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  1. These two pictures of the center channel speaker were taken moments apart, with the same camera on a tripod. The only difference is the ceiling lights were shining on the first one, and the second picture is illuminated by a single light at the side of the room.
  2. A new mahogany burl veneer on the mounting board for the mid-horn on the center speaker.
  3. Using B&C DE-120 tweeters with Faital Pro STH-100 horns above the K-402 horns now. This combo sounds good in this room.
  4. Mine is 70" so the next step up here would also be an 80".
  5. Ok, now I have a clear picture your clever plan.
  6. The Sublime is interesting. Looks like it is a 3-way crossover, but you need a 2-way, so how will the circuit boards and wiring be configured for your application?
  7. The self powered RCF with built-in DSP has everything EQ'd and time aligned above 45Hz, so with an SMS-1 (or sub amp w/DSP) set at 45Hz low pass, you would not need an additional external crossover.
  8. I told myself the same thing while visiting a good looking house this weekend. That I need a bigger TV.
  9. I can mail you an oldie but goodie Panasonic-Ramsa crossover to use while you research the deluxe equipment. This would get you up and running. You would need to get the appropriate interconnects.
  10. When they do arrive, you will appreciate that they spent some of that time carefully packing your heavy tweeters. 🙂
  11. I can't id them, but they probably sound good with that set-up.
  12. Thanks, and you know that the KPT-415 woofers don't even need subwoofer assist, but I have the subs for the LFE track on Blu-ray discs.
  13. Was told the previous picture is too dark on a small display screen, so here is a brighter image.
  14. The speakers are starting to look like they belong together.
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