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should I buy these K-horns


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Hello and I should start with I have been creeping this site for YEARS. Its time to finally get an account here. I have always found this site to be very informative and genuine.

I did 8 Years of quality audio sales early 80's to early 90's

I have been looking for Heresy or Cornwalls, ya just shopping. And I came across a pair of vintage ?? 1981 possibly Klipschorns.

Serial reads 18w745 w=1981

They look like good condition but pics are not great and cannot get any more pics easily as speakers are in another location in storage and I am 800km away from the seller.

Seller is asking 1500 CDN dollars for them. and claims fully functional.\

Currently running Bryston and Kef 104/2. Have a spare Bryston 3B for the K-Horns.

many thanks


Welcome to the forum, Chris & goodluck on your purchase.



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Wow. so sorry i did not finalize this post.


I had to pass on the speakers. It just was not in the cards. But it did get me in touch with a few friends in the area which should help if I ever find another set.



Thank for everyones input.

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Do not buy classic Klipsch corner Khorns!

It will transform your life. Your tweaking audiophile hobby can be affected. Your lifestyle can change. Klipsch Khorns can be involved in Significant Other issues. These are full size musical instruments. Like a piano or drum kit. Khorns are big. They need corners. They play LOUD. Khorns play louder than so-called loudspeakers. They play deep (30-Hz), deeper than so-called full range loudspeakers. The longest selling loudspeaker model in history are EXTREMELY efficient and easy to power, even with a boom box (see “Stereos as Indoor Sport” at EnjoyTheMusic.com). Amazing Khorn efficiency REVEALS everything with background and sound floor noise, front-end harshness or distortion, jitter, amplifiers.


Big Ole Horn loudspeakers change everything you know about bass, dynamics, efficiency, wind instruments, percussion, sensitivity, total harmonic distortion, impedance, imaging, soundstage, separation, tubes and amplifiers. You will be playing music and movies all the time. You will wonder why other tweaking audiophiles are never happy. You will see that they just don’t get it. Their loudspeakers don’t make music.        

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My thinking behind an older K-horn purchase comes down to the cabinets. Is it the finish you want?  Are they beat up or in great condition?   You will certainly need to update or replace the networks so keep that cost in mind. Many upgrade the mid horn and driver as well as the tweeter, some don't.  I would much rather have a set of older K's that are "modded" with everything upgraded as opposed to spending more/less or an equal amount for a much newer model that has the same limited factory sound. There is only so much goodness you're going to get from a K400 or K401 mid.

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I would have to take a Road Trip :)) and visit friends and family, making it a worthy trip, make a 4 hour detour home to get them and load them into the back of my Dodge Ram 2500. Chris


That is a short turn around trip for K-horn/Klipsch fanatics.  Gas up the old girl a get to going.  Shipping will be much more expensive.

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