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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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4 minutes ago, AndreG. said:

While i can say you can watch the new Dune without knowing the book, it makes things easier if you have... I don´t know how much classic SF is down your alley?


I haven't read a book in a really long time.  I did enjoy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and Jurassic Park.  Other than that it's probably been 20 years since I've sat down and read a book in its entirety.

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the new 4k uhd was badly done? ive heard good things about it as it is packaged with war of the worlds.




Terrence Malick last night... just superb.






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I am watching my copy of the newly released 4k UHD of Last Action Hero and I came to an epiphany...




That a considerable amount of this film that is not, action, is actually built around classic literature.

The film is basically a retelling of the Don Quixote story with Danny (the kid) being Sancho Panza.





There are elements of Homer's Odysseus and Hamlet also in there.

Film looks absolutely great on Disc also.


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