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The last Blu-ray you watched.


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Got this from Amazon yesterday. Incredible sound track (7.1 Dolby TrueHD) and plenty of non stop action. Highly recommend as a go to demo...Yes

watched this last night :
few funny moments (thanks to Bruce), few good action moments (thanks to The Rock), very hot girl (http://www.wallpaperdev.com/stock/adrianne-palicki-beautiful.jpg) but overall it's just "watch one time and forget " movie. even my 12 years old son was not impressed much...

GI Joe II. This would be a weekend rental for me but my wife and girls went to rent movies for them and gave back with it... because of Channing Tatum! Ha ha!

The story is full of holes (how did they get those satelites up there so quick? If they had them, why would they need POTUS? Their only use is as a threat; so why fire them? What's left afterward? Did we forget London is off the map at the end of the movie?) but loved the action anyway and the great sound track.

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Wife bought epic! Pretty awesome movie. Great story and pretty descent LFE. Final movie watched on the Svs. Last one gets picked up tomorrow. Another thing about the movie it has very subtle surround mixes which is nice compared to some titles where the surrounds can almost overpower scenes at times. Well thought out movie. Definitely a good rent or buy.

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Silent Hill Revelation: A good followup of the first movies. 3.5/5 Every once in a while, it is nice to watch somthing that will startle you at times.

That was one of the last films I worked on before leaving the film industry. I did the first one too. I'm happy to hear it turned out ok. Fun film to work on and great crew.

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"Oblivion" last night... Loved it!

I just got a new tv(70"sharp led)oblivion was my first blue Ray to watch on it.very entertaining.I need to read manual on my avr.when I got the volume right for dialog the special effects would make my black lab leave the floor about 18" .do most or any avr's have a feature to adjust some of the difference in volume between the two.
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