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Whats the most pricey/outrageous speakers you've seen?


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Bill, you are slipping.

Although they are expensive, those Wilsons are not their Flagship version. Their big ones are around $200K. I have not heard them, but I suspect that $200K speakers probably don't sound like $200K worth of sound. Just a hunch on my part ....

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If you guys click on that hyper-link on TNRabits post, it has 3 pages of the worlds most expensive speakers with the cheapest starting at $100,000.

It does not look like the $2,000,000 speakers have ever been produced, but one pair of the second most expensive at $1,000,000 for the pair was produced. The orriginal posters speakers are the 8th most expensive speaker on the list, and the ones he listed as surrounds are not from the same company and are even more expensive at the 7th most expensive in the world.


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