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WTB - Ratty LOOKING Heresies


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I have a pair of Industrial Heresy's I might be willing to part with, if the price is right. I don't know what to ask for them. Their not exactly ratty looking though.


Actually have 2 pairs, one pair looks same as when I purchased the quad (stained Walnut), and the other pair I sanded down to raw birch, ready for staining. Not really keen on selling any of them, (future man-cave prospects), but like I said, if the price is right.

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1.  Check your pm (or was it email?)  I dunno....either way, check it!

2.  If someone has something and IF I end up going to Hope (and they can get it there) I'd be more than happy to transport it from Hope to Knoxville.  I could even bring it down to Sweetwater (there every Friday morning) 

3.  Outside chance I might be making a trip to Indianapolis....so if anything is along that path, I could bring that back.

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I have some empty walnut cabinets in average to nice condition.  If you have the parts they might be an excellent solution.  I am in the Chicago area.  dwillie

Please PM or e-mail me.  I'd like to see pics and a price. 


I would love to have a mate for my pristine H-700, but I won't risk having them stolen.  That's why I was asking for ratty; don't want them to look worth taking. 

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