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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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 Tried to watch Die Hard on 4k last night but it was grainy so I popped in the Blu Ray and it looked great. The up conversion on our new Sony 75" 900f is pretty good and we are using the Sony UBP-X1000ES. We have been buying 4k/BluRays for some time and Haven't made through all of them yet. It's funny that the only 2 4k movies that have looked grainy have been the Bruce Willis Movies, the other one was the Fifth Element We are trying to make it through the Marvel series, movies and one shots.   

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The last 2 B-Rs I watched, and I'll mention 2 because they were watched on different systems.
1- "Mission Impossible - Fallout"

System - Yamaha RX-A860 

                 Monitor - Vizio 70" 
                 BR Player - Samsung BR5700 - old and slow to boot up but works fine.

                 R&L Mains Klipsch Heresy (rebuild project - video available on youtube )

                 R&L - effects  - M-L Edge in walls - these were a major disappointment as mains - an expensive mistake)

                 Center - Klipsch RP504-C replaced an inadequate M-L SLM
                 Dayton SW - 10" subwoofer - just replaced the amp  

                 Klipsch R100-SW 10" subwoofer (just added)

                 Rears - none the room can't be wired (18' ceiling) and I don't want to go wireless. So far they're not missed
                 Atmos - NO


The sound was great, never missed the rear speakers. Video reproduction was fantastic. This is a great film for HT/surround. You are just enveloped in sound & vision. Very enjoyable


2- "Intergalactic"

               System - Yamaha RX-A1080
               Monitor - Sharp

               BR-Player Sony UBP-X700 (replaced a Samsung BR5700)

               R&L Mains - Speaker Craft AIM LCR3 - Suprisingly good speaakers as mains

               Center - Def Tech soundbar - XTR-SSA5

                Rears - Def Tech - ProMonitor 800
              F&Ront & rear effects - I'm using the Def Tech soundbar - a bit of unconventional wiring
              SubWoffer - Def Tech SC4000 8" - wireless - apparently mine work, but I may switch to wired.

              Atmos - NO


The glory of Inergalactic's visual and audio effects are unbelievable and this system didn't let me down. If you haven't seen Intergalactic you're missing a fantastic film. 
Also, if you have not seen it be forwarned the visual easter eggs planted in the movie have been major topics of discussion topics. With homage paid to Kubrik, Rod Serling (Twilight Zone), Sherlock Holmes etc........ 

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Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon BluRay DTS 5.1. OK OK I know it's only music and no video but dam It sounded great in a dark room. The wife and I just and went with the ride. All I can say for folks that say music is for only 2ch. have you ever tried it . Come on try it you will like it then you can put your horse and buggy away. 

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