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  1. It's not race or politics, but some may consider it a religion. I go with yes, salt on watermelon.
  2. Yes. N is next to M on the keyboard.
  3. Yes. The hard part is finding someone without sin to cast the first one.......
  4. The Memoirs of W T Sherman.
  5. Something like this, perhaps? Vanble Dual USB Portable 15.6-17 Inches Laptop Cooling Pad with 160mm Blue LED Fans - Black
  6. So which part of the dust is labeled?
  7. Hope ya mean rotated. But they sure look schweeeet!
  8. The upgrade has happened. Now running a Yamaha CDC 585 to a C-60 pre to an M-65 amp. Fills the house. And the backyard, too. Currently setting up a Mac Mini to be a music server. Perhaps by the end of the year I can get my turntable into the mix, but it needs rehab or replacement.
  9. Don't think I would care to operate an autonomous vehicle. Heck, I prefer manual over automatic transmission. But if they are packed full of Intel processors and Alterra FPGA's that will keep me busy for years, as I work in an Intel factory.
  10. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    First art supplies of the year harvested today. Small beefsteak termater and a few dragon cayenne peppers.
  11. Sounds like Chorus, walnut oiled Info and pix are on the Klipsch website. Supposed to have rather deep bass response. Specifications: BANDWIDTH: 45 Hz- 20 kHz j: 3 dB (-10 dB at 36 Hz) SENSITIVITY: 101dBSPL, one watt one meter NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8n POWERHANDLING: (1,000wattpeaks) 100 ENCLOSURETYPE: Vented box, three-waysystem
  12. Old timer, are you telling someone to"pound (lb) salt"?
  13. Any one out there familiar with this brand? I've got a chance to get one for about $50, but I'm not finding many reviews. 8 in driver, sealed cabinet, 150 watt capacity.
  14. Someone who powers La Scalas with a boombox?
  15. Undoubtedly this happened at "The Crossroads"
  16. It's actually a quilt drying on a covered pool table. The wind is blowing and my wife didn't want it dusty right after washing. We downsized when the younger twins graduated college and moved out to begin adulting. The smaller house is presenting a challenge to my renewed hobby. My Heresys fit in the tv room, but the la scalas will not, so I have to get creative.
  17. I haven't stopped thanking her for the past month. I was looking for Affordable Forte's for two months, and she told me to quit wasting time and just get the la scala pair. Glad you got a laugh out of the situation, my pals at work have been ribbing me about it as well. I just couldn't leave the speakers silent while I tried to fix the CD player, so I hooked up the boomer. All's well, as it has ended well. JBCODD
  18. Finally got the hi if up and running after 15 yrs of cold (Colorado) and hot (Phoenix) storage. As documented elsewhere, I got a set of la Scala about a month ago. Due to a dead CD player I powered them with a Pioneer boom box. Surprisingly, this sounded quite good. A whole lot better than the I pod dock I had been listening to. Well, my wife turned up a Yamaha CDC-585 at a yard sale for a fin. Hooked this to the existing Yamaha C-60 pre and M-65 amp and got ready to listen to awesome stereo. I got awesome mono. No left channel. Bummer. A bit of t/s and a loose output connection on the pre was found. A dab of solder later and the schweeet sounds were heard. I expected improvement, but the increase in fidelity was most astounding. Tracks which were muffled before were now crystal. This is the Yamaha sound I remember.I think I will be enjoying this for a while.
  19. A man does not necessarily have to eat Bill.........he could just eat some Franks......
  20. With patience and research Forte I; Forte II; or even a set of Chorus speakers may be had in that price zone. I even recently just missed (by 15 min, boo hoo) a set of Cornwalls for $450 here in Phoenix. E-Bay, Craigslist and Letgo are sources to consider, but with local pick up, as shipping is difficult to arrange and quite expensive. Also local allows for auditioning the product, to avoid mis-representation of performance and condition. There are also deals to be had from forum members, who can be relied upon for accurate descriptions of performance and appearance of items. Some, even most, are offered at below Craigslist or E Bay market value and have performance enhancing updates/upgrades. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your search! JBCODD P. S. I have only mentioned heritage models because I have no experience with newer Klipsch issues. Others will have more suggestions regarding newer models.
  21. Pix of garden artwork. Various termaters, peppers and black mission figs. All locally grown. Real local. My backyard, even.
  22. Welcome to the forum. I'm rather new to this action myself, but the site is replete with opinions and expert advice. You will undoubtedly receive lots of both soon.
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