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  1. UPDATE: October 11, 2018 McIntosh Laboratory, Binghamton, NY Skip to page ___ for photos of the McIntosh tour Great American Audio Factory Tours Many, many of you have taken tours of the premier American Audio factories across the USA, including the tour of the Klipsch factory in Hope Arkansas. I started this thread for people to share their American audio factory tour experiences with us, both narrative and especially with photographs. Richard Groves @guywithwine (Klipsch Museum of Audio History Founders Circle member and Fundraising Standing Committee Chairman) recently took a tour of the Cary Audio factory in Raliegh, North Carolina, so I thought we would start with Cary Audio because it is recent, and Cary Audio has been a great partner with Klipsch at shows such as CES when they both want to show off their great sounding stuff. Bruce @Marvel is going to try and set up a tour of the Western Electric tube making factory in his area and, if they let him, share his experiences and photographs here as well. Back to Cary Audio. When Richard was taken into their the listening room at Cary Audio he was pleasantly surprised to see that he would be listening to the highly regarded Cary amps and preamps through a set of of handmade in the USA speakers a few of you might be familiar with. American high-end audio and the factories they are made in. More to come . . . .
  2. New to the community here, and new to Klipsch speakers..-- Wondering if anyone else here is using this little pre-amp .. I am happy to report that my new Klipsch R-41M's sound wonderful with this pre feeding a Parasound power amp. I have never owned Klipsch, and the 41-M's replace a pair of Polk T15's ... the speakers can really rock ! I have been playing them through the day while at work -- they are playing in a bedroom, and seem to be the right size ... assuming they are broken in .. Over the summer I was given "an old stereo in the basement" as the neighbor described it ... turned out to be a Fisher 400, complete with tubes .. which I nursed back to life, with the help of some very helpful souls at Audio Karma.. this was my first experience with tubes ... I was converted... thought I would experiment with a 'hybrid' setup, and I do like the results !
  3. Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you my story. I'm into tubes. This last month I've purchased 6 vintage tubes. And a tube tester. I already have two other testers. I put in my new tubes, hoping for the glorious sound I hope to achieve. Not sure I like the sound. My tube pre quits two weeks after I put new tubes in it. I replace the tubes with the ones I took out, change the blown fuse, and nothing. Now I have to send the pre in for repairs. Last year I had a tube short out and take out my amp. I was able to repair it myself. Here's the dilemma--I love the sound of my tube system, but I'm thinking that the constant cost of upkeep may not be worth the aggravation. I'm getting older, my ears aren't getting better. Technology is going forward. Is it time to cut my losses and go back to solid state? Would I find the same satisfaction as I do with tubes? Would I be trading convenience for sound quality? I know there are people on here who have gone from tubes back to solid state and never looked back. Obviously there are people like me who have gone from solid state to tubes. I'm looking for advice from people who have been in my predicament.
  4. I got these a few months ago and had them completely tuned up, DeOxit, new caps, new transformers, basically all new electrolytics, and a total overhaul. They function perfectly, no hum, everything to spec, controls work flawlessly. All knobs and switches are original and they still have the original rubber feet (which are known to come off). The cages and chassis are in really good condition, minor fading on the cages and some small nicks on the chassis’s. Each crossover has two 12ax7 tubes, one 6x4 rectifier tube and one 54-40 power transformer. I also have the original manual from 1956. I have about a grand into them so far, but am willing to hear offers for less.
  5. It’s been a few years since I dropped in. Much has happened: Moved. Retired. Got sick. Got better. Came out of retirement. Son went off to college (and took some of my audio stuff), and much more... It’s good to be back. Did you ever date someone and your head is telling you that this should be the best relationship ever, but your heart isn’t in it? Try as you might, the thrill isn’t there. That’s happening to me, with a beautiful pair of Belles I recently picked up as a birthday present to myself. i know the qualities I expected. They sounded good, if not great, when I auditioned them. I knew of the shortcomings. And they’re so beautiful! Still, it ain’t happening. In the past, I’ve had Heresy IIIs, and Cornscala #Ds. Recording monitors, and Maggie’s. With the Belle’s I’ve tried two different tube amps that I made myself, and a good SS amp. I’ve moved them to the wall; away from the wall; toed in; straight across; with eq and without. My soul isn’t getting it. Help! I have the original paperwork, and glass tops for the cabs. I’m not in a position to make them a project for myself. Do I really need new crossovers? Or drivers? Or horns? I love “all original”, and these are all original. 1982. AA crossovers. What am I doing wrong that I’m getting ear bites with every playing? Thoughts?
  6. This is an amazing amplifier that has produced some of the finest music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I have enjoyed it immensely. I am going to upgrade to the unit that is a two piece design, 845 Premium, why not. It is in excellent shape and comes with a remote control. I am asking 4995.00 obo. I do have the original box if buyer would like to arrange pickup.
  7. This may be low level discussion for the more experienced Klipschites who post in this Talkin' Tubes sub-forum but as a non-tube user I thought the topic was interesting. Paul McGown is the president of PS Audio and puts out Youtube videos nearly every day on various audio topics. Of particular interest to me is his discussions of "high resolving" systems and his belief that every system could benefit from a sub-woofer.
  8. What tube amps are in use here with LaScala's and what has been tried. I would just like to know what has been tried and why it works for you. Comments from owners of other Heritage speakers using tube equipment are welcome also. I recently sold my tube equipment and am deciding what direction to go next. Tubes only please.
  9. To start off, my wife and I are having a baby in the next couple of weeks, and I need something at home that will operate without any future headaches. That being said, this relic from days gone by needs to find a new home! I bought it locally (OKC) a few months ago and after some research, I've uncovered that I have a partially restored unit. Some coupling caps have been replaced along with a few more parts, the electrolytic capacitors are still original and need to be replaced. The output tubes still have some life left in them, and all of the preamp tubes work great. This amp has very minimal noise in it which was a high priority for me in the tube search. It sounds unbelievable. It hurts to let it go, but someone with a technician background would be able to enjoy this amp like I never could. The wooden case is the only obvious quirk. An older gentleman owned this Fisher since its heyday and developed quite the attachment to it. At some point, it no longer fit inside of a furniture piece in his home so he routed the corners off of the back of the case in an effort to force the fit. I'm calling it a folk art piece. Its the back of the receiver so you don't ever see it regardless. Apart from that, the ink on the faceplate has worn off in some places and in its place, some tiny white labels sit in the on and off positions on the front, and on the inputs on the back. You can vaguely see these in the photo provided. I can furnish you with some more photos if you're interested. I'll let her go for $600 OBO.
  10. my jolida amp seems to acting up with humming in the right channel. I am trying to find schematics and if folks know of people who repair/upgrade tube amps. mucho mahalo, Olomana
  11. I really like this room. I told the guy it looked like it would be perfect for some Khorns. Check it out:
  12. For Sale ZROCK 2 with the type II Jupiter copper beeswax capacitors a $200.00 upgrade. If you want a purist way of adding some tone back in to your music and enjoying a full rich sound of even your worst recordings this is what you need. Another benefit is having all of this without having to turn the volume up, and being able to enjoy a rich full sound at lower listening volumes. It is in excellent condition, maybe 30 hours on it. Asking $750.00 http://www.decware.com/cgi-bin/yabb22/YaBB.pl?board=zrock Go to Decware forums for real world impressions. http://www.decware.com/newsite/ZROCK.html
  13. Selling a matched pair of Siemens (branded Artisan) silver/chrome plate 12AU7's purchased from eBay (seller ap1278) as testing NOS with about 5 hours on them. These tubes are clean, clear and quiet. No issues. $80 shipped to conus
  14. Selling my Torii Jr. with the upgraded Beeswax type II copper capacitors. It is in excellent condition. This is an amazing amplifier that has a beautiful full sound with amazing detail from top to bottom. I will ship with the original tubes and will include a NOS RCA 5U4 coke bottle rectifier and four NOS Amperex white label 6DJ8's as well as a matched quad of Brimar 807's. I have the original packaging for shipping. Asking $2250.00 plus shipping. http://www.decware.com/newsite/TORIIJR.html
  15. I have a matched pair of Telefunken 12AX7's for sale. They have maybe 100 hours probably less on them. Asking $150.00 for the pair.
  16. Getting out of the tube hobby. No time or place to enjoy it with 3 girls in the house that cant be bothered with manually turning on a switch. Anyways I am selling a custom made Aricaudio "The Unlimited" tube preamp as well as all the tubes I've collected over the last year. Also included is the Tube depot Tubecube storage container with a complete replacement set of pluck and pull foam. I'd like to sell this all as one set and not part it out. Asking $500 for everything!! The Unlimited new is $725 and the tubes are low market at $875. I am located in northern CA. If you want more info or better pics feel free to pm me and I can email over more. Aricaudio The Unlimited Tube Depot Tubecube Storage 5ar4 Tubes - NOS Amperex Buggleboy 5ar4 (made in Great Britain), NOS RCA 5ar4, NOS GE 5ar4 (made in Great Britain), Sovtek 5ar4, Telefunken GZ34-TK EL84 Tubes - NOS JAN 6BQ5x2, Telefunken EL84-TKx2, Electroharmonix EL84x2, JJ EL84x2, NOS RCA Command EL84x2 12ax7 tubes - NOS Baldwin 12ax7 (blackplates)x2, NOS GE 5751 (blackplates)x4, NOS RCA Command (Blackplate)x1, JJ ECC83Sx2, JJ 5751x2, JJ ECC83S Goldpinsx2 OD3 tubes - NOS GEx2, NOS RCAx2, NOS Raytheon JANx12
  17. Item: Bottlehead Stereomour SET amp w/ impedance switch kit Price: $750 + shipping SOLD Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Payment: PayPal (FF or +3%) Trades: High quality preamp to mate with Jeff Rowland Model 112 I bought this not long ago, but my system has taken a turn in a different direction (non SET friendly speakers). I got a great deal on this setup, and I'd like to pass that same deal on to someone else. The tubes alone are a nearly $600 value! The Stereomour looks great and sounds even better. It puts out ~3.5 wpc which is enough for my old Tekton Lores in a medium/large size room. Match it with a preamp with a little gain (I happen to have one of those too, if you're interested) and you'll have plenty of volume. There are a couple dings in the top of the walnut base. See photos. The JJ's are a little loose in the socket, but the other tubes are nice and snug. Here's what's included: Stereomour amp w/ impedance switch kit and furniture quality walnut base 10 different new and NOS driver tubes ($10-$15/ea) JJ 2A3-40 output tubes ($260 new) Electro Harmonix 2A3 Gold output tubes ($130 new) Sovtek 2A3 output tubes ($100 new) Shorting plugs for setting hum pots Additional walnut base w/ Bottlehead logo Bottlehead Stereomour amp and Tekton Lore speakers by Audio Database, on Flickr Stereomour and JJ 2A3-40's by Audio Database, on Flickr Bottlehead Stereomour and Custom 12sn7 Preamp by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081103 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081113 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170801 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170832 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170840 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170902 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170918 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170929 by Audio Database, on Flickr
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but a passionate Klipsch fan. So glad that this is forum is active and alive! Glad to be among you. I'm the proud owner of a pair of '79 Khorns in all stock condition which I now can't live without. I'm thinking about modifications but the sound just blows me away every time. I don't think it's even necessary and probably will keep them stock. I'm currently running them with a Yamaha SS receiver (approx $150 on Amazon) which already sounds great but I know the ideal is to power them with tubes.. What are your recommendations with tube amplifiers for Khorns? I play mostly on vinyl and want to keep that "warmth" and "dynamism" as much as possible.. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  19. I was down at a local shop on Saturday looking for some tubes for the Little Delights. Usually when I go in there, its a two-three trip, hanging out, talking tubes, all that good stuff. The shop owner and myself got to talking about the new preamp I purchased last week (SP12 from tubes4hifi). He pointed out that it appears that the designer had cascaded the 12au7, he had believed that the only tube that should have been cascaded is the 6dj8. Could someone confirm this? If this is true, (I will ask the designer) why would one design a topology to do something that the tube isn't designed for?
  20. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum but a passionate Klipsch fan. So glad that this is forum is active and alive! Glad to be among you. I'm the proud owner of a pair of '79 Khorns in all stock condition which I now can't live without. I'm thinking about modifications but the sound just blows me away every time. I don't think it's even necessary and probably will keep them stock. I'm currently running them with a Yamaha SS receiver (approx $150 on Amazon) which already sounds great but I know the ideal is to power them with tubes.. What are your recommendations with tube amplifiers for Khorns? I play mostly on vinyl and want to keep that "warmth" and "dynamism" as much as possible.. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  21. For Sale is a Decware ZBOX tube buffer. http://www.decware.com/newsite/zbox.htm I bought this unit for a second system that I am no longer going to be doing. I plugged it in and used it for a couple days and it sounded fantastic. It is an excellent unit but I just don't need it and could use the funds for some other upgrades I have in mind. I am asking 450.00 OBO shipped to conus.
  22. Hi Klipsch lovers, I'd like to share my experience on tubes rolling for my 1981 Cornwall I. After almost a year using NOS Mullard 5U4G rectifier, 2x French brand 12AU7's for L&R + EH's 12BH7 on the C for the drivers (with monthly bias adjusment), I decided to do some tubes rolling. Yesterday I put a NOS Mullard GZ34R for the rectifier, 2x matched NOS 1954 Raytheon 5814 for the L&R + Genalex ECC82 on C for drivers channels. After readjusted the bias setting, then I fired up the amps. My impression was: 1. On CD. I played "Jazz at the pawnshop" & "Marantz's High End Audiophile Test" CDs. The result was: I heard a bigger sound stage compared to previous tubes setting, the stereo is wider with clearer details and easy to pint point the instruments with no hars on the highs. I could hear the fingering on the straight-up bass much clearer. One of the track on the Marantz cd (Harumi played by Circle Percussion), the low was sound nicely tight (not boomy) with alot of details on the highs. On of the track which had a trumpet lines, it was nicely presented with no harsh on my ears. 2. On Turntable. I played some Ben Webster, it brings the saxophone sound much forward/bigger. I could hear Webster's breath clearly with details on others instrument. The only downside, the stereo image is not as wide as the CD, maybe it's the way they recorded. 3. Digital music from my Itunes collection (in Apple Lossless format) using Schiit DAC. I played some "vocals" such as Jenna Mammina, Roberta Flack, Norah Jones, Nat King Cole, Diana Krall. Their vocals were so clear & details with forward soundstage which I love it. Overall, I love this tubes setting compare to my previous tube set up. I'm not sure which tubes from the mixed that brings up the big diferences and sorry I'm not a techy guy, this was just my observation. Here's my set up: A pair of 1981 Cornwall I with Crite's updated B2 XO, with all original drivers, tweeter, sqwuaker & woofer. Bob Latino's VTA120 in pentode mode (my preference). SP12R/PH12 pre-amp from tubes4hifi. The same 4xEH KT-90 for the output tubes (with bias set to around 0.500 dcV). Schiit Bifrost DAC. Marantz 7003 CD player. Project Debut Carbon with Red Ortofon cartridge. Any one has better experience on using Mullard GZ34R, Raytheon 5814 or Genalex ECC82 on their amps, are welcome to share their experiences & opinions on this thread. Cheers all, Jimmy *Edited: For the Turntable, I'm using Phoenix PSU as well.
  23. Bumped to $400, obo Hi, being new to tube amplifier I did some impulsive buying and bought 3 amps. I am letting go of the other 2 amps. I have tested this and make a demo (make more sense heard via headphones). Item is in Lombard, IL 60148. Please help me unload or my wife will kill me if she ever finds out Scott lk48b and Klipsch - Playing In A Sentimental Mood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQJxirm9fKg
  24. Circumstances dictate I clear out a bunch of my audio gear. All is in excellent to mint condition with original boxes, manuals and remotes (where applicable). Email if interested. All gear is available for audition in the San Antonio, TX, area. Shipping is extra but will be actual cost via FEDEX ground. Polk LSiM 707. Polk's current flagship that still sells for $4k+. Cherry finish, mint with boxes. Absolutely gorgeous build quality on par with Thiel and Sonus Faber, in my opinion. Very well balanced speaker. Asking $2150 Cambridge Audio 840a V2 integrated amplifier. Built like a tank using Cambridge's XD amplifier technology. Great integrated amp. Asking $675 Quicksilver tube mini-mite mono-block amps. Mike Sanders classic hand built tube amps. $750 for the pair. Sony DVP-7000ES DVD/SACD player. Very heavy, well built and sounds great! Like a vault door closing when you feed it a CD. $275 obo Audio Nirvana 8" Single driver speakers. Built for smooth jazz and female vocals. Very detailed and tremendous in that regard. Not a head banging speaker though so would not recommend it in that area. $450. Email if interested.
  25. Here is my experience to date as a SS amp guy using a tube amp. The system is a NOSValves reworked Scott 299A acquired from forum member Kevmosmith with Telefunken preamp tubes and Mullard Blackburn power tubes. The audio player is an upgraded Denon 3910. The speakers are a pair of Belle Klipsch acquired from forum member Jeeper. The Belles are modified with Altec 811B horns, self built ALK Universals crossovers with Jansen Supreme Z caps and the K-77v tweeter in the vertical orientation. The SS amp is a Scott Thompson rebuilt Sansui AU717. The listening room is 14 by 24 feet with the belles on the long wall. The music played to date, in no particular order; Clapton, The Blues a Musical Journey, Chet Atkins, Santana, Linda Ronstadt, Dave Grusin, Paquito D'Rivera, fourPlay, B.B. King, John, Coltrane, Vladimir Horowitz, the Klipsch tapes, Chesky various artists, Yo Yo Ma, Nora Jones, The Persuasions, Patsy Kline, Roy Orbison, John Williams, various Broadway recordings, ZZ Top, Stan Getz, Windham Hill various artists, and others. With the amp warmed up at idle, no music, the amp is dead quiet. No back round hiss. The volume is barely cracked with John Williams in queue, hit play and the room filled with acoustic guitar. There is no need for high wattage with the tubes. I can get chased out of the room with a volume level of barely a quarter turn and the output of the amp is only 15 to 17 watts p.c. Cymbals sound a bit dulled, not as crisp or sharp, the edge removed. Acoustic strings have fuller body or sustain not heard with SS, a fuller more wood tone. Some voices have a full lush sound with tubes. Others a bit nasal. Some of the jazz tracks were not as crisp or snappy (percussion), and in some cases the music did not sound same. Sax was very mellow, full and laid back in a good way. Some trumpet pieces more raspy. Woodwinds became a new sounding instrument in a good way, full wood tone. Drums, bongos, the low end have a big full sound and will vibrate the floor and windows at a lower level than SS. Piano sounds a fuller, as with acoustic strings above. Trying to describe with words what I think I hear has been much more difficult than expected. Do I think one amp is better than the other no, just a different sound and I can appreciate both. The one thing this experience has shown me is not all music is recorded with good recording systems and the difference can be heard in the playback with a good accurate system SS or tube.
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