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  1. just an FYI" a pair of heresies can be shipped anywhere in the country for a lot less than $200. i have shipped them before & many other items the same size or bigger for less than half that price. if you box these up properly & keep the dimensions as close to the speaker size as possible (while still protected) an individual heresy will be about $35-$50 via fedex to anywhere in the continental usa. possibly even cheaper if its within a 2-3 state area. just wanted mention that incase the OP is willing to pack & ship if the new owner pays for shipping & handling.
  2. i think you are confusing which fortes he has.... he said he has forte2 & chorus 2. the chorus2 is more efficient at 101db than the forte 2 at 99db. you also say the chorus has a better mid... chorus2 & forte2 have the same tractrix mid horn. i'm sure you know that, just clearing up any confusion in your statements.
  3. how many do i know? none. everyone i know puts their floor speakers, on the floor. how many have put theirs on stands? probably quite a few. & theres nothing wrong with that, if they sound good to you. worth a try to experiment with minor placement changes before committing to building/buying speaker stands. i used to use speaker stands, when i was in a smaller room & close listening position it did help with the mids/highs, but the allowed listening volume was pretty low so i didnt notice the bass loss. when i moved too a bigger house/room i was able to sit further back & have the speakers on the floor & the tweeters were still very close to ear level... the bass was a lot better on the floor, you could feel it in the furniture & your body & when on stands a lot of that was lost. this is mainly at louder listening levels of course. just stating my experience with stands & floor speakers of this size. & that klipsch used a slant for the heresy for this reason & its not really a complaint you hear much of.
  4. Every time I have rasied floor standing speakers they lost considerable amounts of bass. Especially short boxy speakers like fortes etc... KG 4.5 & 5.5 or KLF 10,20,30 are taller & narrower & dont look right raised up on stands IMO. If you want to get the tweeters closer to ear level I think a slight tilting would be the best option, 1-2" tilt will not mess with perception much if at all. Heresies have tilted risers & I've never heard anyone say, "my brain expects the sound to come at me from a more normal stage height." Play with tilting them or maybe change their position or your listening position a bit.
  5. The KG 2.5 are great speakers for what they are... a smaller bookshelf speaker. With dual 6.5" woofers they have very good bass for their size & as all the speakers in the KG line, they sound very good. Granted they aren't heritage & wont sound as good as the bigger more expensive models but, for $40 you can't go wrong. They usually sell for about $125-$150/pr.
  6. ive owned forte1 & a few pairs of forte2 & the badges were all on the top.
  7. not a big deal but this is the alerts section for people to post alerts to speakers they dont own. might get better luck posting in the garage sale section for speakers you own. & a price & pics would be nice... if you want "offers" list them on ebay.
  8. just the standard gorilla glue works great. follw instructions on the bottle... you spray a light mist of water in the seams before applying it. i would also sand with some coarse sand paper first to roughen up the surfaces & cut away any residual factory glue. they also make a glue specific for melamite (sp) surfaces which klipsch used on these KG & KLF's, but the GG or PL construction adhesive worked great on KG's ive repaired if you prep & apply it right. best of luck with teh repair
  9. im a little late to this thread but i just read through all 8 pages & am amazed that no one mentioned one of the best female rock vocalists ever... ann wilson of heart! she has an amazing voice & can sing heavy rock songs & softer ballads effortlessly, not to mention in the early days she was drop dead gorgeous! same with her sister nancy! ann can still sing today as good as ever!
  10. the only info ive seen regarding the change dates indicates v3 was "summer of 95".. 222nd day is middle of july, so there is a very good chance these are actually v3. last high price set of cf4's i saw the seller claimed v1 but pics showed v2 or even 3 based on the serial#'s... i asked for a pic of the wires & tube length & sure enough they were v3. nice speakers regardless of version & in a nice finish (with an odd stripe)... who knows, someone with the money that wants them bad enough might pay that price.
  11. Gorgeous, yes. $2150, no. & likely version 3...
  12. & dont forget the pushed in dust caps on the passives & the super rare oak finish... way overpriced! but that seems to be a common thing with klipsch lately, $750-$1000 forte2, $1200-$1500 chorus2 & $1650-$2150 cf-4 v2 & v3.
  13. if you still have the torn passive, the cheapest option is to have them reconed by simply speakers or buy the kit & do it yourself... they are also cosmetically correct for the forte2, the new passives for the forte3 look different. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-speaker-recone-kits.html
  14. $200 is a great deal for working forte2's. simply speakers has the correct recone kits for these & will do it for a decent price.
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