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  1. EpicKlipschFan

    Pair Walnut Finish Epic CF3 (I believe vs2)

    looks like i was wrong on the walnut option... ive just never seen a set in walnut, not in person or listed for sale anywhere. epics are awsome speakers & in walnut they would be even better! looking at the pics i dont think those were restained in walnut, just a very clean medium oak. walnut is very dark by comparison. ive had a few medium oak klipsch speakers & they all were a little different color, the grain can make them darker/lighter. but walnut is definitely much darker than oak. either way, nice speakers!
  2. EpicKlipschFan

    Pair Walnut Finish Epic CF3 (I believe vs2)

    hi. to answer your question on the consecutive serial #'s... no, there really isnt any significance to them being consecutive, just that it means they are a matched pair made together. many times dealers would substitute another speaker for a damaged one or a warranty issue if the customer didnt want to wait for a repair from klipsch & most people back then didnt know or care if the serial numbers matched. having matching #'s does help the resale value though. also for many klipsch speakers the grain of the veneer is matched so they look the same. glad yours are a matched set. you can verify what version they are by checking the serial number date of manufacture, also by the internal wiring. theres a long informative thread on here for epic owners that has great info on these speakers. also, can you post a pic of the labels &/or speakers? i could be wrong but i dont think epics came in walnut, they were black, oak, cherry & maybe mahogany.
  3. EpicKlipschFan

    Looking for a K-48 or K-48-E Woofer

    worth checking again...
  4. EpicKlipschFan

    Klipsch Forte II

    Forte rubber surrounds do that over time, its just a chalky or dried out cosmetic thing, usually will go away with some good rubber treatment like 303 protectant. Also they are not a maple finish like the seller states or cherry... they are walnut oil finish. $350 is an excellent price.
  5. EpicKlipschFan

    Looking for a K-48 or K-48-E Woofer

    If you havent located what you need yet, try calling simply speakers for a quote to recone your woofer. They have the correct replacement cones at a very good price, that way you keep your correct speaker & will be much cheaper than buying a replacement.
  6. EpicKlipschFan

    Chorus I HELP needed

    Best to find a correct used klipsch replacement, they do show up on ebay from time to time. Or I would suggest having it reconed from a place like simply speakers, they have the correct type cones & would be the cheapest option... next to repairing it. Looks like an easy fix, you can use elmers type glue carefully in the tear & push it together with a piece of tape from the back to hold it untill dry, probably can barely see it afterwrods. Then remove the tape & use the glue & paper trick on the back side for strength, I've used cig papers with good results but have heard of tissue or coffe filters too.
  7. EpicKlipschFan


    what in the heck? https://www.ebay.com/itm/132600542599?_trksid=p11021.c100851.m5053&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170803121420%26meid%3D2399f5b566184601ae39a2576a37b23e%26pid%3D100851%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D4%26b%3D1%26sd%3D163064041866%26itm%3D132600542599&ul_noapp=true
  8. EpicKlipschFan

    WTB: Crites XOvers & Tweeters for Forte1 or Chorus2

    But ???
  9. EpicKlipschFan

    WTB: Crites XOvers & Tweeters for Forte1 or Chorus2

    You could also just buy the capacitors & install them yourself... very easy to do if you have average soldering skills. Don't need to use sonicaps either, many other caps out there that will sound just as good for less $$. Unless you are going for top of the line caps/sound, the improvement is mainly from replacing the cheap/aged original klipsch caps.
  10. EpicKlipschFan

    CF4 in San Diego

    see above 2 posts.... serial numbers should be on the tags in the top rear corners. cf3 v3 sell for around $500-$800 in good condition.
  11. EpicKlipschFan


    FYI for anyone interested, i just spoke to the seller, he is asking $900 & said he had an offer of $925 to "hold them"... his description is that one speaker got wet & has minor cosmetic water damage on the top & has more damage on the bottom from sitting on wet carpet with missing spikes. from the looks of them with the greyish horns they are likely v1. too bad about the water damage on one, they look nice in the pics...
  12. EpicKlipschFan

    Free 1975 klipshorns

    congrats! pics or it didnt happen aside from a visual inspection of the x-overs to be sure no leaking capacitors & that all wires are connected right... you can just hook them up to a known good amp/receiver & play them. give them a little volume & see how they sound, k-horns are pretty bullet proof & they should work fine if they were working when last played. you can verify the mids & tweets are all working by covering the mid with a magazine or even your hand & put your ear up close to the tweet, then cover the tweet & listen to the mid, should be very easy to tell if they are all working. from there i would listen to them for awhile & decide if you like the sound & if everything is up to par. then you can decide on refreshing the x-overs or upgrading other parts.
  13. EpicKlipschFan

    Question about Distressed Oak finish

    gotcha. sorry, not too familiar with the new finishes & the specific speaker wasnt mentioned...
  14. EpicKlipschFan

    Question about Distressed Oak finish

    what speakers are they? if they are klipsch, the finish type should be listed on the rear tags... by "distressed oak" i assume you just mean they are old/dry/worn. lemon oil is good stuff for maintnance & should be used on the "oiled" finishes, if they are cleared then just use a damp cloth or mild furniture cleaner to wipe them down.