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  1. The reason for the meters large margin, is so the needles always have smooth sweeps, even at full power.
  2. Nice wood grain. All your speaker projects look good.
  3. You could make some corners. You are going to miss these, the moment they get sold to the next lucky person.
  4. Someone should go collect the $10,000 prize from the amp challenge and spend it on big Klipsch speakers, just for fun.
  5. One pair of the 97-A Monoblock Amplifiers weigh 230 330 lbs. and will fit on a 36"x36" display platform. Those are BIG meters.
  6. Good looking amps, inside and out.
  7. Khornukopia

    Home theater spk vs 2 channel spk

    Klipsch ad from Audio magazine, 1995.
  8. Khornukopia

    Home theater spk vs 2 channel spk

    My full range home theater speakers qualify as 2 channel speakers when I press a button on the AVR that is labeled STEREO, but there are some specialty home theater speaker packages designed with a subwoofer requirement. My favorite example; "Klipsch THX Ultra2 loudspeakers are optimized for the THX crossover setting. (Technically, that’s an 80Hz crossover with a 12dB/octave high-pass section feeding the amplifiers for the satellite speakers and a 24dB/octave low-pass section feeding the subwoofer amplifier.) All THX-certified receivers and processors incorporate this crossover in their bass-management systems."
  9. Khornukopia

    HELP, I Think I Screwed Up!

    You will be fine. Connect a single subwoofer cable from the subwoofer 1 pre-out over to the R-120SW line in RCA jack labeled LFE. Then run the Audyssey set-up process and let the Denon adjust the subwoofer settings. The R-120SW has its own amplifier.
  10. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Billy Idol concert was a lot of fun.
  11. Khornukopia

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    Congratulations on your new Klipschorns. Start with #1 on your list.
  12. Some room and speaker combinations work together really well. Unfortunately, I don't have bandwidth suggestions. I use an auto-EQ system. Press a button, let it measure, calculate and adjust.
  13. Khornukopia

    1802 sub port experiment

    That is a big subwoofer !!!
  14. The red trace is my La Scala bass bin. The blue trace is a high quality direct radiator speaker box. The measurement mic was in front of a listening position across the room from the two side by side speakers. This was just to see if the "150Hz hump" was something to be seriously concerned with. The hump was there at one meter measuring distance, but it levels out across the room, so I am not worried about it. The dip at 320Hz changes when I move the mic around. Everything measures a little differently when the mic is re-positioned. EQ switched off
  15. The display in the picture is the measurement from a wired microphone connected to a dbx PA2. I also use the free download, REW (Room EQ Wizard) on a laptop. There are some inexpensive or free RTA apps available for Android and I-phone devices that are very handy tools. I like to capture freeze frames of my handheld RTA and SPL meter when listening to live music, so I can make realistic comparisons at home. On your smart phone or I-Pod, just search the app store for RTA and/or SPL meter.