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  1. What did you install, crossovers or tweeters?
  2. -----so you speak for every listener ? from what i see on here & other forums, 9 out of 10 people like the TI tweets ---- thats fine if thats your opinion of them, but why try & tell the OP that his ears will hurt---
  3. yep, any universal computer power cord will work. if you cant find one i have one id send you.
  4. thanks, i wasnt questioning the types of glue. my main point was about the price, its 5 or 6 bucks at most places. i have used both types of glue many times, just saying the GG is great for the loose board but not removing it situation, when it expands it grabs more area than a glue that just sits there. if you put down a 1/8" bead of wood glue thats all the area it grabs but the GG will be 3x that much when cured & expands into any gaps more than just thick glue will from gravity. i agree both types will work, just my preference when fixing loose boards without removing the whole back panel.
  5. there is no lining things up if you arent removing the entire panel. in most cases you dont need to remove the panel & reglue the whole thing, just remove any excess glue from the rear seam & put a bead of GG down per the instructions, it will bond the 2 pieces of wood together & expand to get into the seam some. nope, just the common "original" type, a 4oz bottle will do 10+ speaker seams. can buy it at all home goods stores or even walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Gorilla-4-Oz-Original-Glue/197348893
  6. X2 on the gorilla glue. its much stronger for this sort of thing than standard titebond. titebond is good for general woodworking & parts that get clamped together, but for fixing a loose board that wont be fully removed cleaned up & clamped back together the GG is the best choice. & there is nothing wrong with adding bracing if you want but IMO its not needed, these epic cabinets are (usually) built better than the KG & KLF cabinets & is rare to have them come loose. for now just fix the rear board to stop the vibrations & see how you like them. can always add bracing later if you feel the need. read the instructions on the bottle but basically you clean up as much of the old glue as possible concentrating on the areas that are loose or the entire back board seam. spray a small amount of water directly on the seam & wipe off any excess, then put down a thin bead of the GG but make sure it covers the seam completely with the speaker on its back so gravity helps the glue flow into the seam. thats all you do, the glue will expand in about 15-30 minutes & 80% harden in 2hours, let it sit overnight & put the drivers back in & the vibration will be gone forever! i've done this 5 or 6 times on KG series & other brands of speakers & subs with loose cabinets & the GG works the perfect & is only $5/bottle.
  7. no i have never owned any non powered klipsch subs. do you mean the PRO line of subs or normal home audio subs? do they have a current non powered home audio sub? as mentioned, there are many great brands & styles of subs out there, which one depends on your needs & budget. i suggested SVS because they have a very good price to performance factor, the PB2000 is on clearance now for $649, im not aware of too many other new subs for that price that will compare. on the used market SVS are still a great deal & have a transferable 5 year warranty, sb & pb 2000 sell for about 400-500ea. & SVS will almost always stand behind them after the warranty, can't say that for most other speaker companies these days, if an amp dies a week after warranty you're SOL.
  8. what brand/model sub to suggest is a big can of worms... my reply was more to your comment that chorus avoids needing a sub when the fact is chorus dont go as low as fortes & all 3 speakers could benefit from a good sub. IMO, a good sub for either of the 3 speakers mentioned would be something from SVS. depending on budget, room size & music vs home theater i would start with their 2000 series, SB sealed for music or PB ported for movies or modern music & you prefer loud over accurate, not that ported subs cant be accurate but sealed are usually considered more musical. personally i have dual SB2000's & for music & movies in a medium sized room they are more than enough & fill in that missing lower octave. even classic rock type music that doesnt have much info below 40-50hz has a whole new level of bass, not over bearing boomy car subwoofer type bass, accurate detailed bass that really brings out what was missing in most all music. ive had many other subs ranging from older velodyne to definitive technology to klipsch over the years & the SVS are far better than any of them.... & their higher up models like the 3000/4000 or ultra series are in a whole nother world!
  9. chorus only go to 45hz, chorus 2 39hz... forte are 32hz. fortes go quite a bit lower than chorus so chorus(2) "need" a sub more than fortes based on freq responce, the chorus may be louder overall but dont go lower. if you want to add the lower octave, all 3 of these speakers need a sub.
  10. i just bought mine a few weeks ago & they are not dialed in yet but sound great as is. i plan to go a little higher on the x-over setting too for a music system since they produce 80-12hz0 bass very well.
  11. You will love the dual pb2000 pros. I'm still amazed at the sb2000's, i have limited space & right now they are mostly for music so i went with sealed vs ported, the ported go a few hz lower but have a lot more db for overall output. Spend some time setting them up & look into the "sub crawl" procedure or go to the next level & get a mini DSP to really dial them in.
  12. Yep, pretty much standard practice for SVS, they are one of the few audio companies that will do that. I recently bought dual SB-2000's & was pleasantly surprised when i asked about the warranty & they said it was transferable! 99% of other audio companies or any company for that matter will not do that let alone stand behind their products after warranty! SVS has a lifetime customer here simply due to their customer service... but their products are great too & are hard to beat for the price to performance level!
  13. svs is a far better sub. they have a 45 day free return policy too, & that covers shipping as well. the 5 year warranty is also transferable so buying a used svs still carries warranty for the new owner. they have one of the best customer service in the business, have heard many times that even after warranty they will stand behind their products if needed... klipsch & most other audio companies will not do that. used svs pop up for sale quite a bit since lots of people upgrade after a year or so. keep an eye out for some good used deals or check their outlet store.
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