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Still looking for pictures of the internal bracing and crossovers


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Now I'm really confused.


Years ago I heard some guys talking behind the High school  about how "heads" was good, so I always figured that.



Careful Lars...."confused" may no longer be a politically correct term..... :ph34r:

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Bracing is interesting if you really get into it, several interesting concepts.  Dissimilar wood, non-symmetrical layouts with random placement of braces to eliminate standing waves or coloration, rounding all interior edges of the braces (pretty sure that WW Speaker Cabinets requires this for a design), interlocking vs. not, I mean, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?  It would be entirely possible to actually do more harm than good with certain bracing tactics.  

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The meek shall inherit the land, the peacemakers shall be called the children of God.

Why do you say to your brother 'Come let me remove the splinter in your eye' when you have a log in your own eye?


Peace out

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I thought Nathan Funk's "XXX Ported" sub was cleverly braced. It's sort of like he filled it with motorboards.




Much better than the other AVS build.


At least he used plywood.


Much different than my method but looks adequate.

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Bringing up a topic such as, I haven't liked the crossovers and bracing that Klipsch have used, is the RP series different?  

-- would almost certainly garner a response that is positive from those that care


Bringing up a topic such as, would you please do something for me, but not explaining why 

-- opens the door for interpretation, some good and some bad as to your intentions


Being direct, in most situations, reduces confusion and conflict.

Implying something, in many situations, creates confusion that can lead to conflict


Robofucious has spoken  :rolleyes:

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