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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Wow... good for you. Kurosawa was a master .

I love the story about the fox marriage.  the last story about the bridge crossing was of course the pinnacle and helps bookend AK's career as he crossed into the afterlife.

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Finally watched Avatar last night for the first time (I know I'm almost a decade late). Never really had a interest, but we borrowed the 3d Blu-ray from a friend to try it. It was actually a really good story.

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Watched a movie from the good ole 80's again last night.  Was the remastered Blu-ray of Fist of the North Star.  This was the movie version and not the OVA and it has never looked better.  If you have never watched it I would give it a shot.  One of the better anime's of the early 80's even if it does have some weird censoring in it because all of the moms thought it was to bloody and violent.  It is, dont get me wrong, but it is very outlandish violence. If you like anime this new edition should be on the top of your list.

fist of the north star.jpg

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Last nights movie was Tomb Raider (2018). It was a real crap fest and I can see why it did so poorly with the critics and audiences.  The story was pretty thin and while the lead actress is usally pretty good she was not really given much to work with.  There was way too much CGI used and really took away from some of the action.  What action there was though was pretty anemic. I know you should have some suspension of disbelief but this movie made it harder than usual. I will not give away the ending, you can see it coming a mile away though, but the way she handles it is befuddling. Anyways this is about 1 star out of 5. I enjoyed the Tom Cruise "Mummy" much more than this if that says anything.

tomb raider.jpg

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Watched some real winners over the weekend. First up was a Incident at Ghostland.  I was intrigued by this movie since it came from the director of Martyrs. Now that movie was a trip and I had not heard a lot from him since he made that movie over a decade ago.  While that film does have some problems it was probably one of the last great French horror movies to come out during that cycle.  Others being Haute Tension, Frontiers, Inside and Livid. He was also at one point supposed to remake Hellraiser.  Anyways, Incident at Ghostland is garbage. Hot ******* garbage.  It has a twist about a third into it that you can see coming and it is not really a horror film.  More of a home invasion film with characters out of a Rob Zombie film that, if you can belive it or not, are even worse actors.  Just dont. Dont give it a chance and dont waste your money. I wasted mine so you wouldnt have to waste yours. Your welcome.


Second up was a movie from my childhood that I remember watching but couldnt remember if I liked it.  Well as time does to everything the memories where better than the movie. It has horrible acting and the story is ******* ludicrous. I can usually forgive a picture a lot and have a good time but this one just wasnt letting it happen.  It is on amazon prime if you want to give it a spin.  The only reason I watched it was because there was a new bluray out of it and I remember liking it. Ugh. 



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Oh man oh man. Daughter got into a Jurassic Park kick and I had to watch all of them. All of them.  We started with of course the original which if you have not seen you probably dont watch movies.  Followed that up by the other two turds in the original trilogy.  The second one was based off the Michael Crighton book and directed by Stephen Speilberg.  It really felt that Speilberg might have mailed this one in and let the AD's direct this one.  It was boring and just more of the same. The actions and decisions made by these characters are laughable and oh my the actors chosen for the sequel made it almost unbearable.  The choice of Julian Moore and Vince Vaughn just made it worse.  I have hated Julian Moore as an actress since Hannibal and her awful accent as Clarice. Anyways I made it through and the kid liked it but the third movie is even worse. That movie has not held up very well and is really boring.  The addition of one new dinosaur and the bringing back of the original cast should have made for a enjoyable romp but nope.  Goes to show if you dont have a story you dont have a movie.  The effects in the movie were also starting to look a little dated.  Just a bad movie and would have been straight to redbox these days. We also watched Jurassic World and thought t was really good.  Daughter thought it was funny and even a little scary like the original but nothing really over the top.  She had a good time and it is easily my favorite even over the original.

jurassic trilogy.jpg

jurassic world.jpg

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On 7/3/2018 at 12:26 AM, sunburnwilly said:

Watching Babymetal  Live at Tokyo Dome


LPCM Stereo


My daughter loves her some Babymetal. Was this on a bluray?


Well back to the movies...Watched a pretty neat little indie movie last night called The Endless. This movie was done by the same guys who brought you Spring and Resolution.  This movie though ties into the movie Resolution but you do not have to see that movie first or anything.  More of just in the same universe as this one.  If you have never seen Spring and you love Lovecraft than you need to see that movie.  It is very well crafted and a good slow burn of a movie.


As for the Endless it is a odd little movie with odd characters.  It tries to explain what is going on with as little explanation as possible. So if you are one of those people that need everything explained to a T than avoid this one.  The movie explains just enough to wonder if what you are seeing is real or not.  I enjoyed it but I can see why people would not like it. The acting was fine and the effects, while pretty low budget, do not take away from the film.  It is not a horror film or a sci fi film but more of a drama with some elements of Sci Fi and Horror.  I am not sure I could recommend it enough to pay $6.99 for a rental but when it shows up on Netflix I would definitly give it a spin



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