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  1. I recently acquired a pair of LaScalas that appear to have come from the factory with organ amplifiers. The top was screwed on, there are tone knobs (tweet/mid) and an AA crossover. Built late 79 (high 800s and they are within ten digits of sequential.) The finish at the seam is perfect (BB) and the screws are matching. These were rescued from the church rafters after 40 years and are mint, they even have a warranty card still tacked to the back. I can’t find any info on these, but I can’t see anyone breaking the top off of these and returning with a perfect seam….
  2. This is a sales/auction site I follow. On-line only auction (still 21 days left). Pair Belle Klipsch Oiled Walnut Speakers BKWO | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  3. Hello and thank you for your time! After many years of searching for a nice clean pair of Belle’s.... I found them! These appear to be a newer edition, can anybody confirm the year? Consecutive serial numbers 0001 and 0002 is this rare thing or not so much? The tweeter’s seem to have little to no identification on them? Normal for that particular model year or are they some sort of aftermarket replacement? Please see the pictures below. thanks
  4. Note: the ONLY thing left of the Belle that's avail is the frames seen here. Shipping would be from Bremerton Wa. 98312 at an additional cost, badges seen are included (plastic) These are from my current Belle, which I've modified. Been hanging onto these should i decide to return to stock, though never will. Cloth is orig, and in ex condition. These Belle are 1978 i believe. I could check via the serial if its important. More pics upon request. Price is 150 plus shipping. Paypal friends and family check or MO accepted.
  5. I am looking at a pair of La Scala that came out a of a local theater. They are 1974 units. One is missing one of the K77 tweeters otherwise everything is pretty much untouched. They are black plywood/ lacquer paint cabinets, have little Klipsch badges on the wood in the top corners. How difficult is it going to be for me to find one or a pair of K-77 AlNiCo tweeters from that era? Currently running HK730 with KG4s and HK430 with KG2s. Really would like to own these La Scalas as a natural progression into Kilpschland. Still debating with guy he wants $1,000 for them. Would like to grab them for around $600. Any opinions?
  6. Up for sale are my lovely Belle Klipschs. I have upgraded (altered) (modified) them with the Volti wooden mid horn, Crites CT120 tweeter, Crites A-55-G mid driver, and Crites xover. Sadly my new home (and wife) can't accommodate these beauties so it's time to sell. The Belles sound great stock but it is THE best speaker I've heard (to my aging ears) with the updates (yes including Klipschorn, I us a sub so sue me) Cabs are an 8/10 with very small nicks and one small dent (in pics). They look and sound phenomenal. I live in Northen CA and am willing to travel a moderate distance to meet a buyer. No shipping. I'm asking $3,000 obo. I know most stock Belles go from anywhere from 2k-3k and I guess you will have to decide if the upgrades are worth it or if you are looking for bone cold stock then these probably aren't your babies.
  7. These are 1.5 years old, first used in my Lascala last year. I then ran these in my Belle for a while, and have now gone a different route for the Belle. The 5800es can be used in other applications, as im sure the ap12-500 may as well. Lots of info on these at Alk website. This being my second system did not see much use and are in the same condition i got them in. Pic of my Belle or for reference only as they...are not included;) While you may desire me to seperate these so you can use the 5800es in some other application thats not going to happen. Unless 2 people jist HAPPEN along and want both sides, i will not separate. I am no spring chicken here, and can ship safely quite easily. Cost of 4 pieces for 2 speakers is 550. Free shipping. Friends and family only.
  8. It’s been a few years since I dropped in. Much has happened: Moved. Retired. Got sick. Got better. Came out of retirement. Son went off to college (and took some of my audio stuff), and much more... It’s good to be back. Did you ever date someone and your head is telling you that this should be the best relationship ever, but your heart isn’t in it? Try as you might, the thrill isn’t there. That’s happening to me, with a beautiful pair of Belles I recently picked up as a birthday present to myself. i know the qualities I expected. They sounded good, if not great, when I auditioned them. I knew of the shortcomings. And they’re so beautiful! Still, it ain’t happening. In the past, I’ve had Heresy IIIs, and Cornscala #Ds. Recording monitors, and Maggie’s. With the Belle’s I’ve tried two different tube amps that I made myself, and a good SS amp. I’ve moved them to the wall; away from the wall; toed in; straight across; with eq and without. My soul isn’t getting it. Help! I have the original paperwork, and glass tops for the cabs. I’m not in a position to make them a project for myself. Do I really need new crossovers? Or drivers? Or horns? I love “all original”, and these are all original. 1982. AA crossovers. What am I doing wrong that I’m getting ear bites with every playing? Thoughts?
  9. OFFER RESCINDED. Have received 32 inquiries to date. Overwhelmed. Blood in the water? Who knew? Have been alerted that some may want to haul away, strip, paint, and resell. Not acceptable. Want a home for these. They were our father's pride and joy. Heresy to Cornwall to K #1 to K #2 to Belle. Have received two offers to buy. Curiously no one requested pictures. We will re-post as "for sale best offer". To keep replies separate from our primary email please reply to anynamejay@yahoo.com Totally sorry for confusion. Had no idea. ================================================================================================== Free. Father's Pair of K-Horns and a Belle in garage since 1996. Veneers are shot but structures are sound. Strip and paint? Last checked 3 years ago all drivers work. Want them out of garage. Do remember the K's are 185# the Belle 150#. Can offer no assistance with loading on truck. Codeaholic@yahoo.com. Must be removed by end of October. Local pickup only. Columbus Ohio 43214. (My bad).
  10. Location 98312 Bremerton Wa. This listing if for the grills only, 125.00 plus shipping and fees. Below you will find other items as well. 1. Lascala bass bin braces from Volti Audio 2. Jbl 2426j compression drivers 3. K77 tweeters orig coils Having first upgraded (then sold) my Lascala, to move on to Belle, ive upgraded (altered) the Belle now and have for sale some items left from both projects. For sale here is a set of the top hat frames from Belle. Having gone with new ones, i simply dont need these any more. I WANT to keep them, but... anyway. They, and the grill are in orig and Ex+ condition. Felt compelled to offer them here first. Quite literally, these are in Ex cond, no snags or dingle balls, emblems are included. I also have JBL 2426j drivers (new JBL diaphrams) 16 ohm., as well as bass bin braces for the lascala (with lower grill covers to hide the braces) from Dave Harris (never installed) My ability to ship, is second to none.
  11. Would like to upgrade to Belles. Have a nice pair of Cornwall’s in Walnut as partial trade or to sell. In southern Ohio. Thanks peter
  12. New to me set of Belle. Sold my Lascala last year, and been sorry I did so. Saw a set of Belle on local Craig's and jumped. Matching veneer, type AA xover...question: It looks strange... square caps, 2 sets of protection instead of the 1 I'm used to seeing. Anyone know if these are stock? Nothing like them online that I can see. Paperwork with these is dated 1971. Serial 306 and 307. Also, when I had the lascala, I bought xovers from Alk, and mid lense fastrac lascala from Fastlane. Is it ok to run the xovers and lense in these Belle? Providing I can fit it in there.. Any opinions appriciated.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Belle-Klipsch-Loudspeakers-Vintage-Original-Speakers/183073793818?epid=16014896383&hash=item2aa00c671a:g:pvYAAOSwY7Vag3Na no affiliation.
  14. I have a subwoofer that i had built and then I veneered in walnut. Im wondering what stain to use to get it to match my 70s belles. The bells seem very warm and orange and the tests I've done on scraps of veneer don't even get close to the warmth.
  15. First post New guy from the DiyAudio forums. I find myself with a full set of drivers (K-77, k-55M, and K-33-e) and crossovers out of a pair of Belles and am looking for enclosure advice. I asked this question on DIYAudio and they suggested I try here. So I've spent the last several day searching and reading older posts about the K-33E and what enclosures it's best suited for. I'm leaning toward University Dean, but in reading those threads, reviews seem mixed. There's a lot to say for the original Belle enclosure from a WAF standpoint with the exception of the height of the top-hats... But I grew up with Belles and the sound never really impressed me. I have a nice JBL studio sub I can throw into the system now though. I'm not as Bass needy as I used to be either. I listen at low volumes most of the time anyway. As a reference, my dad built some simple open back cabs for the drivers and I spent a day listening to them in those cabs and ended up removing the sub because I didn't feel I needed it. So I apologize in advance if this is has been done before, but I wasn't sure how the site felt about bumping old threads and I was getting a little lost with all the information in the various threads. So what would you build if you found yourself with Belle drivers and no Belle Cabs? Thanks, Phil
  16. I suppose I'll introduce myself and rant a little on how I came to join this forum and all of you wonderful people. My advent into Klipsch speakers(and hi-fi audio really) started about 5 years ago when I came across a dusted and inconspicuous set of promedia computer speakers. I was able to pick the whole set up for a whopping 5 devaluated american dollars at a retirement community sale. Now I know most of you wouldn't say those speakers are the epitome of sound quality or an embodiment of clarity but, they did the trick, oh boy did they do the trick. I stood there in disbelief of every dub step bass drop and every peaking synth note cranking out of those little speakers.... I still can't explain it. I assure you all I'm not one of those that likes their car to rattle and bleed bass for every car on the block to vibrate but I do enjoy good bass. I've never listened to electronica or dub-step as a choice so this was mere happenstance but I wouldn't have had it any other way. My musical preferences range more from classic rock/pop/blues to soul/funk/reggae to samba/salsa/bolero all the way to latin grupero/norteno/banda and mariachi. Needless to say, I started looking for some more dynamic and versatile speakers. In my time as a musician I came to realize that I prefer functionality to looks and so I searched for some good ol' honkin' speakers regardless of how pretty they were. I got my self some battered and torn RF-7's with no grills, dented caps and no feet for 100 bucks. A Parasound 2100 and a Yamaha M-40 later I found myself in audio bliss. I had never heard such beautiful reproduction nor had I ever owned such monstrous speakers. For weeks and weeks I listened to everything I could think of and they never failed to satiate my desires. Even when fronting my theater system, the RF-7's delivered without a single miss. THE CLARITY! THE PRECISION! THE SHEER IMMENSITY!! It all took me back. Most of all I suppose I was attracted to the fact that at one quarter the way on power, my speakers were blasting away sounds I could feel. It has been a few years since and I've picked up a 12 inch sub for effects and a whole barrage of other amps and equipment. I've entered the world of vinyl and have become very fond of it. Since I'm a huge fan of latin music I tend to appreciate the older recordings of salsa groups like Daniel Santos and La Sonora Matancera. Coming into this stage I realized that perhaps the RF-7's weren't exactly giving me what I wanted in the upper registers of music. I began my search again and having read this forum countless times, I started looking for Klipschorns. I'm fortunate to be in Southern California where K-Horns are plenty and I'm also very fortunate to have a spectacular set of corners; it all seemed to be working out. Eventually I realized finding an ugly set of K-Horns for a poor man's budget would be next to impossible. Luckily, I was elated to find a set of beat up Belles for a decent price and brought them home. This all brings to me to my current situation. The less-than Belles were a bit beat up: I've gone ahead and disassembled the mid, tweeter and taken out the frame for the two. I've also cleaned the cabs with fine steel wool and soapy water. I'll be happy with lookers at 20ft so i'm not too concerned with the veneer chips(at least not yet). My concern is that I have some Howards Restor-A-Finish in walnut (since I presume these are HWO) but I'm not sure if this is the proper way of restoring these. Would any one help with some ideas on how to make these look a bit better? Thanks!!!
  17. Hey guys, Forced to down size; so I am testing the market for my custom K402 Belle two-way. I may end up storing these, but right now I would be looking at storing them indefinitely. Any interest in these -- local sale only. In Vancouver BC CANADA. I could drive them a reasonable distance to accommodate. No price yet, as they are DIY (...priceless?) Featured on the Klipsch Blog last year: http://www.klipsch.ca/blog/steve-bedard-diy-klipsch-k-402-speaker Details: K402 > FatailPro HF200 > Crites custom XO > (heavy) DIY Belle > Crites cast frame (can supply Eminence woofer as well). The mount was never fully built, so i tend to tape them down to a basic stand i made and never fully completed. Build thread: They work great. any interest -- offers? deals? trades?
  18. I have a pair of Klipschorns, Conwall II's, and Belle Klipsch's all for sale. I am the original owner and all are in mint working condition. I am located in the Pittsburgh area. Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss a price. Photos to follow. Klipschorns $5,000 for the pair Belle's $2,500 for the pair Cornwall II $2,300 for the pair
  19. I have upgraded my Belle Klipsch's with a mix of Crites and Volti parts (Crolti? Voites?). Now I have my old AA crossovers, K-77 tweets, K-500 horns including the grill assembly and cloth and badges, and k-55V drivers. All are in working order. The crossovers probably need to be recapped. I've attached some pictures if you want more/better let me know. I still have the box that my Volti horns came in so I'm good to ship all this. I was thinking $500 for everything (not including shipping). The grill separated a little when I removed them but its an easy fix. I'm located in northern CA.
  20. I currently have a set of 1974 Cornwalls with ALK Cornscala-wall networks and a 24” Tuba THT. That I really love. I have them set up in my basement which has unfinished walls, and I have used Roxul as insulation in the walls and ceilings. The Room sounds very good. I am very much wanting to move to a completely horn loaded speaker. I have never heard a la scala or a belle or a khorn for that matter, but am pretty convinced I would like the sound based on my experience with my folded horn subwoofer. La Scalas can be had around here for 800-1000 bucks and with those what I am seeing is the desire to replace the stock mid horn (same issue as my CW). I have been watching for belles for 2 years with nothing showing up. With my recent DIY success of the THT I am thinking I can build a Belle or a La Scala and improve on it with better horns and drivers as funds improve. I read a few threads today, the bass bin of the LaScala vs the Belle, the Belle seems to be the winner as far as aesthetics and function. So I am thinking of building a Belle from scratch instead of buying a lascala and replacing most of it. I am thinking of using a Fastrac midhorn, and using the K55 Drivers, K33 woofers, K77 tweeters and the ALK networks I have in my CW to populate the belle. Ultimately if I really like the way it turns out, upgrading to the Kappa 15C woofers, B&C tweeters and a possible new 2" midrange if I can do that and allow me to return the CW to its original unmolested state. Will my ALK Cornscala-wall network allow all of these changes? Should I think about building something else? I am not really wanting to desecrate my ’74 decorator CW but want to move to a horn loaded bass. Looking at the Belle plans, everything is done in ¾” sheet. I know that the LaScala II is made out of 1” to reduce flex, is that worth doing to the belle? Maybe just the outer skin? I have CAD and could make those adjustments pretty easily. I am open to any and all criticism and recommendations, Thanks.
  21. 2 Different questions for the group... My current set-up is front Chorus II's, center Quartet, KG1.5's for surrounds, and 2 powered 12" subs. 1) Comments regarding the Chorus II's include raves about how good the bass is of the Chorus II's stand alone, but I am not hearing it. I am going to try to re-balance my Denon receiver, but even on Pure Direct mode there doesn't seem to be that lower frequency rumble/pop coming out of them that I had expected. Could it be something with the speakers or crossovers? I've felt this way since I got them, but the sub seemed to make up the difference for television, but not so much for music listening. 2) Someone locally has put up for sale a pair of Belle's with AA crossovers (1979?) but newer sonicaps. Some cosmetic issues and they are more than $2,000 for the pair. My question is if they would provide enough of an upgrade over the Chorus II's for a home theater set-up? I usually watch movies, but also occasionally listen to music (typically rock), so I would want the best speaker for that. I think the Chorus II's have been great for movies, but have not had that punch for movies. I added the 2nd sub in the back and that has added a lot, but like I said with question 1, it may be a re-balancing issue I will look at tomorrow. Thank you for your indulgence!
  22. I have a few 18" lying about, most notably a pair of B&C and a pair of JBL 2241's. I am thinking I'll rig up 18"s in a belle type cabinet. Or a cornwall style one. I've heard LaScala's have higher efficiency but lack a bit of bass. Does the bell solve that or is the cornwall still better for bass. I don't care about efficiency, I like a good sound stage and good bass. I suspect a straight up facing you set of drivers will deliver better sound stage. But there are even downfiring woofers that manage to give you that, so I am not sure. Cool. Srinath.
  23. No affiliation - please enjoy! http://mankato.craigslist.org/ele/5844439223.html
  24. Want to trade my brand new P-17bs for a great to excellent condition Heritage cornwall or belle. I have all the original boxes, packaging, manuals ect. The p-17b sounds too smooth for my ears (very similar to a B&W) I need the mid horn violence to my ears that the cornwall and belle give (La Scala too but I have placement constraints). I'm located in Northern CA . I'm open to cash offers as well. If you PM me your cellphone number I can send better photos.
  25. Can anyone suggest a starter amp/reciever "under $500" to pair with a set of Belles from 1979-80? I'm am new to the high end stereo world,so go easy on me. I just got them last week and am running them through an Onkyo a-9050 2channel integrated amp 75watts per channel and they sound pretty lifeless. I've tried doubling the power with a 150 watt per channel Onkyo power amp and not much better. Most people are telling me to get a tube amp and this is where my basic stereo skills end.... How much power from a tube amp is sufficent to power these? Any brand names recommended? I live in a small town with no audio store to speak of,so I will probably be purchasing through Amazon. Thanks for the help!
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