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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Nice... a coffee thread. Having my 2nd cup right now.

I brew into a carafe (Cussinard). The carafe keeps the coffee hot/warm for most of the day, without cooking it all day.

Warm enough to have a stout Irish Coffee in the early evening with having to warm it up....

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Slept till 8:45.....unheard of for me. First cup down....now off to check my powerball numbers. I could use that 400 million. Maybe buy new cables and speaker wire and put some recaps on the Volvo -_-

Good luck, just going to go nuts if you win, if you don't go crazy with the cables and wire probably be able to do all 4 tires. :emotion-21:

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No luck with the lottery numbers. One ticket sold with all the right numbers....some where in California. $425,000,000! Hey BigStew lives out there and plays the lottery...

Ready for that second cup and then over to the lady friend's house for blueberry pancakes and bacon.

From there to the library to resurface CDs and DVDs.

Cheers gentlemen :emotion-44:

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