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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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On 2/21/2021 at 2:00 AM, sunburnwilly said:

Fun little somewhat gory ride



Ah, cool. I picked up three the other day to check out. This was one of them. Plot/description seemed hokey but I like Vince and sometimes you need a little fun. Can't wait.

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I paid ZERO to borrow them at the Library, and still somehow felt cheated.....


Attack of the unknown, forced myself to watch 15 min, eject


The Burnt Orange Heresy, Time hasn't been kind to Mick Jagger, Blonde with pretty face got it to 25 mins, eject.


AVA, Trope Laden, Big Name Actors, Excellent sound and camera production, nice bass track for bad-a$$ cuing, I was too lazy to hit the eject button or too late in the evening to try another movie so I suffered to the end. Please get better, it didn't.

  • First, I thought hyper action spoof like Red, but no.....
  • Then I thought an attempt at Bronson's Mechanic, but no
  • Then I thought another Stallone's Assassins 2 star effort, but no
  • Not sure the movie had a plot, weak acting all around for a paycheck.

Hyper action scenes with a 140 lb flabby female tossing Mil and SWAT guys around like rag dolls, wiping them out close quarters the whole team,  stretches suspended disbelief past the limit. Every time.


In the end, I think it was a movie about all of her personal complications and relationship issues with mommy and sis etc.



STRIKE BACK, Fantasy Spec OPs UK Series


Has for more believable Female Characters as Team members, photo is the Season 8 cast, the Teams take casualties so the cast turns over.


For what it is, I give this series an 8 out of 10.








Monkey hammer...




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39 minutes ago, Sancho Panza said:

Watched Hacksaw Ridge 4K UHD


Eastwood makes my day, every time he makes a movie


Soft touch in his story telling is admirable


Eastwood's first effort as a Director, if I recall correctly IIRC



Eastwood's friend directed Dirty Harry and worked in the Movie Marquee





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The Bureau French TV Series: I give it a 10


Follows one Dept in the DGSE French Intelligence Services

Really well done, and as the Series Succeeded,

the Budget for the Field work scenes also grew.

Reminds me of my Francophone Friends from the old days.

Interesting study in French Personality stereotypes, and values, intellectualism, philosopher, romantic, lovers, old guard, sexy etc....

and their views on other nationalities and stereotypes.....





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Well acted, beautifully shot. I feel like it was a movie for movie people....maybe even movie insiders. Actually, I liked the extras more than the movie itself. I feel like I've seen the same story at least a dozen times. Still worth watching. Put it on your list for a rainy day, not a must see this weekend. 






Carry on!

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Directed by Ridley Scott


Hooked it up to my two 8000F's and Sub, the sound was amazing, the chants from the crowd to the music and clashing of swords and tiger snarling was phenomenal.  

The movie is already a classic and miles ahead of other studio offerings, can't beat this movie when compared to others in it's category. 


When I get my 4K TV + Theater set up the first movie to watch will be Man Of Steel

   *I get chills during the flight scene, want to experience it with the full set-up in atmos, fav scene of all time !

   *Soon afterwards Lawrence of Arabia - The Shinning - Akira - Blade - Mortal Kombat 2021 - Tron Legacy -

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I have no idea if this a still valid or not. But if there are any fans of Heat with Pacino/De Niro I have a digital download code. 






I only ever use the Blu-Rays not the downloads, good luck my Blu-Ray reviewing friends!

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