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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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1 hour ago, Bubo said:

Casino Royale 1967, HD

Some great scenes and camera work

My 24 year old daughter liked it,

she didn't know any of the actors.

Fan Music video


Yes, the spoof Bond ! No wonder daughter could not recognize. I like it... thanks!

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Mr. Bug Goes Two Town (1941)


It took 700 people 10 months to make this fully animated feature length film. Cost was $1,000,000 1941 dollars (not adjusted for inflation). This was the second and last animated feature from Paramount Pictures.


I'm one of only like 100 very fortunate people in the world who have this on blu-ray. It's a straight scan off of the original film elements of a Technicolor print.


Very glad to have watched it.

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Emily the criminal, 2022

Shows what can be done with a plot, a decent script and acting.


No big ticket car chases, explosions etc.

More like a 1940s movie. Though the director makes no effort to emulate a 1940s movie. Good effort, and the director's first time out.


Much better than most of this batch of current releases from my library. Most don't make it 10 mins in my player. There are lots of big names in trope laden lecturing movies aka garbage.


Budget $1.5–2 million[1][2]
Box office

$2.2 million


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The Counterfeit Traitor

WW-2 spy movie filmed in Scandanavia

pretty good, lots of good details

Holden has so many good movies

see if you catch the adlib by Holden

quick recovery by the other actor

The Counterfeit Traitor (1962)
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Batman V Superman

Dawn of Justice


This might be the one that was recut by Zack Snyder who was pulled away to a different project.


Lets see, dark, a little of the psycho thriller as to the forces driving the Bat an Superman, Lex Luthor character is somewhat shallow sociopath. Not sure why he wanted to off the bat or super, other than to do it......


It is a well produced watch, good vid and sound production, lots of action.


Perhaps deeper meaning will come to me on my second cup of coffee in the morrow.


FWIW I have plowed through several movies that are worse in the past couple of weeks.



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