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Old Speaker Question - KP-600 Series Loudspeaker System


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Hello everyone.


Does anyone know what the original cost of these speakers were when sold? A business in town got some in but they do not have a clue what they are going to sell them for. Does anyone know what a good offer price be for just the stack of speakers on the cart?


Thanks. :)

Welcome to this place.

Not sure what is a good price. Depends on the number of working drivers. You will want to check that out and that they are of the

proper Klipsch design.

Know that this is not a "plug & play" system......But to hear them in a living room environment....They are just devastating


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If you can get them....if you have the space for them....I'd say get them.  Run, skip, cut out from work....and nab them.  Michael Coulter was at one time offering a pair for sale for $2,000 (if memory serves me correctly).  They were not restored but I think they were functional.


I was going to jump on them....until the wife...... :unsure:


(I might add I was going to drive from Knoxville, TN to Indy to get them.  Around 14/15 driving hours round trip)

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Here are some pics of the units.

I PM'd you and gave you my phone number.

They look to be in very good shape, but a lot of factors will play into how much they are worth.

There are a lot of different options that were offered as drivers, etc.

Also, does the present owner have the factory electronic cross overs for these??

Are there only the three cabinets available???

The 3 cabinets shown equal one stack, there are supposed to be two stacks in a set, so if there are only the 3 boxes, they will be hard to find a home for, but I would be interested in them for a center channel if you are not.

Where are you located??

These are 5 way speakers and you will need 4 separate amplifiers with time delay function to run them properly.

Understand also that a lot of the drivers for these stacks are no longer made.

I am interested in it for a center channel because I have never ever seen a single stack become available, so it would be near impossible to find another single stack to make a pair.


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The place that donated the equipment to the business literally yanked out all of their equipment and gave it to them. The wiring is the only thing that they kept.


Buddy said they have 13 HF 15 LF and 2 Subs from that place. All were stacked in 3's on the rolling carts and had custom made covers for them.

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I just realized that in your picture, there are two high frequency cabinets and no midrange cabinet, so that is not even a full stack.



If you zoom/magnify your pix,  the yellow tags marking the boxes HF  and SW  are visible.  You need 2 more LF and a SW for a 2 channel rig.


Happy hunting.  :)



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Looks to be multiple stacks with covers on them in that second pic......looks like it could be a great find depending on asking prices. Read somewhere that MSRP for a 2 stack system of 6 cabinets with EQ's was something like $25,000.....is that correct?

They were $20,000 for 6 boxes or two stacks when new. Today they go for about $2,000 for 6 boxes or two stacks. I am already on these and have a buddy driving to see them after he gets off of work. I have already struck a cash deal for the whole lot if they are all there. He says he thinks that there are only two LF boxes with the 18 inch woofers in them, so we will see if there are complete stacks there or just a bunch of parts. If I buy all of these, I will be selling my own 6 boxes that I already own, plus a pair of KP-450 speakers, Plus two KP-684 Subs to help offset the expense.

I will keep everybody posted as soon as I find out what is really there!


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They were $20,000 for 6 boxes or two stacks when new.


:)  Yes that "sounds"correct.  I also think they were loosing money on each box.  The cost of good drivers and the only hollow core inter-locking box tech was not breaking even in the $ at the end of the day.  Cookie/cutters at Klipsch killed it.  :mellow:

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