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  1. What are you using to power them?
  2. Congrats. What music do you like?
  3. It has been a minute since 1984. That is when I bought a pair of Heresy, new from a place called Ovation. I can't recall the first tunes that I played through them. What I listen to these days is a lot less radical than then, most of the time lol.
  4. I would just start a new thread in General and let this one fall off due to no activity.
  5. It might be that Matt is looking around at Forte posts. Yesterday Matt asked about new caps. I recommended jem, dean and the C word, which got me a warning that we can't say the C word and the thread removed. Is there any wonder why 99% of the members are gone? At this rate, the company will be like Altec and JBL. Anyone want to make a bet that, since the Heritage line is less than 5% of sales and the ones who buy the Heritage speakers are being driven away, soon they won't need an Engineer in the US on the payroll?
  6. A girl in college calls her father after having sex for the first time. She says, "Dad, I have a confession to make. I ain't a virgin anymore." Hearing this, the dad gets furious and shouts, "I work my *** off to get you into one of the best universities in the state, and you still say ain't!?"
  7. IMHO, Covid has nothing to do with why the Pilgrimages came to an end. Evidence shows the real reasons for the departure of 99% of the forum members and very few people attending the PWK BB.
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply. I was out of town until midnight last night. PM replyed to.
  9. Looks like I missed the . for sale. Do have any more .s that you will be selling? Congrats.
  10. I sure do miss Bob. He seemed to never lose sight of what was most important.
  11. You're offering some nice things that aren't offered very often. I wish were traveling to Kansas soon, my ears would thank me. GLWS
  12. Yeah, I went by what W&T had told me. He had already swapped them out when I was looking at them. He'll have to confirm what tweeter was in those. I also noted one set had K53 mid (1985 model) mounted to the K701 and the ones from 1984 that had the adapter to the K700 were actually K52H. That info mistake is all my fault. I had the KP250, H1.5 and H2 all apart and was mixed up on the tweeters. Sorry.
  13. Yes to this. I have had the HII and that is all correct. I remembered that Bruce had the square cups and I had the round terminal cups, which we thought was strange. A few weeks ago, I found out that the round cups were the 4 Ohm. I have some H 1.5(?) that have the plastic K701 with K53 drivers that are mounted inside. The horns have the crescent cut for the woofer, just like for the HII. I just now bought some H 1.5(?) that had the cast metal K700 horn with the K53 driver. I had it out for the swap, and then Mookie pointed out the threaded-to-flat adapter. His H1 had the K700 with the K55 and my H1.5 had the K700 with the K53 driver. I'm not sure why this is, maybe Klipsch was trying to use the in-stock parts, which was smart.
  14. I have a pair of H1.5 that I converted/perverted to Super Heresy. They have the plastic K701 squawker with flange flange-mounted K53 driver. Last week, I found some Heresy "1" in STL that I wanted. @MookieStl bought them for me on Friday. When Mookie got home, he found that they had the K53 squawker, meaning they are H1.5, not 1s... grr. I wanted the H1 so I could use the threaded K55. Mookie, the generous man that he is, said that he has some K700 which would let me use the threaded K55. I drove there on Saturday to pick them up. I am, finally, getting to the real muddy part: The H1.5s that Mooking picked up have the K700, AND they have a threaded-to-flat adapter for the K53.
  15. I didn't know how they came about. The Forte had a 4 and 8 Ohm offering too.
  16. I only recently found out that the HII was 'offered' (they must have had spare parts lol) in 4 and 8 Ohm, round cup and square cup, respectively.
  17. Agreed. That one was my very first recap. In trying to work those caps on those cups, I was like a kid trying to tie shoes for the first time, since then I have gotten better at both. I wish that I would have used heat shrink tubing.
  18. Wait a minute.... You're having problems with this one? The caps on the round terminal cup (4 Ohm) are so tight that they look like wasps on a nest. lol
  19. McIntosh MI-3. Gil took excellent care of his equipment. Just like the MR74 tuner, this Maximum Performance Indicator is in great condition. (to compare, one sold on dbay for parts)
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