened
  2. Yes and no , Klipsch do not sell the 10 " woofers for the KLF20s any longer , but they do sell the Midrange driver and Tweeter with Titanium diaphragms - as far as the center speaker to match a T 500 , Heresy 2 -Forte 1-2 - KP-201 - KP-250 -Tangent 400-500-5000
  3. @pdxwaker it will hold up for sure , but the repaired area is going to be visible .
  4. ,the KLF-20 would be a superior center , no contest
  5. OO1


    klipsch Parts sell the K-704 Tractrix® horn , that Heresy III-IV Mids horn can fit in a Heresy 1 ,
  6. the Lascala use a terminal strip , instead of binding posts , and the Cornwall uses a mini-terminal strip , so not a dime worth of difference
  7. @Schroedinger Since your Cornwall is 1977 , keep the B network since your speaker uses the K-77 Alnico round magnet tweeter + the push-pin k-55V , the B2 is optimal with the 81-82 Cornwall using the K-77-M square Ferrite magnet + the solder lugs K-55V ( which you do not have ) .
  8. There are Lots of Churches in HK .
  9. the CWIV are in Montreal , that's Quebec , Canada
  10. the closest to the NS1000M is the klipsch Heresy IV so a Monitor style speaker , the Khorns are horn loaded speakers - you might actually enjoy the Cornwall IV or the Forte IV
  11. it's gonna cost you lot's of money ,
  12. The Khorns used for the photo shoot of the AK-6 Ser# 001-002 , The veneer was book-matched 100% if not 110% , 0 flaws , pure Perfection , 1 pair
  13. the Service Manual as the 1st step 2nd would be the troubleshooting
  14. 1 more Canadian Forum Member found while browsing ... ... Burlington Ontario @partymark
  15. very nice set of speakers , GLWYS
  16. @Deang can you tell us what kind of caps are these smaller motor runs
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