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  1. geezin'

    KY La Scalas

    At least he dusted them off for the photos. More effort than most.
  2. Yeah I really like the raw birch Heresys. Have a certain purposeful elegance.
  3. Yeah screw that. I'm basically done with concerts because of stuff like that. These guys got more money than God and they charge like that?
  4. geezin'

    Heresy IV

    Yeah and a bigger cabinet too.
  5. Problem is they are selling.....raising the market price. Not just audio either. I can sell my car and Harley for far more than 12 months ago.
  6. geezin'

    Heresy IV

    Cheap if asks me! Not mine. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649756740-klipsch-heresy-iv/
  7. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    There was a Carling Brewery in Baltimore Maryland until 1975 or so.
  8. Man I gotta gather up a little cash and make a road trip.
  9. When I got my J&J shot in early May I inquired about a booster. The guy giving the vaccination said he believed the annual flu shot will incorporate C-19 boosters. Don't know if he was a doctor or just a pharmacist. Knows more than I do regardless.
  10. In memory of Dusty Hill...
  11. yeah...no difference when starting price is what you'll let them go for. That's a reserve if ya ask me.
  12. Oh they'll make sure of that. A lot of scam involved in health care these days.
  13. Ah bring it on. He's bored. And always hungry.
  14. Hydro may not expel pollutants however it's far from free. They disturb the natural flow of a river and kill untold numbers of fauna. There is no free lunch.
  15. With all due respect all that does is shift the pollution's location....i.e. not in my back yard. But thanks for the money.
  16. And never forget ebay always gets their cut of a selling price.
  17. Nah. They're cassette transmissions but far from quick change. Just the way they were designed in the early '50s. They are typical Harley transmissions in that the power enters and exits on the same shaft.
  18. Funny thing is the material was for motorcycle parts. Transmission doors for Harley Sporsters. Been in that business for almost 40 years.
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