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  1. I posted this in the wrong place the first time I posted it in "personal audio" or whatever the forum is my bad i tried to delete it but i cant i guess..so I've been dealing with this noise from my stereo speakers for the past year and a half or so and I know i found one of the issues its in my crossover. It's a pioneer CD-635 that I picked up from a friend and a friend of mine soldered the wires on the harness for me but must not have got it quite right because when I was rewiring some things earlier I touched the ground wire at the harness and it cut off and on so there is a short somewhere. My question is on the inside where the harness plugs in it's labeled...gnd...acc...b in....b out.. not sure I know what b in and b out mean exactly. Thinking battery but Ive not seen that before I don't think(I'm by no means a professional) and what would the acc be? I know it stands for accessory so would that be a remote? This could explain a lot of my issues
  2. Hi there! I'm helping a friend of mine, he has a very nice pair of vintage klipschorns (I'm pretty sure they're late 1970s - early 1980s) he's thinking of replacing capacitor on his ak2 crossovers just for mids and highs. Everything still original on his speaker, capacitors, wiring, tweeters, mids, etc. I'm well aware of the fame ak2 crossover has, at this moment he doesn't have the money to buy new crossovers. My question is, is it worth it replace caps? Am I going to hear a noticeable improvement? I told him he could replace the wiring and tweeters diaphragms ( it helped me on my khorns) I want to hear you guys thoughts and make the right decision. Thank you in advance Edwin
  3. Hi everybody, this is Stella from Italy. I have 2 Klipsch "LaScala". Surfing the net I found the web site of Al, Alkeng. I tried to buy the following crossovers, ES500 and ES5800, but the time needed is too long and not predictible because he is overloaded so I would like to know if anyone can help me sharing the wiring diagrams of the mentioned crossovers. Thanks in advance for the precious help!
  4. While serving in the USAF and in Germany in the mid 80's, I was a part-time speaker rep for Cerwin Vega, Bose, Infinity, and Klipsch, as well as DBX effects. It was at that time I fell deeply in love with Cornwall's, but on an enlisted man's pay could never afford them. Now that I'm older, and in a better financial position, I can afford some of the "better things in life." So I am actively working to scratch that itch that dates back to 1983 when I heard the Cornwall for the first time. This past week I bought a pair of KP-301's and traded a pair of refurbished Cerwin Vega AT-12's (my garage speakers) for a rough pair of AT-15's at a local pawn shop. I plan replace the surrounds on the AT-15 woofers, work a little on the cabinets, then liquidate them to support my Klipsch endeavors. Anyway, I knew the AT's needed work, but the 301's were sold as fully working for $500 - which I was happy to pay for them! When I got them home and connected to my Yamaha C-60/M/60 I could immediately hear issues with the speakers. Since I have a relationship with this pawn shop (I repair computers, game consoles and other gear for them on the side) I did not look them over closely in the store. One speaker has the dust cap missing on the woofer and it looks like the cone had started to separate from the coil, and someone had repaired it without replacing the cap. It seems to work fine, the coil is still aligned properly so I am not concerned. But I did notice that the tweeter in this speaker was barely audible and the mid seemed to be a little loud. Naturally I "assumed" the entire speaker had been abused, so I ordered a pair of titanium domes for the tweeters, reported the issues to the pawn shop and they gave me back $100 on the purchase (fine by me) and I waited for the domes to arrive. I installed both domes last night and was shocked to hear there was no change in the tweeter with the low gain. So I pulled the mids to verify their wiring and get a better look at the crossover. I could immediately see there was a different Klipsch crossover installed in each speaker. The good news was, both are Klipsch crossovers because I could easily see the logo, but I could not tell the exact models from that angle. This weekend I plan to pull the woofers and solidly identify each crossover. My question would be, how should I proceed? The drivers seem to be in good working order. One crossover supports the separate high and low frequency inputs on the back of the speaker, and the other is a full range connection. The speakers actually sound good, but are unbalanced. Should I buy a pair of Crites 301 crossovers, install them, and just enjoy my new garage speakers, or find a match for the lone functional crossover. BTW, I now have two stock tweeter domes and soon a spare crossover (or two) that I will be happy to barter to help others. Thanks in advance, and it is great to be a new member here! HiFi was my first serious hobby going back to the 70's as teen and my first Pioneer SX-650 receiver with Advent 2 way speakers! Jon
  5. I placed an order for Al's extreme slope crossovers for my Khorns and am waiting in the queue. After ordering I noticed a statement on his web site that these crossovers work best at concert level listening. That statement left me wondering what constitutes concert level listening? A front row seat at a Grateful Dead concert or a mid section seat at an orchestra performance? My volume levels vary depending on the type of music I am listening to and if my wife is out. I've heard the horns play at 50w and that is borderline painful, usually I am at a watt or two of amp output which fills my house with sound. Any thoughts?
  6. khorndog


    Up for consideration a beautiful pair of ALK AP12-500 & ES5800 Networks. Very low hours... $675 +fees and shipping... More photos available upon request.
  7. Hi all! This has probably been answered somewhere before, but I'm not finding it. I'm looking to tri-amp a pair of 1988 Heresy II's I just picked up, and to do the Heresy II->Heresy III conversion on them, and then tri-amp them again. Does anyone have the Heresy II and Heresy III crossover specs? 1) What are the crossover frequencies and slopes? 2) What's the attenuation (padding) of the different drivers? 3) Are any of the drivers polarity inverted? These would be different for the Heresy II, and III -- and I'm looking for both sets of data for before and after the conversion. Thank you!
  8. 2 Crossovers for Klipsch speakers by ALK Engineering, called the Cornscala wall Universal Crossover, or CSW, for Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall, Cornscala, Heresy speakers. Excellent condition, easy to install, and great improvement for the sound of any of these speakers. $295 OBO, with no wait from ALK.
  9. This is long so please bear with me. I’m tackling a big project in salvaging my Klipschorns from top to bottom. I wrote two people that I have come to find out produce crossover upgrades. I will start with my email to them and follow with an answer from each. What I’m looking for, is I have NO experience with either of these two shops and hope to run into those who have who can shed some light in which way to go. I sent this to ALK Engineering and Critesspeakers.com. They were both nice enough to reply the following day. Again, I know it’s long and really appreciate your help! ------------- Hello, In searching out new crossovers for my Klipschorns I ran across your website. I bought my speakers in 1977 and have moved them around the country with me. In 1987 I updated the crossovers from Klipsch and have done nothing with them since. Five years ago I moved into a new home where there was no place to place them. I was going to build a room in an outbuilding but that has yet to materialize until now. As you can see from the picture, everything is a mess. The storage garage they were in had a flood and while they were untouched by the water themselves, the humidity did a number on them. And there were rats. I love these speakers and they have served me well and when I put them in storage five years ago they, in my ears, were flawless. Now, about me. I’ve been in radio / audio all my life. I do voiceover work and I deal with sound all day, every day. At 60+ years old, I don’t know how much of my hearing is diminished. I do know that I love audio, clear, clean audio and I get a great deal of enjoyment out of reproduction as close to the source as possible. With that being said, I am going to go through these speakers meticulously, wet sanding the walnut, cleaning out the insides and replacing what needs to be replaced. Some guys are audiophiles beyond what I think they can actually hear and I don’t want to go that route, but I do want to get the most accurate and homogenous sound that I am able to appreciate with these speakers. I know this is a long email. Short answers are fine. With what I’ve described both with what you see and my personal information, what would you recommend. Thanks! Rick Riley ------- Reply from ALK: I am not sure what effect humidity has on a speaker, but it certainly isn't good! In any case, the crossover needs to be upgraded since all Klipsch crossover are poor designs to begin with! The AP12-AK3 and ES5800 is a good choice. You might pop the woofer hatch to see the condition of the woofer driver cone. Humidity might not be so good for a paper cone. I doubt any serious damage to the K55 or K77 though. -------- Reply from Critespeakers.com: Rick, The upgrade you did in 1987 actually created some future problems you would not have had without the upgrade. The upgrade to the AK-3 also made the Khorn essentially non-user serviceable with all connections soldered and with part of the crossover inside the bass bin and the rest visible on the shelf. Originally, the Khorn was made with consideration for easy service with a terminal strip on the crossover and easy to connect terminals on all the drivers. Some of the problems created in the upgrade are not really the fault of Klipsch. They did not know the monster cable they used was poor quality and often after a few years you can see the wires turning green inside the clear insulation. They also did not know that the supplier of the midrange drivers would go bankrupt and no longer supply the drivers or any spare parts like diaphragms to repair them. When that bankruptcy happened, Klipsch went back to the exact same driver you replaced and still uses it even today in the new Khorns. And the AA crossovers you replaced with the AK-3 are still considered by many the best crossovers Klipsch ever built. My recommendations to you would be that you put them back to a condition where any future maintenance is easy again with the following parts. Pair of CT120 tweeters. These new tweeters go all the way to 20khz and are a lot smoother and cleaner sounding than the K-77. The best if the K-77 tweeters can only go up to around 15khz. Pair of Type A crossovers. The type A is a very simple crossover but many consider it the best sounding crossover. It has no tweeter protection and none is needed if you go to the CT120 tweeters. You can read about them here: https://critesspeakers.com/new-tweeter-replacement-for.html Pair of A-55G midrange drivers. These have only about half the distortion of the K-55 drivers and have a smoother frequency response. You can read about this new midrange driver here: https://critesspeakers.com/k-55-replacement-the-new-a.html You could continue to use the K-33E woofers you have if they are working well. If you do want to change them, we have our CW1526C woofers. These have a nice heavy cast aluminum frame and that frame does not drain off any magnet power like the steel frame you have now does and the effect is slightly better performance at the lowest frequencies. Prices would be: Pair of CT120 tweeters $225.00 Pair of Type A crossovers $210.00 Pair of A-55G midrange drivers $350.00 Pair of midrange horn to driver gaskets $2.00 Pair of CW1526C woofers $295.00.
  10. First questions. Has anyone ever tried removing the passive radiators and sealing the back of Forte II's? Second question. Should I buy ALK Engineering Crossovers or Bob Crites Crossovers for my Forte II's?
  11. These are 1.5 years old, first used in my Lascala last year. I then ran these in my Belle for a while, and have now gone a different route for the Belle. The 5800es can be used in other applications, as im sure the ap12-500 may as well. Lots of info on these at Alk website. This being my second system did not see much use and are in the same condition i got them in. Pic of my Belle or for reference only as they...are not included;) While you may desire me to seperate these so you can use the 5800es in some other application thats not going to happen. Unless 2 people jist HAPPEN along and want both sides, i will not separate. I am no spring chicken here, and can ship safely quite easily. Cost of 4 pieces for 2 speakers is 550. Free shipping. Friends and family only.
  12. Hi Guys , I would appreciate a bit of help with the KLIPSCH KP-362 Crossover networks , something seems to be very odd - much obliged --I added a few pictures - picture 1 is the actual crossover and the speaker terminals - picture 2 is the KP 301 II SCHEMATIC which I thought would be the same -however these 2 are very different -does anyone have an insight into the klipsch pro networks for the kp 362 --and is the picture no 1 the real Mc-Coy
  13. Selling my Dx38 I bought off a forum member. Its in very good condition and has jubilee settings already installed. $300 + shipping. Location: Maine.
  14. Hi, I want to update the crossovers on my 1979 Klipschorns but am not ready to alter "my original ones".... Does anyone have AA crossovers they would be willing to sell? I would consider original ones to re-cap, recapped ones, or upgraded crossovers that work with this model Klipschorns. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Jo
  15. I have a pair of Klipschorns I purchased in 1977. In 1989 I updated the crossovers, drivers and such. Don’t know the specifics but just ordered an update ‘kit’ from Klipsch. Question: I moved, haven’t used them in two years and want to put them into a new, custom built room. I’m an audiophile in ears only and don’t get into the mechanics of using electronics like the new Xbang z1v0059 crossover with the latest Blastophere ST50009s3’s (fictitious of course). The speakers sounded great when I put them in storage two years ago and hoping they will when I hook them up again. BUT, is there an update issued since 1989 that would be worth the cost and effort for my new application?
  16. For sale is the 60th Anniversary K-Horn crossover which appeared on E-bay last year, and which was mentioned on the forum. I believe this could be AK-5 considering the date of the 60th but there is no label saying so. This is a single cross-over composed of two circuit boards, one for bass, one for mid and tweeter, as shown in the combined photos attached. As part of the sale I promise not to divulge, anywhere, information which would aid in reverse engineering such as providing a clone to anyone, photographs of components, photographs of the copper side of the pcbs, or schematics -- for a period of four years, or until similar information becomes available to the public through other sources. Price is $500. I will pay for shipping in the lower 48 via ground (UPS is easiest for me). We can make arrangements for other destinations if necessary. WMcD
  17. Well, I will soon be taking inheritance of some Cornwalls ! What year I am not exact but the pristine condition and the age of the owner I am going to guess 1990's ? I think that puts them in the II range if I read right? My question here is I have read the Caps need replacing at 20+ yrs ? does this sound reasonable and if so what about the rest. Inductors, transformers? I can ohm out a transformer but other then visual I have no way to test a Capacitor....This a good problem to have as these will be a gift! Way to excited
  18. The ordering process was painless and the package even got here a day early. I am hoping to add the new crossovers tomorrow after my 5 year-old goes to preschool -- as any parent will tell you, tinkering with stereos with a 5-year old at home is a recipe for disaster, especially if you live in an apartment. My speakers sound amazing as is -- I'm presently listening to Paul Desmond's Glad to be Unhappy as we speak and it's like a massage for your ears. I'm waiting to hear what they will sound like with refreshed crossovers and will keep everybody posted. (I also got the titanium tweeters and am planning to put them in next. I first wanted to make sure the crossover upgrade wasn't beyond my limited capabilities before tampering with fragile diaphragms. This may seem overly cautious until you've seen some of my previous misadventures in electronics).
  19. First post here...noob to the site. Bear with me....I'm old too! Testing the waters, updating my Vintage K-horns and looking to finance it...at least partially anyway, through the sale of some vintage parts. I don't really know the value and need some guidance....some price range perhaps. I bought my Khorns in the early 80's. I sent a letter (dating myself here) to Klipsch inquiring about updates to my new acquisitions and they responded with the history of my speakers (built in 1977, BBU) and told me about the upgrades available at that time. That was 1984, I have the original 1977 vintage K33 woofers in pristine condition, in Klipsch boxes, and the 1984 "upgrade" crossovers the AK-7's. they are also in excellent condition save for some dust and what seems to be the standard cankered and corroded driver leads, greenish in color within the insulation. I would appreciate any insight my fellow Klipsch fans can provide!
  20. For sale a pair of KG4 crossovers. They are out of a pair that I used to own. The capacitors have been updated. The 3uf and 8uf with Solen FastCaps and the 33uf with a bipolar electrolytic, I think it is Bendix but not certain. The mounting cups are NOT included, just what you see in the pix. $40 (PayPal) shipped in the lower 48. Thanks
  21. So I saw a listing this morning for replica Klipschorn cabinets, made to PWK specs. No drivers or crossovers. The owner recommends re-veneering since they were built 30 years ago. Would you go for it? If so, what would be your total budget for the cabs, drivers and crossovers? How much work would it take to do it right?
  22. There's a pair of Classic RF-7 speakers for sale in my area, with factory-upgraded crossovers. I'm interested but not finding much info on them. Can anyone tell me: - How do Classic RF-7's compare with RF-7II's sonically? - Are Classic RF-7's better for 2-channel music or 5.1 home theater? What types of music or movies are they best suited for? (my AVR is a Yamaha A-3000, my 2-channel amps are Odyssey Stratos Monos) - When would you choose La Scala's over Classic RF-7's or RF-7II's? Thanks in advance for enabling my latest obsession...
  23. Up for sale - a pair of AA crossovers. These are the original AAs from my ’75 Klipschorns. I dropped in a pair of ALK Universals a while ago, and originally thought I’d keep these ‘just in case’. I realize now that I don’t need to have a fallback for the Universals, so I’m letting these go. With an empty nest (second child is in college) and a few new projects on the near horizon, I am reluctantly starting to thin out my ‘extra’ toys in anticipation if the inevitable “let’s downsize” discussion with the wife. I will also be listing a few pairs of speakers in the near future. I can provide additional pics if requested. Asking $150 $125 plus shipping. SOLD Pending funds to Fjd.
  24. Greetings Kilpsch family! I just put Crites crossovers and new tweeter diaphragms in my Forte IIs. I should have paid more attention to the way the speaker wires were connected, I noted the phase of the squawker, but not the woofer. I know the tweeters are correct, because they are marked. The squawker was still connected in one of the speakers so I am pretty sure that's right. Does the phase of the woofer make any difference? My friend has an identical pair and his seem to get richer bottom end. He seems to think it does not matter, so I thought I'd put this to the experts. I'd appreciate any help on this. Thanks! Leon
  25. Hello, I am very new to this community, starting just today. I am the original owner of a pair of 1981 Belle Klipsches. A while back I had occasion to email back and forth with a tech at Klipsch about whether my speakers needed anything to keep them sounding good. He recommended buying crossover kits. Since I am not the best with a soldering iron, I sort of dismissed the idea. However, in discussing the issue with a learned colleague, I am reconsidering the change. My speakers are in mint condition and they still sound great to me. However, if a crossover kit will help make them sound even better, I am for it and I will figure out how to get the updates installed. Can anyone tell me: Are the kits worth the money and time it takes to install them? What changes can I expect to hear in the sound with the new mods? How difficult are they to install? What is included in a kit? How expensive are the kits and where do I get them> Anything else I should know about the kits? I also have a pair of mint 1978 Heresys. Should I upgrade these in any way? These are used as the main front speakers in my basement home theater while the Belles are my "high end" system speakers. Thank you! Scott in Minneapolis
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