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  1. Thanks for the compliment. I have finishing details to work on, but some of the material suppliers are in temporary shut down, so I am playing with other projects around the house.
  2. Added some safety straps. One end attached to the speaker cabinet, the other end screwed to a wall stud.
  3. Hi Rudy, Hope you get well soon and back on your feet. I always enjoy reading your build threads.
  4. Picture of someone else's TV room with some in-wall speakers. Good to have a nice home entertainment system for those days when you can't go out.
  5. Easy connection for wiring these KPT-415 quad woofer pairs in series. Then with the speaker wires dis-connected at the amplifier end, I touch the wire ends to a 9V battery and watch that ALL the woofers move in the same direction together. (Don't use the 9V battery on the tweeters).
  6. Excellent stuff for this application. Each of my bass traps is a full bundle of ROXUL Safe and Sound still in the shrink wrap, covered with matte black fabric. A little bit heavy, but all in the interest of good acoustics!
  7. Each of the 4 drivers is 6.4 ohms. Each parallel pair is 3.2 ohms. Using a parallel jumper across two pairs puts it at 1.6 ohms. That could cause an amplifier to overheat. I use a series jumper between the two parallel pairs to give the amp a safe 6.4 ohm load.
  8. The difference I see is the two circuit boards about 3/4" square, correct?, and the TI is the upper picture and the B-B is the lower picture?
  9. Do these have anything inside the frame?
  10. They both worked good for me, so one is not really an upgrade over the other. The main difference is the dispersion angles. The choice might be to use the 17x11 for a narrow listening area, or the 18x10 for a wider set of chairs. The shape of the front flange on the 17x11 can be a factor if you want to install grill cloth.
  11. The same size cabinet is used for the KPT-884 sub, with just one 18" driver and open ports, so your idea could possibly work. Using half the drivers will reduce the max SPL, but for most applications, should sound similar to a 904. If you need to reduce the box volume, a block of Styrofoam can be glued inside a corner.
  12. I have a few different systems where each individual Klipsch speaker with factory installed dual input, split passive crossovers, is each passive bi-amped. Each separate treble speaker/amp and bass speaker/amp circuit needs less power and is less affected by back-EMF than if each combo were mono-amped. They sound great and I see no reason to discourage the idea for anyone who wants to buy speakers and amps, run more wire and have fun experimenting with their audio system. It is also true that many people are perfectly satisfied with their mono-amped speakers and I respect that.
  13. So, the AK-2 is a good crossover, the tweeter output is normal and the midrange is -3db more than the AK for a total -6db below flat. Well, that explains the reason why AK-2 Klipschorns sound so fine in rooms with hard floors and smooth walls.
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