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Whats the most pricey/outrageous speakers you've seen?


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Seeing as this is a US government project we already know it qualifies as being outrageous.

And the cost? Hmmm.......government toilet seat: $32,000. toilet paper $10/roll,

$440,000 spent annually to have attendants push buttons
on the fully automated Capitol Hill elevators used by Representatives
and Senators

$14 million for a new Army Museum, although there already were 47 Army Museums around the country

Pentagon announced it would spend $5.1 million to build a
new 18-hole golf course at Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland,
which already has two.

Hell, I figure this speaker has to cost WAY MORE than $2,000,000

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Here's a weblink to a store that sells high end speakers. Take at look at this list of sales, it looks.... I, I, I say, it looks like their having a big sale. You can pick any of these up at a significant savings; but you'd better act fast. At these prices, they could be sold out within a few hours.


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