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should I buy these K-horns


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Hello and I should start with I have been creeping this site for YEARS. Its time to finally get an account here. I have always found this site to be very informative and genuine.

I did 8 Years of quality audio sales early 80's to early 90's

I have been looking for Heresy or Cornwalls, ya just shopping. And I came across a pair of vintage ?? 1981 possibly Klipschorns.

Serial reads 18w745   w=1981

They look like good condition but pics are not great and cannot get any more pics easily as speakers are in another location in storage and I am 800km away from the seller. 

Seller is asking 1500 CDN dollars for them. and claims fully functional.\

Currently running Bryston and Kef 104/2. Have a spare Bryston 3B for the K-Horns.

many thanks





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Tell the seller you need some better pictures as it will require a road trip on your part. Make a down payment via Pay Pal before you leave on the road trip so the seller won't sell them out from under you. (I've seen it happen before)

Excellent advise.

I would say yes if you have 2 corners.

Welcome either way.

Assuming they check out satisfactory, I would buy them if I only had a round room to put them in. :P

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If they were B style (with the collar) and walnut, the price would be a bargain.  OTHO, these are C style (having no collar) and came from the factory as raw birch BR (label is KCBR if I read correctly) and was later stained as shown.   There is only so much beauty in stained birch. 

So the price is not extraordinary.  But I'm sure you'll love the sound.


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A reasonable room (W x L x H) and a few basic things done acoustically, and you'll be an extremely happy new owner with your amplifiers.

Good luck and best wishes on the success of a new acquisition...

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Ok, contacted a friend in the area of the sale to confirm the product (just now), have one email and one call into a freight company for comparison to driving to the seller. Emailed seller my status and requested if he will accept a deposit on the product reliant upon its unseen and untested condition, yet to be determined by the FRIEND in the area (1.5h away)

Many thanks for the input. I now know the value of a used k-horn.

Love the product and the plan is to add a tube amp or a class-A amplifier for them.


thanks for all the comments again 

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The problem is going to be the Bryston. Not a match I would care to hear........


Look at the bigger picture. At this point do not worry about the amplifier. The speakers will be a huge step up. Buy them and enjoy them. The rest will sort itself out later.

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Guest Steven1963

Welcome to the forum!  I went 1100 miles round trip for my Khorns and they cost me $2500 (came with a RSW 15 sub).  I'd do it again in a minute too.  It was worth it.

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