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Question: is it bad to leave subs ON


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A possible fix to your problem, might be to lower the gain on the sub itself, and increase the sub level in the avr.  I have a "lazy" sub, and it is just not getting enough signal out from the avr.  Or just keep them on.  Mine have a green led light on the front, so it bugs me when my system is powered off, and I know they are on.

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My subs have a signal on switch position.. But i think my cheap receiver is not capable of that feature.


For your receiver to have anything to do with it, you'd need a 12V trigger on both ends.  These subs should have a 3-position switch, the middle one being auto-sensing, basically it comes on when it realizes its being fed material.  Just put it there, should work fine.  I can't remember but I'm wanting to say they turn off after 15 minutes or something, then come back on pretty soon after a signal is detected.  

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Use a Y connector on the sub end.  It helps subs wake and go sleep.


These subs seem to need a splitter anyway.  It kind of works off a single RCA but if you just put a splitter in there, they get unleashed.  I don't understand what goes on in the circuitry for it to do this.  Even Speakerpower is like that, they claim a 6 db boost just by putting a splitter in-line.  

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