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  1. This receiver is for sale, hopefully with local pickup, or delivery by me. Located in the Hamilton Ontario area, with everything the receiver came with except the box. Includes; Audessey Microphone, Audessey Microphone stand, Remote Control, AM Antenna, FM Antenna, Speaker line labels, and the NR1508. The receiver itself is pretty good shape. It's been in our living room since March of 2018 when I purchased it from Eastporters in Oakville. Priced at $280 CAD
  2. Looking for an original late 50's thu to the late 60's collectible condition Marantz 7c for personal use. Will also consider the "non" cabinet version as well. Will pay fair market value plus if the unit is in exceptional condition. Please contact me for a prompt reply!
  3. Hi all, Due to recent medical bills that have drained us financially i need to sell my Marantz 2238 receiver. I've bought it a while back and used it only occasionally to listen to my music collection. It's in great condition - clean, lights work, sounds good. Wood case has a few small imperfections (rear corner had chipped veneer and was repaired). I would really like to sell it locally if at all possible (San Diego, California) as shipping this guy is just asking for trouble. I may still ship, but you will need to cover packaging/shipping costs - fedex, insured for full value and understand the danger of shipping. Should be around $50 or so in my estimate. You are welcome to come to my place and check it out or listen while hooked up to RF-7s. By the way - looks great next to Cherry RF7s. Would like to get $350 for it.
  4. I have a vintage marantz 2250b receiver that I currently run a vintage dual turntable off of with Vintage JBL 4312s that I鈥檓 not a huge fan of. I also have two Sonos speakers that are connected and I stream music from Spotify and pandora that way. I鈥檇 like to replace the JBLs but I鈥檓 trying to decide whether I want to go vintage again with Klipsch speakers or if I would rather buy some of the newer reboot Klipsch Heritage series So that I have brand new speakers. My question is - is it possible to run the newer Klipsch speakers, say the Heresy IV off of a vintage receiver. Sorry if these are dumb questions. I鈥檓 new to this game.
  5. Hello All, It's my first post here, I am Eric from Belgium and bought me a 5.1 Klipsch setup and I have some questions 馃榾 My setup: Marantz SR6009 2x RP-5000F 1x RP-404C 1x SPL-120 2x RP-500SA Is there someone here who did a bi-amp configuration on the RP-5000F series and was there a noticeable difference? There is a lot of info with believers and non believers but I am searching someone who had my setup and did it 馃榾 Thank you in advance for your feedback. Regards, Eric
  6. WTB: A Marantz Remote for my AVR. Preferred models are rc011sr, rc003sr, rc008sr. If anyone has a remote from a dead AVR or a spare one for other reasons I would be obliged.
  7. Hey friends, i bought a pair of 600m and now im looking for a amp. I have an opportunity to get an second hand marantz pm6004 with a nice price. So, what do u guys think about this amp with the klipsch? Besides, Its 45 watts but the speakers are 100, i know about the sensitive, but its really safe (will drive)? Tanks a lot
  8. This is a nearly perfect Marantz Model 1060 integrated amp with black faceplate. I think the black is a fantastic look because it really sets the knobs off against the background. It had a complete restoration with high quality components, here is the rundown - Installed Panasonic FC 105C rated capacitors on power supply board Removed glue residue from power supply board Installed CDE Quencharc snubber capacitor on power switch to prevent arcing Upgraded filter capacitor to Nichicon Gold Tune 10000uF/80V, installed film bypass capacitor Upgraded coupling capacitors to Mundorf M-Lytic 4700uF for enhanced bass response Installed WIMA film and Elna Silmic II capacitors on preamp board Upgraded preamp board local filter from 100uF to 220uF Nichicon Fine Gold Installed gain matched OnSemi KSA992/KSC1845 transistors on preamp board Upgraded phono board local filter from 100uF to 220uF Installed Nichicon Muse and WIMA film capacitors on phono board Replaced unreliable 2SC458 transistors on phono board with gain matched KSC1845 Installed Nichicon Muse capacitors on amplifer board Upgraded input coupling capacitors to WIMA film types Replaced small signal transistors on amplifier with OnSemi KSA733C/KSC945C Replaced varistors with 1N4148 diodes Set bias and clipping to factory specifications 39 capacitors, 16 transistors, 2 diodes, 1 snubber capacitor replaced This amplifier sounds great, and performed well on bench testing. All functions and inputs are working correctly. The 1060 is a legend in the Marantz lineup for good reason, it is a warm and enjoyable sounding amp. It's very well built, easy to service, and loaded with features. The 1060 is a capacitor coupled design, so expect a "thump" from your speakers when powering the unit on. The top cover has a nice satin black powdercoat. It comes with a reproduction WC-10 case in walnut. It is beautiful and best of all, doesn't smell like smoke that many of the the old ones suffer from. You would be hard pressed to ever find one this nice. I ship with Fedex ground and it will be very, very well packed for shipping. This is a very heavy piece with the cabinet. I'm guessing at 40lbs. Ships to CONUS only. All sales final with no returns. This one was completely rebuilt by Jailtime on AudioKarma site. He is a long time rebuilder and knows his stuff. Thanks so much. Please consider the case alone was over $180. Labor and parts $250. Price is $750 plus $50 flat rate Fedex with insurance to Conus. Local pickup zip 62690.
  9. Hello, with Denon/Marantz AVR's it is possible to change the speaker impedance setting to 8, 6 or 4 Ohm. Does someone know what this actually changes inside the amplifier ? Thanks for your time.
  10. I recently swapped out the Onkyo HT receiver with a pristine Marantz 8801 pre pro that I picked up for a great price and wanted to give some impressions, as I, like others, rely a lot on reading up on different brands and equipment when purchasing something that I haven't owned previously. To put this into perspective a bit, this is by no means some technical measurement with regards to one versus another, nor is it implying that because I happen to like something better, that you will. I've run through quite a few setups over the years, 4 or 5 different Onkyo HT receivers, Outlaw pre pro, Revox and Saba equipment (way back in the beginning 30+ years ago) and currently for pure 2 channel listening, I really still like my big old Sansui 8080, unfortunately, I only have room for so much gear in my main listening area so it's give and take between HT and 2.1 audio. I played with an inexpensive used Marantz HT receiver a couple years ago that I had picked up for the shop, just because it had a usb port on it and I could use it instead of having a cd player in that environment, but it sounded so smooth to my ears, that I knew I would eventually get a better piece to incorporate into my main system, and I'm glad that I did. I hooked up the 8801 yesterday, still powering everything with QSC on the 7's and XPA 5 on the other channels, but the sound coming out of the Marantz is noticeably different than any Onkyo I've owned over the last 30 years, the outlaw, and various other pieces that have lived a short life in any of my systems. It's always about what I hear and what I like versus what I can measure and prove out, which is really pointless, if in the end, it doesn't sound better to you. I listened to a lot of material that would be considered my "go to music" that I'm extremely familiar with and while I hear all of the detail, and then some, compared to the Onkyo I pulled out, the Marantz, at the same time, had a much smoother and more appealing sound, much like my Sansui, or any of the Saba gear that I ran for years. The imagining was completely different and I was fooled into believing that the processor was in the wrong mode and that my center was in the loop and pushing out a lot of db's, but when I walked up towards the unit, I was shocked to find out that it was in the right "stereo" mode and the center wasn't playing anything at all, but the sound stage was all right in front of me without there being such a defined left and right speaker (except where that was intentionally part of the recording), I was very pleased to say the least. The networking and ability to utilize DLNA with my PC has been something that I've been looking forward to for a while, and even though I had a workaround with my last unit, it was a PITA to operate but now it's finally all at my fingertips. Setup and the 200 page manual were all very straight forward (although I got a little frustrated wondering why I wasn't getting sound from some of the channels) except for me forgetting to switch the inputs on the XPA from unbalanced to balanced. Just one persons opinion and I'm sure that a few years down the road, or when I run across a deal that I can't pass up on what was once, a $10,000 pre/pro, or amp, I'll try to find another unicorn (that's all this is), but for now, given patience, some wisdom as to how and when I want to spend money on "upgrades", I'm at another point where I'm really satisfied with my main rig, from T.V., pre/pro, amps and my aging RF's, I'll add another couple of channels when the right set comes along, but unless someone comes along wanting to blow out of their KI-396's, I'm really not hunting any more gear for a while.
  11. Hi there I have a Marantz SR-7010 receiver and I added the following speakers: Floor standing Klipsch RP-280f Center Klipsch Rp-450c Subwoofer Klipsch R-112SW I run the marantz audyssey setup and then went manually to touch the central speaker and raise it up 5db more. Im quite happy with the movie dialogs they sound crystal clear but I need to still tweak the subwoofer a little more. I want a more tight punch. My speakers are set to small and the crossovers are: Rp-280f says fullband central 40hz and then in the sub config its LFE 120hz (at the back of the sub I have the auto OFF, phase to 0 and gain around 3/4db. that according to audyssey its 75db) Any hint in how to configure correclty this set up for a tighter punch. Room size is 20 square meters approx. If you need any other detail let me know, thanks a lot
  12. Sold my Marantz 1060 about a week ago on FleaBay. Museum condition and I thought is was perfect Sold it for $600 Buyer thinks it need a recap Anyone know of any techs near Miami, FL that can do this? Many thanks and cheers, Emile
  13. Hi all. I originally had a sound system design as attached, but I found it very hard to satisfy. Looked into Sonos, Marantz, Yamaha, amplifiers etc. I'm not so knowledgable about all this, just want to get a decent sound setup for my home and yoga center, which Zone 1 also doubles as a sitting room outside of class time. During yoga Zone 2 or Zone 1 & 2 will play the music for the class from a iPod line in. Outside of class I will use Zone 1 for playing vinyl on another line in to the amplifier. My house will be a small log house in Japan, each zone is 15m2. I have abandoned the idea of a Zone 3 in place of a Klipsch Capitol One for bluetooth or line in from laptop, or phone. http://www.klipsch.com/products/the-capitol-one Unless someone has better idea there. My main question is what amplifier is best with 4 x Klipsch R14Ms http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-bookshelf-speakers? What about a Pioneer A-30, I've heard Pioneer are good with Klipsch? http://www.pioneer-audiovisual.eu/eu/def/products/30 Thanks a lot in advance. Paul
  14. SOLD! BEAUTIFUL looks and sound! Marantz PM-11S1 Solid-State Integrated. 100Wx2 (8 ohms). Truly flawless, pristine condition. Built like a tank Very smooth sounding unit. As tubey as solid state can get. No grain, no grit, great deep tight bass with a lush mid-range and smooth extended highs. Sounds incredible with my La Scalas and did with my Khorns too! This is the best sounding Solid-State piece I have ever had by far. You will LOVE it. Been away from tubes for about two years and want to go back. Wish I could afford to get back into tubes AND keep the Marantz, can't swing it. Comes with original remote, manual and power corn which are also pristine. I DO NOT have the box. Son ran over with the car and crushed when I was re-arranging the garage last year. Will pack well. I am the second owner. Owned for two years. Do not know how old the unit is but you can tell it has had a very easy, clean, soft, well cared for life. $1600.00. I will cover insured shipping in the CONUS and PayPal fees. MM & MC Phono Section. 路 100 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.01% THD 路 dual monoblock amplifier construction 路 frequency response 5-120,000 Hz (卤3dB) 路 signal-to-noise ratio: 96dB 路 6 RCA audio inputs (including phono input) 路 2 RCA audio outputs 路 balanced 3-pin XLR input 路 line-level subwoofer output 路 binding-post speaker connectors 路 2 sets of main speaker outputs 路 A/V remote control included 路 biamp/stereo switch lets you biamp your speakers using two PM-11S1s for even higher-fidelity sound 路 champagne finish 路 weight: 57.2 lbs 路 17-3/8"W x 6-1/2"H x 18-5/16"D
  15. Here is the deal, as I just got the theater room completed with my Marantz SR6011 I had the following speakers: 1. R28F Fronts 2. R25C Center 3. R15M Surround 4. R14M Back 5. R12SW For our anniversary, my wife got me the following 1. RP280F (these will be my new fronts) 2. RP450CA (my new center) 3. SW112 (This will be my 2nd subwoofer) I had originally gotten the Klipsch system at Best Buy on Black Friday for half off. Though I liked them, I always stated how I would really like the RP line, but didn鈥檛 think anything about it. I guess my wife listened, and got what she could for me. Now. I really would like in time to upgrade them all, but until then how would you suggest to move them around, and get your suggestions. Here is what I was thinking. 1. Replace the R15M Surround with the R28F 2. Replace the R14M with the R15M 3. Make the R14M front Height speakers 4. Move the new R112SW to the opposite corner of the room (make them diagonal of each other) BTW how well do you think the RS6011 will play with the new speakers? Enough power, etc. I haven't made any changes yet... I will re-run Audyssey庐 Thank you to my wife for the dilemma Thank you, fellow members, for the kind insight.
  16. Hello all, im new here to the forum but I just received my speakers from crutchfield and got them set up and man they sound great! Ive had a fun time doing my project and though to share about what I have done and to see what you guys are doing in your HT's. What kind of equipment you run, how would you change your setup? Etc, etc. I have spent quite some time working to replace old components and make my HT the way I want it. My father always had component systems, i.e. Receiver, phono, tape, CD etc. so I grew up seeing these items and familiarizing myself with them. However, he wasn't an audiophile and bought mid grade components. Mostly Sony, I think the tape player was a fisher and the Phonos I recall were technics. Nothing over the top but usually sounded ok. Growing up listening to music a lot and becoming a musician I found appreciation for better quality sound. So when I bought my home a couple years ago, and after all the stuff I took care of to get it right for me like new carpet and paint, solar panels fixed and pool in tip top shape, it was time to get my theater how I wanted it for a price I could afford. Still working on it but as of now it's ok with me. For the past month or so I've been slowly working on my weekends off from work and usually with no ones help, to get my theater up and running and also aesthetically pleasing. It started with a new 75" Samsung screen to go atop my fireplace when I bought my home. I was using an old Sony receiver from 1999 that my father had purchased along with those JBL's and one day I popped in a blu-ray only to see a big picture. (Pun intended) there was no sound because the AVR I had was too old and couldn't decode the audio format. I went down to the local bestbuy and bought a STR-DN1050. I like it. I know it's not the best or most powerful but it seems to work for me. My home also came with outdoor patio speakers but they were exceedingly decrepit and sounded horrible. So I had the nice big flat panel, a decent AVR, I wound up getting some Yamaha outdoor speakers on sale at Best Buy and removing those old patio speakers and upon doing so, it kind of put me in a mode of getting things done. Upon changing the patio speakers, I realized how bad the wires were so I decided to put a bit more time into the job and run new wiring. That's basically the beginning. My whole home theater project started because I knew the wiring to my patio speakers was terrible and I had to do something about it. Once I ran new wiring to the patio speakers I sat down and looked at my tv and said to myself "I need to get rid of those wires" meaning the ones dangling from the tv to the avr stand and power plug. I began researching how to videos on YouTube and other places, talking to people who I know who are contractors or people who know the right ways to do things. I'm pretty knowledgeable I'd say but certain things (like finishing drywall) I just simply haven't done before and lack the experience. running the wires to the outdoor speakers was pretty simple because the previous owner had made a hole from in to outside and there was a piece of pvc tubing in the top portion of my fireplace wall for wiring to go thru and then down the wall to the AVR area. It was simple because I used the old wires to pull new ones thru. I didn't have to cut holes or use fishtape at all. However when it came to the point in which the speaker wire exited the wall they were lazy. They literally had a hole drilled and that was it. No outlet cover, no labeling, just a lazy junky looking hole with two wires coming out of it. For the time being I used that hole but that was the day I told myself I'm going to take on the project and make everything look legit and professional. Being a normal blue collar dude, I had to wait for my paychecks to come in for me to start getting all the supplies together. One thing that helped me out was living in Southern California and learning of a place called monoprice. Turns out they are right down the way from me about 30 minutes and I utilized the hell out of them. I recommend them to anyone who's trying to do what I just did for sure especially with the speaker wire and banana plugs. Best Buy rapes people on wire and plugs. I made a plan, and over the course of time and when I had the money to get the supplies I put together a vision. My goal was to run my home theater wiring, making it to where I had no visible wires anywhere, to save money by doing the work myself, most importantly do it properly and no Mickey moused and to learn as I went. The first hole. I began my first hole into my wall for a power receptacle for my flat screen. The cord was plugged into an extension cord and hanging down from the tv along with all the hdmi cables and etc. looked terrible. I hated it. I had purchased so 14/2 romex from the local Home Depot and a recessed outlet. I used a old work high voltage 1 gang fixture to put this new plug into and after I think 30 or 45 minutes I was all done installing the plug. I ran power from a nearby outlet on the same 15 amp breaker and said let there be power and there was and it was good. So that was one thing down. Another day I decided to get the hdmi and digital optical audio cables fished thru the walls from tv to AVR area. Did that, hardest part was having to take the giant flat panel off the wall and try not to drop it cause I had no one to help me. I highly recommend using help. I would have but everyone was busy. In order to place the hdmi and optical cables to the right locations I had to cut out an access point in my wall because there was a fireblock in the way. For those who don't know, fireblocks are horizontal studs between a set of vertical studs and they are inconsistently placed in a wall to help reduce the spread of fire. I had to drill a 1 inch hole thru them to fit my wires thru and of course seal them with a California code approved fireblock sealant when I was all done. As time went on I got more and more done and finally on the last weekend for the last part of the job which I was dreading most, my little friend Brian came by to give me a hand. See, I have cathedral ceilings in my house and I wasn't sure if I could get all the way over to the areas needed to penetrate the top plate to run the rear surround wiring which was on the farthest exterior wall from my attic access point. Turns out I can fit myself up there but Brian being a fraction of my size did it much easier. he helped me out a lot that day and we got all the wiring in the attic done, all the top plates got sealed. All that was left was to add a couple more plates for the two front speakers next to the fireplace and the subwoofer outlet on the far left side of room. We got those wrapped up and then I just waited. I had had ordered my Klipsch R28F speakers along with the R12SW from crutchfield. I saved over 100$ on taxes because they offer free shipping and no tax. So while I waited to for my new awesome speakers to come in, I cleaned up the living room, put my couch back into place. Vacuumed up a bit and waited for the day I'd see my speakers in my living room. Well that day was actually two days but I got my speakers as soon as they got off the plane. I drove to Ontario, Calif. to the UPS freight warehouse where I was able to pick them up immediately. Awesome. I got them a day in advance. My sub on the other hand, I didn't get it until Tuesday at 2036. It was 30 minutes past my bedtime. I couldn't even turn it on. So now it's been a couple of days since I've had them and man they sound amazing! I hooked everything up very simply and had power to them in like 2 seconds thanks to my idea of putting a speaker wire +/- outlet behind every speaker. I should mention that I added a home theater distribution panel as well and that made things super clean and easy. im still working on smoothing out my dry way and getting it ready for texture cause I have to retexture the spots I cut a hole into but I'll have to finish that this weekend. But for now, I'm happy as a pig in slop knowing that I did the work myself and saved a lot of money, I got some great speakers and I finally have a system that I got for myself that sounds really good. Sense of accomplishment with the whole thing. So how about you? Share your home theater stories or equipment specs or whatever. Samsung 75" LED Smart TV Samsung Blu-Ray player Sony STR DN-1050 jailbroken fire stick custom built media server running pled, w/16 TB storage for backup of media. (No more cd or dvds laying around taking up shelving space!) Klipsch R28F's for front L/R Klipsch R25C for center Klipsch R15M's for surrounds Klipsch R12SW for sub currently have my settings on my AVR and sub set to this. Front speakers Large Center small and EQ rounded up to nearest 10 from what manual says is lowest frequency response of speaker. Surrounds small and EQ is set in the same manner as center channel. Sub is plugged into LFE only. Gain is set to just before midpoint (like 4.5/11) EQ dial on sub is set all the way up. phase is at 0. I found that my settings allow for a smooth bass. Not too much and not too little. It picks up all the bass noise in movies and sounds great for music. I ran the auto calibration on my AVR also before I started listening. my fronts and center is 10 ft for fronts and 10 ft 2 inches away from seating position and AVR picked that up accurately. my sub is 13 ft from seating position and got picked up at around 15 ft and applies a -6db drop. my surrounds are 6.5 feet away from seating position and 1db increase was put on them. im going to try to add some photos of my work and a bit of what my setup looks like but I'll have to do it in another post just below this one. Please excuse my mess of tools, wires and energy drinks on my table in some of the photos.
  17. Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to the home theater world so please pardon some of my ignorance. During recent sale at adorama, I bought a pair of RP-280f (mains), RP-450c (center). I also bought RP-160m as part of that bundle but they are too big for rear speakers so I am planning to sell those and get the rp series surround speakers at a later date (maybe next year). i (will be) using the speakers 60-70% of the time for music. Considering that, what receiver do you recommend for my speakers (Rp-280f, RP-450c). My living room is probably around 20 ft wide, 16 ft long (bot no wall at the back so if I add the kitchen, it is probably 26 ft long). I am hoping to spend around $900 for receiver. Let me know what you guys recommend. I looked at Denon AVR-X3300W which seemed like a good option from my limited knowledge. I don't plan to blow up the speakers so i thought I don't need to match the 150W of rp-280f. Or will I damage with a receiver that has 100-125W (at 8 ohms) per channel? Also I have been told that cables are a big deal so I need to get good quality cables. Do you have any recommendation for those (including any websites)? Dumb question but do I also need banana plugs? I really appreciate y'all taking time and replying to my questions. Thanks!!!!
  18. Hello, I'm forced to change my amp in following "desktop" setup: notebook -> Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 -> Wireworld Luna 7 -> Denon PMA-720 AE -> Oehlbach Bi-tech 4 -> Klipsch RB-81 II. My budget for amp is 550 鈧 (610 $). Local dealers offer mostly Cambridge Audio, Marantz, NAD, Yamaha and Onkyo. Any recommendations? I'm also considering a DAC upgrade. Something like Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus would be nice. Do you think it's a good idea or should I look for more expensive amp with build-in DAC instead? One way or another I need to buy a USB cable... Any advices regarding a cable company with reasonable prices considering my budget and setup. As for genres. I'm listening to all of them
  19. I am not the original owner. I purchased this receiver in October 2016. I've used it for the last few months connected to a pair of cornwall II's. Awesome receiver that will drive pretty much anything. Only reason I am selling is due to its size. It does not fit where the receiver should with the media system I use. Asking $350.00 ($250 was just spent on Service) will provide receipt with purchase. I live in Shelby Township, MI 48316. I'd be willing to ship if you are willing to pay for shipping fees. Any questions, let me know.
  20. The right channel went out on my McIntosh MA6200: luckily it is still under McIntosh Audio's 2 year warranty and I'll be sending it back sometime this week. I have three spare receivers lying around the apartment but they are all out of service for one reason or another. And so I went to Craigslist: within 24 hours and $280 I was the proud owner of a just-serviced Marantz 2220. The first thing I noticed is how much oomph this little fellow has. It's at least as loud as my MA6200, which is conservatively rated at 75 watts: both get to painful levels before the volume dial reaches 9 o'clock. It also has a warm tubelike sound that reminds me very much of McIntosh. It's not as velvety black silent on quiet passages and the MA6200 has more separation and a bit better soundstage. But for around 1/6th the price the 2220 gives the McIntosh a decent run for its money. I see now Marantz units command a premium for more than their quintessentially 70s styling. If you're looking for something to pair with your Klipsches, I'd definitely recommend giving vintage Marantz equipment a look.
  21. I'm currently running an all Klipsch 7.2 setup for my home theater and have been looking at upgrading my current AVR to take advantage of the new sound mixes now available (ie. Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D). I have been doing lots of research all over and I'm having a very hard time making a decision. I am needing some recommendations from all of you but I'd like to avoid "fanboy" recommendations. I know this may sound silly or somewhat counter-productive when asking for recommendations, but I want the advice to be based on both the kind of hardware I am currently running and also on objective information. Just because someone has always purchased a specific brand for 20+ years should not be the only reason/justification as to why they recommend it. I know MANY of you have a wealth of knowledge; far more than me, on what the pros and cons are of various brands/models and can also explain objectively what I can expect with a certain option. I also am not looking to go crazy expensive with flagship models and because of this, going with brands like Anthem or Emotiva are probably out of the equation. As of recent, I have been entertaining Pioneer, Marantz, and possibly Onkyo again (not Integra just because it's Onkyo with nothing other than a different name and higher price). My concern with Onkyo has been there prolonged history of bad boards having faulty HDMI outs (seems like this is going on like 5 yrs, yes?). I will add though that my only experience has been Onkyo - I've been pleased with the sound but wouldn't know what I am potentially missing out on since I have not heard another brand. And in doing my research I have found many mixed review regarding some of their recent models (ie. 646, 656, 747, 757), and many people stating that the build quality has gone down hill. Is this really so? So, here is my current setup to give you all an idea: Klipsch RF-7ii (L/R) Klipsch RC-64ii (C) Klipsch RS-62ii x4 (SS/RS) Klipsch RW-12D x2 (subs) Onkyo TX-NR709 AVR Oppo BDP-103D I was hoping to keep my budget under or around $800 if possible and I would prefer NOT to go with separates due to the fact that I have a very clean setup with a very open/minimalistic look, and I don't have any more space in the console I am using that was just recently purchased. Thanks everyone, really appreciate your help! ~Cheers
  22. Hi all there! Im new to the Klipsch world and I kicked off with a Marantz SR7010 + Klipsch RP-280F to start with my home theater build for music and movies purposes. In the near future im planing to add the 450C center channel and a RP-115SW sub.... at the end depending on size of my future room size some RP-150 or RP260F as rear ones, but at the moment I live with only my floorstanding speakers. So far I'm inlove with my initial setup for music BUT not that much regarding movies. Im lacking bass punch at a decent volumen level, to put everyone in my scenario: * Marantz amp goes from 0 to 98 in volumen level, so I watch them in 65. * I use my 55 inch 4k tv to reproduce my movies with audio DTS support, Netflix or PC with HDMI. Connections: * Single wire Eagel 18 gauge cable (keeping the golden metal plate at the back of the speakers that RP-280F brings with them from LF to HF) to the respective front left/right speakers connections in the Marantz amp. * Marantz to TV through HDMI (ARC) monitor connector. I'm lacking that shock that I was expecting of an 8 inch cooper woofers that the speakers got,so my concern is, Do I have something wrong in the way I reproduce movies or how I hooked everything up? I know that when the RP-115SW arrives im going to be in heaven in terms of movie experience or at least thats what I expect. Thanks for reading and any tips advices are welcome!
  23. I recently got a set of Klipsch Heresy II from a fellow forum member avguytx and I got to set them up in my office today. I am using a Google Chromecast to send music from my computer to the amp, which is a Marantz SR-18EX I had in storage, and I love how these sound. There is plenty of bass for me on the songs that need it and they do not feel like they are lacking at all. I am waiting for me Rega P3 to get back from the shop so I can spin some Sabbath but that might be awhile. The first song I listened to was "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and the speakers really sang. I ordered the titanium tweeters from Crites as well as the risers so maybe I can put them on later this week. Thanks again goes out to avguytx for the awesome packaging job on the speakers and also for selling them. I love them and could not be happier. I also recently acquired a Sanusi 4000 receiver so I might see if that changes how these sound or not. Sorry for the crappy picture but I just had my Windows phone, what a piece of crap. I am still waiting on some of my furniture to show up so I can properly get everything set up.
  24. Humor me but I'm just trying new things. Regardless of platform may it be youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. people now a days (that was yesterdays actually) has been uploading video show casing a thing or two about themselves and their particular interest. So I thought why not demo online? In the absence of real world audition I take youtube demo anytime. I said youtube demo because this kind of audition will not give you all there is to know about the system (there's alot I know). It's just like meeting Jim for the first time. I know his name, I know how he looks like and just enough to get both of us to know each other, the obvious stuff. But then if I want to know him better maybe I'll live-in with him for a while - Ops lets make that a her and call her vanessa, its fun that way
  25. Hi, I just move here 6 months ago and been slowly building my 2 channel audio setup. I have uploaded a demo of my setup as a baseline of what I am hearing and have now, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x-w8Bum4iY In my own words, I would describe the sound of this video to be warm (somewhat bassy), full and able to fill the room but is lacking LUSH and WETNESS. I have decided to a lot $500 for tube amplifier and would like get some feedback on which tube amplifier is best suited what is lacking in my current setup. Appreciate sharing your vast knowledge and looking forward for your feedback. - cris
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