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RF-7II Owners Thread


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Well guys,

I decided to get the RF-7ii's. I ordered them from www.acousticsounddesign.com along with the RC-64 and the RS-62's and although R&L Carriers did everything they could to botch the delivery, they finally made it here safe.

Here's a pic. For some reason the forum clips my image, but if you click it you can see the whole image.


I don't have the surrounds set up yet as the stands I am building for them are not yet done. After seeing the RS-62's I am glad I am overbuilding the stands, as these things are huge. Much much bigger than the RS42's they are replacing. Here are the stands in progress - will be black and have nice rounded edges when finished:



I am planning on upgrading my subwoofer later this year, but for now, I am very happy. Need to run YPAO and calibrate everything, but I am going to be traveling and won't have time to do that until I get home.

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It's all preference. Some say set them all to small and let your sub handle the lows. They play cleaner that way. IMO and in my setup, to mine and a friend of mine's ears, setting my RF-83's to large sounded more full and better to our ears. There really is not a right or wrong way as far as whether to set them to small or large. Try both ways and choose what sounds best to you.

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