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Home theatre build....DIY..slowly..


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It sounds like my same build. When I looked at your framed out walls, I thought it was my basement! I also did it myself (along with the entire basement) and it took

2 years. 

I started with a brick ranch with a full unfinished basement and a center post supported load bearing beam. I removed a dropped ceiling and built insulated outside walls and double staggered stud inside walls with two layers of 5/8inch drywall with Green Glue on each side of the wall.  My room is 12.6 wide and 21 deep and I could only get the ceiling up to 7' 6" high. I also had to re-route 25 ft of trunkline and several heat runs to make the theater room as unobstructed as possible.

Because I put the equipment rack under the stair well, I had to completely rebuild my old staircase and finish it out the same as the side walls. The ceiling is also two layers.

The room has 6 seats, 3 being on a riser. I insulated the riser and added led lights at the base. The theater is painted a flat light grey (ceiling and walls) but the screen wall and 6ft. of the ceiling and side walls are flat black. 

I made bass traps for the side walls (4) and corner traps in the vertical corners and horizontal ceiling corners with acoustical rock wool and fiberglass.

All joints were caulked so well with Green Glue caulk that I think the room might actually be able to hold water.

My ceiling is so low that my screen frame is only a couple inches from the ceiling. 

For lighting, I added 8 light cans with a rf controller. Since the room was completed, I've added 6 speakers and changed my AV receiver.

I have to say that I will probably not see the inside of a commercial theater again (Iam 67), and I won't miss having to climb into a freezing car on a cold, windy winter night for the drive home. My wife and I love movies and this was the best investment I ever made!

My theater consists of the following:

Projector....JVC 56U

Screen.......Stewart Studiotek G130 (120 inch)

Blue ray.... Oppo 103D

AV.............Onkyo TX 3030


Mains............Klipsch RF-83

Center...........Klipsch RC-64



rear surrounds.....5650 W-ll

Overheads (4).....5650  W-ll

TV Room

Display.........LG EF6500 4k OLED

AV................Onkyo tx5800

Blue ray.......Oppo 95

Speakers.....Onkyo (replacing)






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Tell my wife to let the funds keep coming? Hah!

Next up is rear riser....

Then with tax refund will be getting either/or projector or carpeting. (This project would be much faster if I could afford to hire it out, and my wife was done with college!)

But doing it ALL myself is half of the fun of the project.... And me working on the theater leaves her alone to study.

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Last 7 sheets of drywall going up.... Will mud/tape on Sunday & hope to have paint rolled on in another week.

The door on the rear wall (left side of pic) is TOTALLY temporary. I'll be doing communicating doors. (Like in a hotel room)

Next up: Rear riser!



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7" total height before carpet.

Unfortunately I can not go any higher due to height limitations. The center support beam for the house with hvac trunk runs overhead.

I'm 6'0" And when standing on the rear riser I have a few inches of head clearance to walk to a seat and sit down.

you gonna try seating before you continue? I guess depending on your screen you could go higher. My screen is about 6-7" from ceiling but was high as it could be. We built first rider from 2x8'd and it was just unwatchable for me in the back row. Although I'm only 5'7".
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