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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Every one of these is a NEW master and every one of these looks incredibly good on an OLED.


it's like watching a completely new film every time I get one of these movies i love so much... it's like seeing it for the first time.



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1 hour ago, Schu said:

this last months releases have been VERY good to me... and EVERYTHING looks magnificent.



Star Trek original series was incredibly forward looking

Inspired inventors to produce the tech in the show

inc the theoretical work on Warp Drive

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The OK, the bad & the Ugly



is OK. would have been better as a pure spoof.

The best of this bunch, Bob Odenkirk stars, very likable actor hope he gets more work that utilizes his persona.......

Definitely the right guy if they want a Get Smart revival.


The Night of the following the Day,

1960's Kino Lorber restoration is OK, it's from a different time post ww-2 experience. You can see both Brando and the pimp Tatallia when both were skinny.


The Marksman, barely OK to bad, predictable. I like Neeson better as a Jedi Master.


Sprial, very ugly

Not sure how such graphic slaughter is entertaining to anyone.

I like Chris Rock, if I knew he was this hard up for work, I would have sent him a $20 in the mail, so he could wait for a better script.

I had to pull it after the second murder started, yuch !

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I hate to burst everyone's bubble here about 4K........but my new Panasonic 4K player rezzes up regular 2K pretty well. Since so many movies made on film show GRAIN patterns on 2K (vanilla 1080P) Blue Rays, that to purchase a 4K version is a waste of money, IMHO. It's more about which camera was used to make the 1080P, which if they were from the last couple of years, the rezzed up verions look like about 80% of 4K for less than half of the price.


Now the State of the Art of 4K is any movie shot on an Arri Alexa 65, like "The Revenant," or better yet "Gemini Man" which I consider SOTA for Video, Human Face CG,  as well as Audio. With very few exceptions, everything else is "so what?"


My 77" LG OLED is the most revealing of all artifacts as are my all horn systems and subs for Audio.


Bottom line is that if the STORY is good enough even old movies from TV are acceptable.


Being a Digital Photographer going on 27 years, anyone can see that even the Digital Cameras of 5 years ago are not as good as the ones used today, which are pretty amazing (RED, Arri, PanaVision, etc.) But even Canon and Sony offerings render way better color and resolution than anything in the last 10 years.


What I would like to see is ALL modern cameras go to the 16:9 Aspect Ratio on the Sensors, even for still images.


ALL Digital Movies today are simply High Resolution VIDEO, so can we PUHLEASE abandon this 24 Frames per second nonsense once and for all, now that the Display Resolutions and Aspect ratios of TV's, Computer Monitors, Phones, etc. all match and we abandoned all the rest over 12 years ago!!!


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