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  1. EpicKlipschFan

    K55m driver diaphragm replacement

    didn't 1982 use the k55-v dual phase plug drivers? my 1982 k-horns had the k55-v & AA x-overs. if they work ok you dont need to replace them.
  2. EpicKlipschFan

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    Some input on the resistors... I was told by bob awhile back that replacing the resistors is not worth it as they have little if any effect on the sound. I didnt question that, was just asking his opinion... but as with anything, opinions vary. The mills resistors are a higher quality part than the cheap cast ones klipsch used so who knows if you can actually hear any difference??
  3. EpicKlipschFan

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    i mentioned that in my first post... maybe his pre amp doesnt have treble controls or he considers that "EQ" ?
  4. EpicKlipschFan

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    have you tried amps with a little more power? im not familiar with the first watt amps you listed but ive read they are supposed to sound very good for that first watt... but if you listen to fortes loud, like many people do, maybe an amp with more power would help. something with a solid 50-100 watts/ch should drive them closer to their power range.
  5. EpicKlipschFan

    Epic CF3 - $300

    just an fyi... that is not dust, looks to be some pretty heavy mold or mildew on the fronts & who knows what the insides are like. definitely stored in a very damp basement or garage. $300 seems like a decent price for the condition, if they work. he says they sound good. but he could have spent 2 minutes to at least wipe them down for pics. could probably have got a lot more out of them.
  6. EpicKlipschFan

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    im sure others will have suggestions for the issue, a few members here have heavily modified their fortes. a few basics though, have you verified if one mid/tweet is causing the problem by swapping the speakers left to right or the drivers? have you checked each drivers ohms to verify they are both within acceptable ranges? might have a partially blown driver. a quick simple way, without an EQ device would be to just turn the treble setting down a notch or 2. or maybe your ears are just used to the less bright kg4's, quartet/forte/chorus are a 3 way vs the kg 2 way & are much brighter speakers.
  7. EpicKlipschFan

    Snow Storm Diego, Watch out North Carolina

    pretty common in the upper midwest & in minnesota or the UP of michigan its just flurries!
  8. EpicKlipschFan

    Chorus II Drivers

    page 2 post by "chief bonehead" the forte 3 will function ok, but they dont look correct for chorus 2, if that matters. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/174280-chorus-ii-replacing-passive-radiator/&page=2
  9. EpicKlipschFan

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    just a little sarcasm... regardless of what you use, a youtube video will never represent what real speakers sound like, limited to the mic on the camera used to record it & the speakers used on the other end to listen. but they do look like nice speakers!
  10. EpicKlipschFan

    misc collection of 70 classic oldies vinyl albums

    right... yes shes nice to look at!
  11. EpicKlipschFan

    misc collection of 70 classic oldies vinyl albums

    huh? thats one of the titles included
  12. EpicKlipschFan

    misc collection of 42 cd's

    lowered price... $35 shipped.
  13. EpicKlipschFan

    misc collection of 70 classic oldies vinyl albums

    bump for lowered price. will take $15 + shipping for all 70. or will consider seperateing if interested in certain titles. these aren't really my genre of music but some like the herb alpert & kingston trio stuff.
  14. EpicKlipschFan

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    wow, those epics sound exactly like my computer speakers!
  15. EpicKlipschFan

    Chorus II Drivers

    klipsch will sell the passive for the forte 3 & its been said they will "work" ok. they look different & are a different cone material, but if you cant find originals & dont have cores to recone that may be the only option...