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  1. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    gotcha. sorry, not too familiar with the new finishes & the specific speaker wasnt mentioned...
  2. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    what speakers are they? if they are klipsch, the finish type should be listed on the rear tags... by "distressed oak" i assume you just mean they are old/dry/worn. lemon oil is good stuff for maintnance & should be used on the "oiled" finishes, if they are cleared then just use a damp cloth or mild furniture cleaner to wipe them down.
  3. CF4's on The Bay

    looks like version 2 or 3 based on the short ports, would have to ask for a serial number to be sure since you cant read the label. seller says "pick up only" in the description, must have made a mistake in the listing. i doubt they will ship these for $129... & it shows me $86 shipping because ebay bases it on location. definitely an error on shipping.
  4. KM 4 ( KG 3.5 ) capacitor values

    unless klipsch used a differet screw in the KM speakers, that is definitely a stripped out phillips screw. the spreaker wire/x-over & drivers use phillips screws in every klipsch speaker i have seen from heritage to KG to reference. & that is a pretty bad stripped out head, these screws are just short wood screws into MDF or plywood, cant imagine how they would get that stripped out. before buying some specialty screwdriver/ bit i would suggest trying some different size phillips to see if they will fit better, or what ive done on lots of stripped screws is to get a flat blade screwdriver that will grab 2 of the legs & that should be enough to carefully remove them, they should not be that tight. then go to your local hardwre store & get some new screws to put it all back together.
  5. KG 5.5 grille & badge

    KG5.5 grille in nice shape with nice badge. very small hole in top left corner of fabric, will post pics soon or can email them. $25 + shipping.
  6. 1999 Klipschorn Stereo Pair

    or this post, with a pic....
  7. Quasi-Official CF-4 Sightings Thread

    aside from the recent posts about your thread or where it is located... have you ever considered the cf-3's to get your epic fix for awhile? at least then you can decide if you really even like them enough to make it your lifes work searching for the 4's. they are essentially the same speaker just a little smaller with 10" woofers & will sound pretty much the same except for all out max volume. then IF & when you find a set of cf-4s that all the details & logistics work out you can upgrade to them & either sell the 3's or keep them as part of your ultimate system & sell the other reference you have. just a logical suggestion & the cf3's come up for sale all the time, think theres a set listed on here now. in my 20+ years of lusting after klipsch i have done the trading up thing, started with kg5.5's, then just by chance found the the epics which i had never heard or heard of before, then sold them to get K-horns i always wanted. & owned & sold many others in between to aquire fortes & chorus 2's, but it was all a progression, if i held out for what i thought was the best at the moment, i would have never owned or experienced other options.
  8. Other brands of speakers...

    All very nice looking speakers, many I've never heard of & most out of my price range. I've listened to many other speakers I didn't list & briefly owned a few more I didnt mention. Auditioning other brands of speakers & gear is all part of the fun of this hobby for me.
  9. 1999 Klipschorn Stereo Pair

    Price? Location?
  10. Other brands of speakers...

    please dont bite my head off for this, i know this is a brand specific forum, but im sure others own or have owned other brands of speakers & was wondering what some thoughts are on them. you can compare to klipsch if you want but just curious what other members think of the many different types of speaker out there. i will start with my limited experience, sorry if this is a long read, i was bored on a cold sunday: i was first exposed to audio at a very young age, my dad had a very nice for the time console stereo system, it had 2- 12" coaxial woofers, forget the brand but they were above average for the time, & he had some nicer components, receiver, tape deck & turntable. i can remember being like 6 or 7 years old & he would sit me down & play classic rock like simon & garfunkle, beatles, rolling stones, elvis, etc & explain how you could feel the bass & the crips high notes etc. i loved listening to that console system & good early rock & roll songs. fast forward to being a broke teenager when i wanted to get my own system going, my first real speakers were MTX brand "magnum" model with a 12" woofer, 5" mid, 2" tweet & a piezo super tweeter. they were direct competition to cerwin vegas of the time but lower priced, they were very nice budget speakers for a teenager in the 1980's & flat out rocked for popular classic & heavier rock & roll music. i ran them off black faced 80's kenwood seperates with about 125wpc. my friends were amazed at the bass & i used to demo them by playing bass heavy songs, the front port would move so much air that it would move your pant leg from a quite a few feet across the room! then i "upgraded" to the later MTX AAL series with dual 12" woofers, the same mid & piezo tweeter, those were even better & had subwoofer quality bass & upper bass slam... i still have a set of the later MTX AAL series for my drum room & when i listen to them im surprised how good they sound for what they are, no true crossovers, just a cheap cap for the mid & tweet, but they have lasted for 25+ years & have very good bass & pretty good mid/tweets for what they are... a cheaper entry level loud speaker. i then upgraded to my first klipsch in the 90's with the kg 5.5 & onkyo gear, the sound quality was a big step up from the MTX, but mainly only in the mid/tweet, the bass was great too but no better than the mtx. then as i progressed in the hobby i listened to all kinds of brands & briefly owned speakers from polk, infinity, CV, mirage & even some higher end bookshelf b&w's which were sold within weeks, was not impressed with them. but then my final brand i got into in the late 90's & early 2000's after lots of demos at local audio stores & reading tons of their ads in audio magazines was definitive technology. they were formed by one of the original founders of polk & were based on a newer for the time technology called bi-polar. once i heard them i fell in love with the big open sound & then heard them for was for what was also new at the time, home theater surround sound. i was blown away at what they did for movies compared to direct radiating speakers. the sound was all around the room & made the room seem 2x bigger than it was, didnt need to sit in one spot for great sound, although the sweet spot was also excellent. for music they are very good too, with a different but very pleasing sound & no ear fatigue related issues & much more forgiving to less than ideal recordings that is common to some people with high efficiency horn loaded speakers. they are not better or worse than klipsch, just different, better in some ways, less in others. mainly, they are not as in your face or as efficient so the initial perception is klipsch have better/louder mids, but thats greatly due to the higher efficiency, easy way to address that is to simply turn the volume up on less efficient speakers to match the db, of course if your amp has the reserve power to do so. the def tech system is manily for movies & ran off a high power onkyo AVR. mains are BP-7002 with powered 12" woofers & passive radiators in each, dual 5.25" mids & 1" dome tweet in a d'appolito arrangement front & mirror image on the rear. the dual subs integrate nicely with the mains & saves a lot of floor space, but yes seperate subs are better & these are not comparable to higher dollar SVS or velodyne etc or home built subs, but very impressive for what they are. then the flagship passive model bp-30 for rears or 4 speaker 2ch stereo music, they consist of dual 6.5" & 1" dome tweet d'appolito front & rear with a transmission line ported enclosure. then smaller surrounds & a very nice center matched to the fronts. for home theater use in an average sized home environment i would match them up against many other brands costing a lot more & they do things no direct radiating speaker can, for music & movies. if you ever get a chance give them a listen. dont get me wrong, ive owned countless klipsch over the years & i LOVE my heritage/extended klipsch & will never part with them. but just like with cars or really anything else in this world, if you limit yourself to just 1 brand or model or type etc, you are really missing out, life is all about variety! thanks for reading, would like to hear other opinions of the different of speakers they have had.
  11. Turntable question

    i see what you did there... fluance > flatulence... yes looks like they've been around for awhile & their products are geared towards budget friendly but high quality for the price point... & lifetime warranty on passive speakers! the turntables are a "newer" offering, just wondering if anyone else had heard of or used them, so far seems like a very nice turntable. if anyone is in the market for a new but budget priced TT this one has my thumbs up so far, granted i got it for less than half the retail price. but based on reviews most people liked it better than comparable priced ones like like audio technica etc.
  12. Turntable question

    i was wondering if anyone here owns or has heard of this turntable. its from a newer company named "FLUANCE" they make speakers too. i just acquired one of these tables used off craigslist & curious of others opinions on it. it caught my attention purely on looks, never heard of fluance before, so i did a quick search & read lots of reviews & it seems to get very good feedback. i went to check it out, it was hooked up to 2 powered klipsch bookshelf speakers & it sounded excellent to me. bought it & brung it home to give a quick listen on my makeshift system with chorus 2 speakers & again it sounds like a very nice table, has a very warm & smooth sound. it doesnt have any fancy features, in fact it has a manual tone arm, no return etc. but everything feels very well built. the other very nice thing is the walnut finish base, its very heavy with big isolation rubber feet. the grain & color matches klipsch oiled walnut finish very good, only this is a gloss finish. it is what i consider a upper entry level or mid-fi table & has a decent eliptical stylus & built in phono preamp thats defeatable to use a seperate. priced new at $249 it seems like a nice table. any other opinions on this table? https://www.amazon.com/Fluance-Elliptical-Counterweight-Anti-Skating-RT81/dp/B01F2EXIFM
  13. Klipschorns Wisconsin - Saturday sale

    ive used onkyo AVRs amps & other gear for quite awhile, they are one of the better value mid-fi brands i think, i have the 805 AVR thats in the same series as yours & its a very nice unit. i used it as a pre for awhile on different amps but eventually went to a seperate preamp for 2ch, & use the onkyo only for theater. a decent preamp will sound much better than most all mid-fi AVRs as a pre.
  14. Klipschorns Wisconsin - Saturday sale

    nice set up. what onkyo is that on its side?
  15. Klipschorns Wisconsin - Saturday sale

    plus he has some hot rodded cf-4s that im sure make the K-horn remorse tolerable! funny, i sold my cf-4s for K-horns & still miss the epics!