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    ...if I am out of coffee cream I just call in a personal day, there is no way I am leaving the house for work before having a coffee
  2. Hi @Nuttzy1, and welcome to the forum. Everything you can do to them will change the sound. Whether that is good, bad, or indifferent only you can decide. And everything you change brings you further into the world of diminishing returns, if and when, you want to sell them. Most buyers are looking for a 40 year old virgin, lol. Having said all that, if your mods are reversible you can always part out the good stuff after you restore your speakers to original. Maybe start a new post and watch how quickly it fills up with everyone’s experience and you will get a pretty good idea of the rabbit holes you can start down.
  3. Ok, I can relate to that. I always found the K-33 boomy. Even though it is now poo-pooed, I really liked the Kappa 15C in a Cornwall box. And as @jjptkd mentioned the K-48 is just a hands down killer. Something else comes into play with the boominess, how close your speakers are to the back wall. I can’t listen to anything closer than 2 feet from the back wall because of the boomy bass. And the imaging thing.
  4. @mopardave, do you have/have you ever tried a pair of the Crites woofers in your “Cornwall inspired speakers”? It was a long time coming waiting for a pair to appear on the used market up here (thanks @Islander) but they are a game changer in every speaker I put them in. Simply put, if you think the K-33 goes low, the Crites woofer goes instantly and noticeably lower in the same application. But there may be something else in this equation. Woofers love watts. That is another game changer in my limited experience. As an aside and not to detract from this sentiment, I was privy to the cast frame woofers and had to hog out the motorboard of my “Cornwall inspired speakers” with a rasp to drop the woofer in the same hole a K-33 slotted right into. I remember my son coming down at midnight to see what all the noise was... So as Claude mentioned, maybe for different reasons, the stamped frame may be a better idea for you. Having a quick look at the specs for the Kappa 3015LF, it looks to me like it does not go as low as you are looking for? Built more for speed than comfort, lol.
  5. I think you are correct, the K-500 was cast aluminum, the K-501 was resin?
  6. Dude! You live in Florida! You’re in business. Jubilees and Klispchorns fall of the back of trucks daily down there. (Writer’s embellishment) But seriously, GOOD deals happen often in the panhandle. You have been steered entirely in the right direction by the other posters. A three-way with a 15” woofer will make you smile every time you turn it on. Any Chorus would be top on my list. I was in pretty much the same boat as you a few years back after hearing Heresys for the first time and falling hard into the Klipsch rabbit hole. I ALMOST bought a pair of KG4s to start my journey but lucky for me they sold before I could make up my mind and a pair of Forte 2s came up so I pounced on them. I called them floor-standing headphones in my ad when a short time later I had the opportunity to grab a pair of Cornwalls. The Fortes were no match for the bigger sound of the 15” woofer. And just like another poster mentioned, they were free rent. They hold their value and quickly sold for what I had into them. If something catches your eye and you aren’t sure throw it out to the forum.
  7. Dave, I apologize if my assumption about ESR has lead to your assumption that I have some secret files, lol. I have only what I have managed to absorb on this, and a few other audio forums. I would also like to know “what is the allowable resistance range”. These are great questions that an engineer would be qualified to answer.
  8. ...wouldn’t paralleling several capacitors for one value also lower the resistance more than “spec” for the crossover design as intended by the original engineers, good, bad, or otherwise?
  9. Dude, you came to the right place. Get some pictures up on here and you won’t have too much trouble moving those out. I would be disappointed if you haven’t gotten a few PMs already!
  10. Yes, the bass bins are separate. When I first got two widely different measurements I pulled off the dog house doors to see what woofers were actually in there. And they both have K-43 stamped on identical looking magnets.
  11. Yes, I scratched my head and doubled checked both of them in hopes the readings would change, lol They were measured through the access door on the bottom of the bass bins directly across the woofer terminals. And they were both stamped K-43. I double checked that too in hopes it would change. They are on a list of projects to get @ but I could get in there again sooner than later to take pictures. Could extreme abuse change coil impedance before frying it?
  12. @Desert Noises, I was thinking of trying this on an, as yet unbuilt, pair of A/4500s. From what little I think I know about crossovers each component causes a phase shift? Did you need to, or should I, change any of the polarities to the drivers as a result of this?
  13. Ok, that brings up a question about Klipsch woofers that nags me from time to time... Does Klispch make woofers with the same model number with different impedances? I recall seeing discussions over the years but I don’t remember any resolution. This comes to mind because just recently I picked up a mismatched pair of LSI Splits, the one with the AL crossover has a K-43 that reads 3.7 ohms BUT the one with the AA crossover reads 5.7 ohms.
  14. I was looking at these the other day too. The woofers in these are worth more than the asking price. They are the vented, pro version of the K-48, the K-48-KP and would blow your head clean off, LOL!
  15. ...it throws the hounds off the scent?
  16. ...I really must proof read before I post, thanks again. AK-2 and AK-3, not AL-2 and AL-3. I’m going to edit my post. But what I was wondering is whether the same change in woofer filter values would be of any benefit to the La Scala crossovers?
  17. ...then I’m moving to Baton Rouge, lol
  18. ...I don’t know if this will show up on anyone’s radar searching the garage sale? Maybe start a new garage sale post for maximum exposure?
  19. YES! Thank you for the correction. Klipsch went from two 68uf in the AK-2 to two 50uf capacitors in the AK-3. From what I gathered in the discussion it would benefit the La Scala as well?
  20. It’s almost as if the people deciding how to produce these have no concept of their use. Or something was lost in translation.
  21. Has anyone figured out a passive correction for this 6db (?) peak at 148hz? ...bet it’s in the latest La Scala crossovers I think I remember a post with ALK and BEC talking about how the AK-3 crossover was changed to use two 100uf capacitors paralleled across the woofer to tame it. Waaaay back. In it ALK said something to the effect that the La Scala crossover would benefit from the change as well.
  22. “Do the next right thing.” ...it looks like that’s what’s happening here
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