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  1. both gens of adcoms are good, but the 555II is the better amp, the original 555's usually selll for much cheaper than the 2 series. $550 for a gen 1 555 is rather high, i usually see them sell for around $350... the 555ii is a better amp & sells for around $400-450. i would pass on the 555 for $550. carvers are good too but usually much more expensive & many ive seen need repaired. but very good amps. crown is good too as well as many other brands in this used price range. im an adcom fan & have used their stuff for many years, pre amps, cd players, amps etc & they all work great & will drive most any speaker with easy. you can even go BIG & buy 2 of the 555ii's & bridge them to 600watts per channel with one amp to each speaker. but wear ear muffs!!!
  2. keep in mind, when i say distortion or clipping, you cant really hear that, just like when you say your amp goes into protect but sounds good to you. any amp can go into clipping & you wont hear it. so be careful driving power hungry speakers with mediocre receivers... & no amp should ever be ran at full "wide open" power. they dont make the woofers & drivers for these epics anymore & you will have a heck of a time trying to located them if they blow. & no offense to you or your sony... but sony receivers are not very good, for about the same price you can get onkyo or yamaha receivers that have much better amplification & usually much better features. sony ES are decent quality but again for the price there are many other better brands. for amps, $400-$500 will get you a very good used amp in the 200watt per channel range. for about $400 you can get a adcom gfa555ii that is an excellent amp & will drive the epics to levels you have never heard before with your receiver, & the adcoms have clipping indicator lights to warn you if the amp is even beginning to approach clipping. many other brands in that price range too, keep checking your local CL or ebay or put a wanted ad in the garage sale section here.
  3. the version of the speakers does not matter for power, v1, v2, & v3 will all benefit the same from more/better amplifier power. the cf-4 is rated for max power of like 1000 watts, it can handle a lot more power than 110watts from a receiver. i would suggest looking into a seperate amplifier if your receiver is shutting down from being overworked. if thats happening then you are driving it too hard & likely getting into clipping or distortion that can damage the speakers. not sure if youre aware, but you can blow big speakers with even 25-50 watts of power if the amp is over driven to clipping or high distortion. get a better/higher power amp or receiver or if the receiver has RAC preouts, looks for a good used amp to run the speakers from, they will sound much better & be much happier with more & cleaner power. i've said it before on these epics, dont get too hung up on the version thing, ALL versions of epics sound awsome! & like many things in the audio world, i would bet that very few people could really hear the difference between a v1, v2 or v3 in a blind A-B test.
  4. how did you fry the x-over? what did you do wrong or what symptoms indicate its fried?
  5. just to clarify this, the KG were built during the same timeframe as the epics... both were produced ~1994-1996. the KLF were introduced afterwards in 96-2001.
  6. NOPE! even $1000 is on the very high side for klf's.... & they are not a "rare find" as the seller says.
  7. just an FYI" a pair of heresies can be shipped anywhere in the country for a lot less than $200. i have shipped them before & many other items the same size or bigger for less than half that price. if you box these up properly & keep the dimensions as close to the speaker size as possible (while still protected) an individual heresy will be about $35-$50 via fedex to anywhere in the continental usa. possibly even cheaper if its within a 2-3 state area. just wanted mention that incase the OP is willing to pack & ship if the new owner pays for shipping & handling.
  8. i think you are confusing which fortes he has.... he said he has forte2 & chorus 2. the chorus2 is more efficient at 101db than the forte 2 at 99db. you also say the chorus has a better mid... chorus2 & forte2 have the same tractrix mid horn. i'm sure you know that, just clearing up any confusion in your statements.
  9. how many do i know? none. everyone i know puts their floor speakers, on the floor. how many have put theirs on stands? probably quite a few. & theres nothing wrong with that, if they sound good to you. worth a try to experiment with minor placement changes before committing to building/buying speaker stands. i used to use speaker stands, when i was in a smaller room & close listening position it did help with the mids/highs, but the allowed listening volume was pretty low so i didnt notice the bass loss. when i moved too a bigger house/room i was able to sit further back & have the speakers on the floor & the tweeters were still very close to ear level... the bass was a lot better on the floor, you could feel it in the furniture & your body & when on stands a lot of that was lost. this is mainly at louder listening levels of course. just stating my experience with stands & floor speakers of this size. & that klipsch used a slant for the heresy for this reason & its not really a complaint you hear much of.
  10. Every time I have rasied floor standing speakers they lost considerable amounts of bass. Especially short boxy speakers like fortes etc... KG 4.5 & 5.5 or KLF 10,20,30 are taller & narrower & dont look right raised up on stands IMO. If you want to get the tweeters closer to ear level I think a slight tilting would be the best option, 1-2" tilt will not mess with perception much if at all. Heresies have tilted risers & I've never heard anyone say, "my brain expects the sound to come at me from a more normal stage height." Play with tilting them or maybe change their position or your listening position a bit.
  11. The KG 2.5 are great speakers for what they are... a smaller bookshelf speaker. With dual 6.5" woofers they have very good bass for their size & as all the speakers in the KG line, they sound very good. Granted they aren't heritage & wont sound as good as the bigger more expensive models but, for $40 you can't go wrong. They usually sell for about $125-$150/pr.
  12. ive owned forte1 & a few pairs of forte2 & the badges were all on the top.
  13. not a big deal but this is the alerts section for people to post alerts to speakers they dont own. might get better luck posting in the garage sale section for speakers you own. & a price & pics would be nice... if you want "offers" list them on ebay.
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