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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Look for Alita when it comes out on Blu-ray . Just saw it for the second time tonight at the IMAX .The first movie I have seen twice at the theatre since Terminator 2 . The audio alone was worth the price of admission but the visuals are fantastic as well .


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On 2/24/2019 at 2:25 PM, MoparBob said:

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon BluRay DTS 5.1. OK OK I know it's only music and no video but dam It sounded great in a dark room. The wife and I just and went with the ride. All I can say for folks that say music is for only 2ch. have you ever tried it . Come on try it you will like it then you can put your horse and buggy away. 

I am a huge fan of all things Floyd!  5.1 is quite a better experience imo!


Run, rabbit, run

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First Man


Ocassionally, often when i post here, i come across a movie that sounded so good, yet was executed so badly i find it almost hard to fathom they actually released it.


First man is a movie that dupes the viewer...first man means first on the moon, right?  Well it is actually a reference to his family life....which was a total disaster of worry, heartbreak and somber sullenness.


If armstrong ever was happy, it certainly never showed in this movie.  And i dont blame gosling, hes a good actor put into a horrifying badly executed script.


Even the landing wasnt very exciting.  Only the sense of how small the moons surface was made for an errie feel.


I thought often of apollo 13, and how inspiring it was, how exciting.  This movie was honestly one of the most depressing ive seen, and ive seen a lot of movies!


I see a movie called apollo 11 is coming out, i only hope it is an inspiring film.


This movie is truly ZERO stars.  Unredemptive in every way, a 2 hr movie you will hate.  I had to fast forward after about 75min as it became unbearable, then the landing was still weakly done. 


Ugh!  It made Split look good, which is hard to do.

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Bohemian Rhapsody 


Now that im old enough to have grown up through bands now considered ancient (lol) it was a fun to relive Queen in an especially nicely amped up movie.


Skipping most of the old rock band tropes (i.e. dwelling on sex, drugs, addiction, snobbery) the movie focused solely on the music, its magic and the band that understood the audience had a roll to play.


An interesting dichotomy of avoiding dwelling on homosexuality and trans issues it instead highlights their unrepentant purpose to be who they truly were.


Most of the history was handled accurately.  As a fan, i was only disappointed once, in a very small way.


One of the great highlights of Queens career was writing the soundtrack for Highlander, a fun and exciting movie from long ago that spawned many sequels.


In the movie, they play Who Wants To Live Forever in the theme of AIDS, which was dramatic but false.  Although it can be transferred to that cause, it was a very fun, exciting movie track (and full soundtrack) that spoke only to the movies themes.  But this is quite minor.


Rami who played Freddy was fantastic, a revelation of acting and so well directed he won an Oscar, and I cant say i was surprised.


A movie that fans and non fans can borh like, a moving, fun and hard rocking experience.


3 solid stars, 1 of which was earned just by the casting choices, so well done!

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First Man was terrible...

Apollo 11 was magnificent...


First Man was watered down hollywoodization of a wondrous historical event.

Apollo 11 takes you on that event in an intimate and factual journey with the world as they experienced this event... and they only use REAL footage, most of it 70mm.


It's doesn't water down or simplify any aspect of the event and expects you to know certain elements... such as the computer error during the decent to the lunar surface. It merely shows you it happening as it actually happens and doesn't "explain" it to you.


The liftoff sequence is stunning, and this movie grabs from the first second it hits the screen... don't miss it in iMax.



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My wife wanted to check out how to train your Dragon so she bought the first two movies in Blu-ray. We watched the first one last night, decent movie, not bad, not great. I will say it has a ton of LFE which was fun.

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