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  1. Those sure went fast, for $150!!!
  2. Same person has kg5.2 for $225
  3. one of mine loves music, and had chewed apart 12 or 13 sets of earbuds...so, no more iPod for him... Idaknow...my girl's first comment was "cum'on, Dad, let's go listen to JAZZ music!' Loved it! Dave
  4. better than a NEW pair of Klipsch... won't be too long and she'll be saying "it's too loud, Daddy" CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  5. Jolly good show on the beginning of your new 7.2 Heritage set-up!!! OK, 2 channel she is, LoL.
  6. That was a really good deal!
  7. Last week, an authorized dealer had 3 open box for $400 each on eBay. I'm sure you are hoping for better but that's not bad. No longer there, but I'll bet it comes back from time to time.
  8. http://littlerock.craigslist.org/fuo/3978124568.html NO AFFILIATION LOOK LIKE Walnut Oiled to me.
  9. NO Affilaition...look like original Heresy to me...with FLAT risers... http://natchez.craigslist.org/ele/3973027330.html
  10. Maybe someone here will want to buy it; where are you, Jason? Nevermind, I see from the other thread, he's is Massachusetts.
  11. OLD THREAD only responding so I can find it later...
  12. I'm guessing solid Walnut slant risers for Heresy II would be cost prohibitive?
  13. Thanks for letting us know what you did.
  14. now to find one high enough to fit my Heresy under...
  15. Tasdom, that is a good idea. Thanks for sharing.
  16. If you can't work in the 3d F-30, the shelf & the C-20 would be the next best. http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/175342.aspx
  17. How much for Walnut veneer slant risers for Heresy II?
  18. Another F-30 would be ideal, IF you can find a way to make it work.
  19. No pic, I e-mailed him & asked about finish.
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