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  1. EpicKlipschFan

    Epic CF-4s - $2300

    no mention of version or serial numbers? beautifull speakers but $2300??
  2. EpicKlipschFan

    Klipsch CF-4s plus - $4000

    wasnt aware of the front boards being different colors between versions. the mid horn was a more greyish color on the v1, vs black for v2/v3. but the front boards are all the same black color based on what ive owned/seen or read about.
  3. EpicKlipschFan

    Klipsch CF-4s plus - $4000

    those were just listed for sale here. some back & forth between members trying to get a price but sounded like he wanted $2500 for just the cf-4.s. funny the ad says they are version 1 & we should "do our homework" if we dont know what the system is... i think he needs to do some homework because serial numbers are 222day of 1995, they are definitely NOT version 1, they are version 2 or even very possibly version 3 being summer of 95.
  4. just curious if any members here got any of the 4 pairs of cf-4s that were for sale in the topeka/kansas city area yesterday? had a guy that just signed up yesterday send me & probably a few others a message about the cf4 & cf3 he had for sale. i saw the ad on CL for the cherry cf4s & they looked nice. we worked out a price & i was ready to arrange a trip (5hr one way) to buy one or more & before i could even think about the details, he emailed back saying the cherry pair sold. then within 1 hour said he got bombarded with emails for them & another guy showed up & bought 2 pair & another bought the last pair. so all 4 sold within 24 hours for very good prices (below $1000/pr). yet not a word about them in the alerts section or anyone posting about their new "epic" score yet. i hope they went to a member(s) here that will enjoy them as opposed to seeing them pop up for sale for outrageous prices by a flipper. so if you got any of them we would love to hear about them & see pics... otherwise keep your eyes out for some cf4's in the KC/topeka area for sale soon.
  5. EpicKlipschFan

    Want to buy: Forte 2 crossovers- Crites, ALK, diy

    strange.. so the tweet is blowing right away with just low volume? not sure what that could be related to the x-over will let other x-over gurus chime in on that one, they should be able to provide measurements with a meter to verify if teh x-over is bad. but you could still try swapping the x-over from the good speaker to see what happens, or save the chance of blowing another tweet & hope you can locate another single stock x-over or other used upgraded ones.
  6. EpicKlipschFan

    Want to buy: Forte 2 crossovers- Crites, ALK, diy

    the coils rarely if ever go bad unless physical damage or severe abuse from over powering etc. ive owned quite a few pairs of forte & forte2, chorus2 & many other vintage klipsch models & never had or heard of the other components going bad... its always the caps. if you can solder, its well worth $20 or less to buy the caps & swap them out. & if only one x-over/speaker has a problem you can swap the x-overs to see if that fixes the issue. could also be a bad mid/tweet diaphram causing the sound issue. best of luck finding what you want but if you're ok with 1 stock x-over, then a small investment & short time to swap caps is a very logical aproach to start with. also the caps im suggesting are physically the same size & will fit on the boards with no problems.
  7. EpicKlipschFan

    Want to buy: Forte 2 crossovers- Crites, ALK, diy

    why not just buy new caps & replace them yourself? or find a local place/person that can solder to do it? can be done with decent entry level caps that are far better than the cheap stock ones for about $20/pair.
  8. changing the caps in the x-overs from the cheap stock electrolytics is definitely an "upgrade." yes they are the same values but the stock caps are very low quality & OLD! changing to even the low price poly caps is an upgrade. the Ti tweets are a more personal opinion but i would not say "most people" find them harsh... from what i've read on here & other places "most" people love the TI tweets compared to stock. maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 say they are harsh. as for the question, i have never heard the F3's but speaker technology has not changed that much in ~30-40 years to justify a $3000 set of F3's that have the same basic technology... a box made of wood, a woofer with a passive radiator & horm mids/tweets, aside from different diaphrams in the mids/tweets, they are still the same basic design aside from some cosmetic changes.
  9. EpicKlipschFan


    KG 1.5's sold locally. KV2- $50
  10. EpicKlipschFan

    Looking for bookshelves and center channel?

    new or used? i have some nice KG series bookshelf/center for sale.
  11. EpicKlipschFan


  12. EpicKlipschFan

    SVS pb13 ultra reviews

    ive read every post on here including yours... i dont see any direct answers to my question of if somone owns these subs & has compared them- 1 pb13 to 2 sb2000's. you posted graphs showing 1 pb13 vs 1 12nsd. posted a link about the sb2000 saying it has bad distortion, yet the review had nothing but positive things to say about it, as @Westcoastdrums stated in his comments. your other comments are about how i need dual 15" ported subs or nothing, "might as well just use the chorus2 without any subs" or that a pb13 is a childs toy compared to "your subs" basically bashing SVS in general. if you think i cant interpret those unrelated answers, i think you have a problem with basic reading comprehension & can't seem to acccept that many people out there dont want or need what you do. can we kindly put this to rest now please?
  13. EpicKlipschFan

    SVS pb13 ultra reviews

    sorry about that
  14. EpicKlipschFan

    SVS pb13 ultra reviews

    at this time no, just want to ad some subs to my mediocre little set up in a relatively small room at normal listening levels. im sure a dsp has its benefits but dont think thats totally necessary for my system right now.
  15. EpicKlipschFan

    SVS pb13 ultra reviews

    no, i do not ask the same questions about the same subs & nothing you have posted really proves anything. you keep posting things that dont apply to my question/situation & totally disregard my stated requirements of budget/space & reason for a sub in my system. i am NOT looking for max spl or lowest hz or big ported & horn loaded subs, each persons needs are different. one more time, this thread is about comparing dual/two/2- sb2000's to a single/1- pb13 ultra. i appreciate your comments & the links to graphs but none of that address these specific 2 vs 1 subs. so yes, i continue to re-state my objectives in reply to your comments, if you feel im asking the same questions, you are free to stop giving the same answers. i appreciate everyones advice & suggestions for other subs... unfortunately i can not afford new subs & i dont want ported/horn subs at this time for my needs in this room/system. unless someone has first hand experience with the 2 options im asking about we can wrap this thread up & i will continue searching for what im looking for. if the 2 sb2000s are such terrible subs, i will find that out & then resell them for what i pay, no waste of money & no harm seeing what they do in my room. there are plenty of satisfied owners of sealed subs. thank you