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  1. I'm not sure when you tried Qoubuz but is now much improved.
  2. I have owned two pairs of B stock speakers and found no cosmetic issues. They may have been customer returns etc. I have seen B stock for sale with physical damage too.
  3. Absolutely. I moved to Quobuz and it sounds better than Tidal and is less expensive. I'm using this as a streamer. https://www.allo.com/sparky/digione-signature-player.html You have several different choices of spftware and they can be easily changed. The unit is future proofed.
  4. IMHO, H4's would be perfect in your room. I recently upgraded from H3's and bought B stock H4's for $2200 shipped. I use a subwoofer due to the size of my room. The H4's have the same tweeter and midrange horn as the CW4's. You really should listen to both and trust your ears.
  5. Original owner, always driven with low power tube amps. Excellent condition. I'm in Naples, Florida and prefer local sale. $1300. SOLD.
  6. I re-read your original post. *I* would get an active preamp with a phono stage.
  7. Contact failiure could also be due to 'dirty' tube pins, especially on old production tubes. I clean the pins with Scotchbrite pads.
  8. Those RCA amps are rare birds. Below is a parallel singled ended 45 amp with gas regulators. No, it's not mine.
  9. Deoxit on pipe cleaners what I use to clean sockets. There are also small wire brushes made specifically for this purpose too.
  10. Look into a TVC, transformer volume control. Google is your friend.
  11. Yes, the 45 will ruin you. 🙂 🙃 😎
  12. I drive H4's with an Inspire 45/2A3 amp from Dennis Had. The 45 uses an 80 rectifier and the 2A3 a 5Z3 rectifier. It has a volume pot but I use an Inspire LP27a preamp with 56 tubes.
  13. My listening habits are similar. I had H3's for years and just got B stock H4's for $2200. Listen to them also. They may tick all the boxes for you too. I'm driving them with an Inspire 45/2A3 amp from Dennis Had, the retired founder of Cary Audio. His amps and preamps are excellent and affordable.
  14. It's the software not the speakers. I'm driving Heresy 4's with a 2 watt 45 amp. I use Tidal, wifi connected, with a discontinued Arcam rPlay and a MHDT Labs Orchid DAC. Sounds great. Do you use the Anthem for movies or only music? Are you streaming Tidal throught the DAC in your amp? Wifi or Bluetooth?
  15. +1 with a room as large as your Forte's or Corny's would be the ticket.
  16. It's a efficient 15 inch full range driver that needs more than fleawatts to get a grip on the bass. What is the size of your room?
  17. +1 the Inspire line is excellent and affordable.
  18. Just curious, why do you think you will never see it? Klipsch Heritage speakers and tubes are 👍 Here is an interesting integrated amp with tone controls and a phono preamp. http://www.erhard-audio.com/Basie.html It's more than you want to spend at the moment but may be a much better option in the long run and has enough power to make your Cornwalls get up and dance. I have been using his Aretha preamp for a year and it's quite good. I stream Tidal and the treble control really tames poorly recorded CD's.
  19. There are a lot of quality kit tube amps. Personally, I'd pass on the inexpensive Chinese offerings. Here is a good place to start. https://www.vkmusic.ca/ and https://bottlehead.com/
  20. Here is a link to the Tube Substitution Handbook http://www.smcelectronics.com/DOWNLOADS/TUBE SUB 1980.PDF You could use a 5R4GYS instead of a 5U4G. The CV378 in an indirectly heated tube. You should check with the manufacturer before using something else. It's a very long life tube and if you could have it tested it may be fine. If you have to buy one Upscale is a trusted seller. https://upscaleaudio.com/products/mullard-gz37-cv378
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