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PC World: Top 10 HT movies & scenes


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I always think of the movies that were popular when I was building my first HT and subsequently were used often to demo it: Gladiator, The Matrix (in particular the scene where they go through the metal detector), and the phantom menace (the pod racing of course).

When it comes to showing off the video, along with the Lord of the Rings, I have found the Harry Potter movies to be very visually stunning.

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I'm 100% with Todd on this one -- Master and Commander and The Matrix are both in my top five. The last 20 minutes of The Matrix on Blu-ray will make your eyes glass over. One of the cleanest and strongest recordings, with the LFE nicely balanced into the mix -- is Black Hawk Down in the uncompressed PCM format (Blu-ray).

When people make up these lists they always seem to leave out the really good ones. What about scenes from Terminator 2 and Pearl Harbor?

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well i finally hired Master and Commander. Can i just say that the sound in the first battle scene in the movie is simply amazing. then 20 minutes into the movie the phone rang.. turned out to be a long but enjoyable conversation.. so lucky the dvd hire was a weekly rental. will try to watch again very soon with the phone off the hook.

Todd your were right on this one [Y]

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Another killer one is the opening scenes of Toy Story 2 the 10th Anniversary DTS version.

I cannot believe no one has mentioned The Incredibles yet! Talk about a bass fest. The short on the disc Jack Jack Attack is amazing especially when she is showing him cue cards and the one with the fire on it comes up. The bass when he turns to fire will make you jump out of your seat. Turn it up.

The tapping on the glass of the aquarium scene in Finding Nemo literally sends sonic shockwaves though my living room. With 7 big Heritage speakers and dual Velodyne HGS-15's it is pretty incredible almost gives you that low frequency earthquake like nausea feeling. Whoah.

Juriassic Park III also is pretty impressive the the bigger dinosaur breaks the T-Rex's neck and it plunges to the ground. The roar is unreal!

The machine gun scene from Predator shortly after Jesse Ventura gets whacked and they level the forest with gunfire is awesome.

The bullets wizzing overhead in Forrest Gump when they come under fire in the Vietnam scene and then he decides to run like hell. Then he comes back to help everyone.

The Iron Giant animated movie also has some very nice LFE to it. Decent movie too.

These are a mere few that I can recall there are lots more. I totally agree on Master and Commander, POTC - Curse of the Black Pearl, Juriassic Park, Transformers and some of the others mentioned.

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Three words and an acronym:

Lord of War, and DTS.

There's a scene where Nicholas Cage is talking to his Russian uncle on a ship. If you have trouble hearing them, it's a good time to crank the volume...

One more vote for :

Master & Commander (DTS)

Flight of the Phoenix (DTS), and

The IncrediblesBTW, I really wish I didn't have to specifically look for DTS. Why don't they just put it on DVDs by default? Licensing? Space ? Compatibility ?

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FOO FIGHTERS, live at wimberly stadium (BLU-RAY)..... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I don't know, I was a bit disappointed with this one. Could've been really great, but the low-end is a bit weak, and they ruined one of my favorite songs (everlong). I still think it's good, but not great.

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There are very few movies that actually can fool me to the point that it makes me look up or around or whatever the effect the scene in the movie is trying to portray. It's these subtle things that get my attention..Most movie makers have perfected the art of recreating rain, thunder, and explosions and it all seems the same to me. It's cool, but not very realistic, IMO.

Master and Commander's reproduction of people walking around the deck is an excellent example

The movie Signs also has a scene with the same effect. It's the part where the aliens are trying to find a way into the farm house. This one gives me the chills every time.

The depth charge scenes in U571 is a must for any HT demo. It's the sound of the detonators going off just before the explosion that makes the scenes complete.

Somebody already made mention to Roger's setup in an earlier post. The way he has finely tuned his delays, you can't help but look back when planes fly over or duck when bullets go whizzing by your head.


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Third Matrix Revolutions movie where Neo is confronting The Architect in machine city. All the tiny machines fly around Neo and then form the Architects face and when he speaks you hear it allllll around you.

Great scene to test if you have all your speakers set right. first time I watched the movie I heard it only on the front three. So adjusted the backs and great effect of his voice coming from everywhere.

I would not be surprised if the directors told the sound effect people make it like GOD is telling you to do something.

Agree with everyone elses choices![Y]

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