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Youthman's LaScala Trio Home Theater Build (Version 2.0) Begins!


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I currently am just using the apps for each piece of equipment on my tablet. It works great if you have all IP controlled hardware. Even if you only have IR or a combination of IP controlled and IR devices you can control them from your tablet. There are also Companies that make software you install on your tablet, and can design your own templates so you can control whatever devices you want to. Here is a sample of some templates I designed, used years ago to control my stuff (I am currently waiting for some drivers to be made for CQC (my HA software) so I can re use the templates with my new equipment. Pricing can go from free to several thousand dollars to control your equipment for the hardware and software. As an example...my software was $200 when i bought it but now is almost $2k.

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I think I'll stick with my URC remote.  I like the fact that I can create my own buttons and backgrounds as well as create custom, complex macros.

Check this one out... http://www.cepro.com/article/roomie_remote_simple_control_could_be_home_automations_next_big_thing_iot?utm_source=CEPWeekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=content

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Received some exciting photos today.  All of the pieces for the build are now complete! 


Last three things before completion are:


1) Sand Entire Project

2) Stain Entire Project

3) Varnish Entire Project


As of now, we are tentatively looking at Father's Day Week to make the journey to Alabama to pick up the unit and bring it back to Florida for installation!




This piece will go above each column.









Some changes have been made from the original "Sketch Up".  Since the top doors were only going to be 9" tall and my ceiling is 10', the space would be so small and a ladder would be needed to gain access to, we decided to go with a more ornate look for the top of the cabinet.


The top crown molding and the board with the medallions will extend into the room to provide a 3D effect and also so that the lighting above the screen will be able to be installed.











As you can see below, the rounded piece consists of several separate pieces of wood that were glued and sanded to give the appearance of one single piece.










There was an extra diamond strip that was used for additional trim to help tie in the diamond pattern to the other elements.



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The big doors on the bottom shelf are numbered telling where they go (1-6 from left to right).  This will be under the hinge side so it will not be seen.






Clamps anyone?



Bull Nose trim installed on front of shelf





This shelf will be used behind the middle two doors.






Supports added underneath for added strength.






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That's a spectacular build, he definitely has world class woodworking skills. It's more than that, he's putting his heart and soul into all that detail….truly amazing.


I wonder if there's some kind of sandblaster or media blaster for all that intricate sanding.

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