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  1. many times they get stuck, try pushing harder on the magnets or very carefully prying around the frame to break the seal the gaskets can create after many years. they will come out, cant see why anyone would glue them in, the screws hold them in securely... unless the screw holes were stripped at some point.
  2. can you clarify this? every set of cf2 3 & 4 i have seen dont have just holes for ports. the later series got shorter ports vs the V1 that had longer ports but none of them were just holes, like on the chorus that were just holes in the wood. also, what do you mean by "more economically sourced components" in later versions? the mid/tweet driver was the same in all versions as far as i know. a slight crossover change & a lighter woofer cone material for the V3 was the only component change & different wires since they stopped using the clear monster cable that was prone to corrosion problems.
  3. nice. care to mention what parts you used & any changes in sound? looks like dayton 5% for the electrolytics?
  4. hmmm, wonder if they changed capacitor types on the later versions? do you know what version yours are? i used to own V2 cf4's but never thought to pull the x-overs to look. if they are indeed propylene vs the more common mylar type, i wonder why that is?? anyone able to confirm this by looking at their cf3 or 4 xovers?
  5. "preferred"... polypropylene in general is better quality than mylar in many/most of the reputable crossover builders opinions... without getting into the whole "authorized" conundrum. & looking at those epic capacitors, they sure do look like polypropylene & not the traditional yellow/blue mylar found in many other klipsch of this era. are those originals in the epics?
  6. i saw they offer mylar caps too, but notice how they mention they are "a great choice for lower freq applications" & " a higher quality alternative to non polar" electrolytics... also i noticed they mention the film they use is higher purity dupont film compared to competitors lesser quality chinese film...
  7. just a suggestion, ERSE makes some very good capacitors, the electrolytics are very good 6% tolerance & they are what crites uses in their complete crossovers & kits. they will ship first class mail for a few bucks if the order is under 16 oz too. they sell many other parts as well & crites uses them for most their other parts. bob also said he prefers their poly caps over other budget caps like dayton etc, i have used them in many speakers including klipsch & they sound great & fit on the board much better than larger caps like sonicaps etc. & fyi: crites says there is no sound improvement in resistors, he uses the cement cast for all his crossovers. im not saying thats 100% true since some others do use the mills types, just passing along what bob has said. https://www.erseaudio.com/
  8. the format changed based on years, info is in the link i posted above. but yours are 53rd day of 1994.. then 4028 is the production number & what people use to confirm consecutive serial numbers.
  9. should be 1988, 7th week. last 4 digits are number of speakers made.
  10. he should reply pretty soon, im sure hes busy but should reply soon. or maybe he will see this tag & contact you @ngen33r. cant recall where hes located.
  11. & why exactly is a thread on water softeners in the general klipsch sub forum?
  12. read the repair threads in the tech section on these subs &/or contact @ngen33r he repairs these amps that are notorious for failure. good price great service.
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