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RF-7II Owners Thread


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I set up my new RF7's and RC-64 today and wow...I'm still grinning from ear to ear. I can only imagine when I get a new pre/pro and amp how they will sound. For now tho It's still night and day (obv) from my Icon V series using the same AVR. These things are monsters and it really puts it into perspective when a 6' 2" 210lb. man can crawl inside the box to grab the legs and manual wedged into the styrafoam.

These are "A" grade cherry and surprisingly, ony 2 digits apart on the serial numbers. ASD was great from pre-purchase to delivery. Was quite a sight seeing that semi backing down the street into my cul-de-sac. The driver pulled them off with a pallet jack onto a liftgate and rolled them to my curb. When I asked the driver if he would mind helping me get them inside he paused and then said sure. Thank goodness as I was by myself plus he made a really nice tip for about 5 minutes work.

I've never posted a picture on this forum so instead of trying, here is a LINK to photo bucket. It's a before, during and after mix comparing to my Icons. The color of the cherry is drastically different with a flash compared to without. I was so torn between black and cherry as I had all black before. As you can see in the link I have a lot of wood in my room so the cherry worked out well.


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First off I agree with Budman, you have a beautiful setup, and congrats! All you crazy guys we're my reason for getting mine, [:D] I'm glad that you are enjoying them, I sure am with mine. Its probably a good thing that you don't have a separate power amp yet, I think that you'll appreciate your speaker even more once you get one. I love the look of that whole front stage of copper woofers, very impressive!

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B grade vs A grade? what is this?

It's just a darker cherry veneer wood that Klipsh took delivery on. Since it wasn't up to their color specification and they accepted delivery, they made a decision to use it and offer those (B grade) to distributors at a reduced price. They are still first quality speakers just not the lighter shade of cherry. Although they are still being advertised, some dealers such as Acoustic Sound Design ran out and are offering the "A" grade at the same price.

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