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  1. im a little late to this thread but i just read through all 8 pages & am amazed that no one mentioned one of the best female rock vocalists ever... ann wilson of heart! she has an amazing voice & can sing heavy rock songs & softer ballads effortlessly, not to mention in the early days she was drop dead gorgeous! same with her sister nancy! ann can still sing today as good as ever!
  2. the only info ive seen regarding the change dates indicates v3 was "summer of 95".. 222nd day is middle of july, so there is a very good chance these are actually v3. last high price set of cf4's i saw the seller claimed v1 but pics showed v2 or even 3 based on the serial#'s... i asked for a pic of the wires & tube length & sure enough they were v3. nice speakers regardless of version & in a nice finish (with an odd stripe)... who knows, someone with the money that wants them bad enough might pay that price.
  3. Gorgeous, yes. $2150, no. & likely version 3...
  4. & dont forget the pushed in dust caps on the passives & the super rare oak finish... way overpriced! but that seems to be a common thing with klipsch lately, $750-$1000 forte2, $1200-$1500 chorus2 & $1650-$2150 cf-4 v2 & v3.
  5. if you still have the torn passive, the cheapest option is to have them reconed by simply speakers or buy the kit & do it yourself... they are also cosmetically correct for the forte2, the new passives for the forte3 look different. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-speaker-recone-kits.html
  6. $200 is a great deal for working forte2's. simply speakers has the correct recone kits for these & will do it for a decent price.
  7. Just to clarify your clarification & be clear... i stated they will work & yes chiefbonehead said they will work, what i was pointing out for those that may care, is the forte3 passive is cosmetically different. that was all, thanks. The difference in appearance is the dust cap as well as the surrounds, forte & chorus 2 used an accordian type fiber surround & the forte3 uses a rolled foam or rubber surround. & i would be curious about using it for a chorus as the chorus2 & forte2 passives are weighted differently. Im sure you could add weight to the forte passive to work with the chorus though, or mod it for more weight as moray james talks about to lower the hz.
  8. Just to clarify... you can buy new forte 3 passives from klipsch. Yes they will "work" but are not cosmetically correct for forte 2, have to find used forte 2 passives or have originals reconed.
  9. i know that you know that i know what to look for... from what i have read on these speakers they were introduced in spring of 94, changed to V2 fall of 94 & version 3 was summer of 95. no mention of exact days or even weeks that i have found... maybe you can start keeping track of serial numbers on for sale epics to narrow down the dates they changed. on this thread someone mentioned 250 day of 95 being V3. best we have to go by is the cosmetic changes like port length, gray vs black mid horn & internal wire color. or maybe someone can ask roy @Chief boneheadif theres a record of it ???
  10. yes im aware of the wire differences, thats why i asked for inside pics to see the wires & confirm what version they are. but based on the serial number, these should be V3.
  11. nice looking epics. can you post some more pics showing the woofers & ports? & if possible pics of the insides, maybe a shot upwards inside the ports or pull a woofer real quick to show the wires inside? the reason i ask is because based on the serial numbers, these are late 1995 made speakers, V3 came out in the summer of 95. so being these are from mid sept of 95, chances are they are V3. nothing wrong with being V3, all versions of epics are great speakers, just trying to confirm what version they are for potential buyers. GLWS
  12. as others have mentioned, they are just dust caps & wont hurt or change the sound at all. a little know fact is that simply speakers sells just dust caps that are a perfect match for this style klipsch dust cap for a few bucks each, dont need a full recone to fix this. they will install right over the existing caps & leave a barely visible seam. or you can carefully cut out the old caps & install the new ones & they will look/fucntion as goood as new. on these fiber caps, a vac cleaner usually doesnt work to well, the indent & creases are much stronger than the non air tight seal from a vac cleaner. same with duct tape, majority of the time they will not pull out & if they do, the creases will be visible. buy new dust caps or just stick em in the cornere & you will never see them.
  13. based on his explanation, the replacement mid diaphram is not an upgrade, just an equal replacement if yours is damaged.
  14. yes thats the rationale i was speaking of, was told that the woofer cap does not work the same as the mid/hi caps & does not effect the sound or at least not enough to notice. but i can understand the pro series using a better cap for the woofer as it may last longer & hold up to the continuous higher power they may see compared to standard residential models.
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