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  1. the foundation series velodyne subs are excellent subs. at this price you really cant come close to their performance. & they are sealed subs! wish we were closer, they would be sold! GLWS.
  2. "FYI Sonicaps dont sound as good as klipsch capacitors"- a completely subjective opinion... plenty of people think sonicaps or other brands sound as good or better than the stock caps.
  3. yes the kv2 sold locally within a week or 2. i do have some other KG speakers i will be selling soon, KG2.2 which are far better than the KV2 or 3 centers. also have an academy i will be listing soon. havent had too much luck selling things on here, they sell much faster on local sales.
  4. specs are available on google... 120v & 4A.
  5. keep an eye out on ebay or on here, K48s come up for sale on occasion. thats great you got these & $500 is still a very good price for 301s... kinda shady the seller wanted $500 on ebay but would take $250 on FB marketplace, he only paid ~$50 in ebay fees so the price was jacked up more than it needed to be.
  6. there is an option to have the internal amp repaired, check with member @ngen33r he was doing a repair service but not sure if hes taking new work. there are usually some on ebay doing the service too. for ~$100 you can have the amp repaired if that price is worth it for an older sub. personally i would look for other brands, there are some decent deals on used subs that are far better than this or most klipsch subs.
  7. A PAIR OF GIANT KLIPSCH 301 PA SPEAKERS, 2 HORNS AND A 15 INCH WOOFER. THESE ARE VINTAGE, LARGE AND HEAVY. ASKING 250.00 FOR THE PAIR, OR MAKE OFFER." but the auction is for $500 buy it now??? edit: i asked the seller why the price difference, he said he copied the description from his facebook marketplace ad... so these were $250 if bought from marketplace but $500 on ebay. looks like they sold on ebay so someone paid 2x what they could have on FB. but was a good deal either way.
  8. i have found the best match paint for touch up on these era of klipsch black finishes is rustoleum satin black brush on, available in a small can for a few bucks at most all home stores, it works good for larger areas or to repaint the whole speaker too but be sure to apply it thin with a small roller or foam brush to avoid brush marks. krylon satin black in a spray can is a very good match as well if you prefer a spray, you can also spray some into the cap for small touch ups. this klipsch black was a satin sheen, lacquer paint in a spray can is usually more of a semi gloss or gloss sheen that will work ok if you want that for the whole speaker but probably wont match too well for touch ups.
  9. klipsch CS may be "busy" but the ridiculous times frames for a reply or resolution is because they dont have/hire enough CS employees to handle the load... & its been like that for 2 years now. almost every other company out there doesnt have this problem whether they are bigger or smaller. the lockdowns are over & there is really no reason for them not being able to handle the amount of CS inquiries they have. i doubt they are so overwhelmed with people trying to buy some parts that a small group of people with basic training & abilities cant handle the volume. i worked in customer service for a very large corporation for 10+ years & handled 75-100+ calls a day with much more research & in depth technical troubleshooting required to provide resolution than what it takes to look up a couple part numbers for tweeters & woofers. people dealing with this for so long have every right to complain... but im sure a few parts sales lost are not a priority for them, based on my experience thats very obvious. as for the titanium tweeter diaphragms, is there some type of documentation or proof that the "quality is not matched by aftermarkets"? & for the serial # thing, i recall reading that they require a serial number of a current model that uses a TI diaphragm in order for them to sell it? in other words, a chorus or forte 2 serial # wont qualify for a titanium tweeter diaphragm from a forte 4? can anyone confirm if thats true or not?
  10. bet elon musk would fix all that real quick... (reference to the if elon musk purchased klipsch thread) just buy the crites titanium diaphragms, they answer the phone in a few rings or reply to emails in a few hours & will usually ship the part the same or next day. i gave up on klipsch "CS" long ago.
  11. pretty sure his deep pockets are because of everything else he has to offer...
  12. wasnt trying to nail on your comment at all, was genuinely curious why you said these types of epic caps or other mylar types dont or can't go bad with age? sorry if i missed you alluding to PIO caps vs more modern klipsch caps like in epics or other models of this era but "modern" in this case is 25+year old caps that have seen all different types of use or abuse. i can only state my personal experience with replacing/upgrading the stock caps but have also read countless reviews, as we all have, of klipsch or other brand speakers benefiting from replacing aged caps with new or better caps. i have heard very noticeable improvements on the klipsch & other brand speakers i have recapped but i have also had or currently have some that are still all original & sound great, its definitely been a case by case by case basis for me.
  13. thanks for the info, was just asking why WV said capacitors dont go bad over time. wasnt aware epics used polyprolylene caps, didnt klipsch use the yelllow or blue mylar caps in most speakers of this era? or were the epics different & used poly caps? & if so i wonder why that is since all the recent "authorized" caps are mylar & claimed they are the "best" caps & sound better than far more expensive options out there... same applies for the sonicaps crites uses, certain members on here insist they dont sound better than the stock mylar caps & using them will mess up the whole intended design of the stock crossovers... or something to that effect. in my personal experience, the stock mylar caps can & do go bad, ive replaced the mylar caps in a few different klipsch speakers of this era with poly caps & they all had a noticeable improvement, was night & day difference on my chorus 2 speakers & thats using what are considered budget poly caps.
  14. what did you upgrade the crossovers with?
  15. isnt it kind of unfair to compare a 25 year old speaker to a brand new speaker with much better components? i sure hope the cornwall4 would sound better than klf20s, especially for the price difference. a more equal comparison would be to at least upgrade/replace the capacitors or full crossovers in the klf's & the tweet diaphragms to titanium. i recall reading that the mid diaphragms in the klf series were not very good. for a couple hundred bucks in upgrades the klfs would have at least a fighting chance against a speaker that costs ~6 times as much as used klf's.
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