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  1. you can mix subs but most people say that they will be difficult to match due to different sonic characteristics. the PB16 is a heck of a lot more sub than the spl15
  2. great speakers---- there is a klipsch logo on the tops & a klipsch logo on the bottoms! GLWS!
  3. great center speaker------ it is black color , ---- GLWS
  4. i wouldn't call bracing or dampening getting carried away----------- lots of people add bracing to speaker cabinets & some type of material to driver baskets. ask morey james about bracing & look at what he did to fortes. quite a few other members here have braced the cabinets of many models , including chorus , i would consider chorus cabinets a huge box as well & they can benefit from bracing just as much as any other model. yes metal horns ring more than plastic but it still cant hurt to add something to the backsides of plastic horns , ---- no need to go overboard but a few pieces of dynamat or rope caulk on the mid horn for a couple bucks is worth a try , if you dont like it its easy to remove. im not sure who here owns chorus2 speakers ,--- but for anyone that does , go ahead & slap the side of the cabinet & listen how hollow it sounds but more important listen to the ring that can happen most likely from the large passive basket &/or combo of plastic horns & no bracing/dampening. same thing can happen on fortes & many other larger models to some degree. i own other brands of speakers & one thing most companies really stress is a solid braced cabinet with as low of resonance as possible, & they use cast alum or a composite basket for mids & woofers to be more rigid. i can hit the side of my def techs & they sound & feel like a solid piece of wood due to the bracing & very thick motor board & cabinet panels. when i hit or slap every klipsch speaker i have owned, besides the Khorn, they are terribly hollow sounding & some actually ring like a bell. just like any mod or upgrade, some say there is no benefit while others who have done it say otherwise. some say ALL crossovers need to be recapped at 20 years no matter what & some have speakers older than that that sound perfectly fine to them. if you want to brace cabinets or add dynamat to the baskets, do it & decide for yourself if you like it.
  5. do you know what model speaker it came from? might be the rating of 1.25uf?
  6. that is a la scala---- its on wheels that roll---- & it has a klipsch badge--- 40 $--- worth of badges-----
  7. that is a black speaker-------- the tweeter diaphram costs 40 --$------ GLWS
  8. alex---- that guy has a lot of hats---- & a tool box-----
  9. these are klipsch speakers in little rock------ little rock is a town in arkansas------
  10. these speakers----- are still available---- they are klipsch!
  11. klipsch speakers------- still available--- i like klipsch
  12. those are gold woofers---- & thats a center speaker on top------ klipsch
  13. black klipsch speakers with a towel on them--------- still available---
  14. lots of guys do that to the passive baskets & the horns, makes sense to try it & cant hurt anything. any benefit will be up to you to decide. i can tell you one thing for sure, the basket & horn & entire cabinet of the forte/chorus etc will ring almost like a bell when slapped with your hand. as great as these era of speakers are, klipsch could/should have added some bracing/damping to the cabinets... thats why there are so many mods done for bracing of these speakers & why you see bracing in most other higher end speakers, it is a definite benefit.
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