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  1. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    You wouldn´t, i couldn´t.
  2. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    Watches, like so many other things, are a matter of taste.... I never liked the looks of Rolex very much, if i had the money to spend, i´d go for a Breitling, the Old Navitimer in particular. Still, it´s a good investment, always a "penny for lean times".
  3. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    Update to my previous post. I set up two 140mm fans & thermo-switch on my Marantz AVR. Each fan has a switch with four settings off/low/medium/high, a USB plug with some length of cabe and a usb receptacle. Fans are connected to one another and then to the thermal switch. The switch has thermo-lead for temperature measuring wich goes onto your receiver, into your rack, ect., i opened the casing of my AVR and put it in above the heatsink. Power is supplied to the thermal; as my receiver has no USB on the back, i feed power from an external USB-charger. The thermal switch has no speed-stepping, it´s on or off. You set the fan-speed with their individual switches, so the thermal saves you the hassle of switching on and off, wich i find convinient. I have my fans on the medium setting, sitting approx. 3 meters from my AVR spinning noise almost non existent. I hope this helps people who think about a similar purchase.
  4. Has anybody paired the Tubecube with a Schiit Loki for tone control yet?
  5. No problem, it´s an open shelves rack, lots of air.
  6. Thanks, then it would fit into my rack.
  7. Oh, i´m sure Your Leben sounds better, but then it also cost more – a lot. On the plus side, some "tuning " can be done by buying other tubes, wich con conviniently be bought on the same site. I always thought about pairing my Heresys to a small tube-amp and i´ve seen this one mentioned somewhere before. Good to read that it´s usable, even though it doesn´t cost a fortune. So Cube 7 reallly might be a good way to start with tubes. By the way, what height is the amp?
  8. MeloManiac, i always wanted to ask how that little amp sounds. I think it would be a great way to delve into tubes without spending a fortune.
  9. At my workdesk, my KG1.5 play very well with a A S 201, in my living room a Marantz SR6008 powers my Heresy 1 and RF3, also a good combo, i think. At some point i might get a A S 1000 just for stereo.
  10. Yes, let me try this "little bit of tinkering" @Shiva , i have most of the needed parts lying around here anyway. I´ll post my findings; these will be highly subjective of course, i can´t measure but using my ears. A very controversial theme, i see. Thanks for Your input Guys.
  11. I see. I searched them on ebay, a few pairs turned up, used ones are around 3000€, more or less.
  12. Out of interest, what did You import?
  13. So the 800€ really are a steal – if only i had the money, and the space to put them. If, if, if....
  14. For starters, not many people here know that Klipsch is a maker of fine speakers, with some history.
  15. They´re still there. I guess not many people here know what they are.
  16. These days some people sell items under value, because of covid i guess.
  17. You are right, but Klipsch got me confused, usually they state outright that a product is out of production. No past tense here: https://de.klipsch.com/products/palladium-home-theater-systems Must be a leftover of times that were.
  18. And i was mistaken, i think. Just took a look at the Klipsch Homepage and they are still sold. Somehow i got the impression they went out of production.
  19. Billy, i always wanted to ask, why was Palladium discontinued? Was it always meant to be limited? To expensive, didn´t sell the quantity as expected? It was a superb speaker-line, from what i´ve read.
  20. Darn, haven´t got 800€ lying around, somebody lend me a few bucks!! No really, if i had the money, i would... I would like to audition some Palladiums, wonder what they sound like.
  21. So You couldn´t convert them to become Klipsch disciples?
  22. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    This stuff came in today. I noticed that my AVR gets quite warm and we´re still in cool spring here in Germany. So i want to be ready for warmer summmer days and will put these two fans on my Marantz, i just have to figure out where best to place the heat-sensor. Does anyone know how to remove what look like seperate grills on top of the newer Marantz machines? Ed.: Forget the question. I just noticed that these "covers" are just sheets of slotted plastic, underneath is the metal casing as ususal. What purpose could these sheets serve? – No idea...
  23. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    This weeks additions to my collection: This is the Springsteen box i was asking about a few days ago. Listened to two discs so far, mostly stuff from the 70´s & early 80´s, solos and also with E-Street-Band. Like it very much, especially when he´s just playing the guitar and singing you get the feeling you´re sitting in his living-room.
  24. Wow, this will be a tough one, i guess... I know my original Heresys lack bass, the 4s have it, but then again, one could argue that it´s a whole new speaker. Honestly, i couldn´t decide – yet. I´ll wait for further coments from the heavy-weights.
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