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Help from anyone who really knows their Cornwall stuff (need advice quick)


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I may have the chance to buy a pair of very good (From what I can tell) original Cornwall speakers tomorrow.  


Possibly for $425.00 or less.


Cabinets are in outstanding condition (8/10), maybe a little stain here or there and a small crack but nothing bad.  A lot of dust, but seemingly good shape.  I didn't have much of a chance to listen to them other than to know they seem to be in working order.


Consecutive serial numbers.


It's one of those looks like a great deals so maybe I'll pick them up if I can get them cheap.


The "type" is CWO


Definitely originals based on the speaker terminals and that the rear of the speaker is removable and it appears all drivers are mounted from the rear.


... have the cornwalls changed much over the years?  How do they sound with the various crites upgrades etc?


Any info would be GREAT!

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They are not 2's.  From what I can tell these are late production Cornwall I's.  


Serial number - 8504959 and 8504960


So, my guess is Cornwalls from 1985, Oiled Walnut (they could use some oil).


Grills could use a little work, but not bad.  Dust everywhere.


I think I can get them tomorrow for 425, or maybe a little less. 


I've owned KG4's and Quartet's way back in the day.  Had the Palladiums P37's for a while.


These would just be a fun little project, so wondering how they sound etc, how the crites upgrades help etc.


Wondering what parts typically need replacing or upgrading.  Thanks.

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At their age the capacitors may need to be replaced.  But heck, you can still listen to them for a while in that condition to see how they sound.  Other than that, they should be good to go as long as they haven't been damaged.


Price is great, so go buy them before somebody else does.

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Well, did not buy them. They were at an estate sale for 850 dollars. Everything went half price today so I checked last night and they were available as of 4:30 pm. Got there early this AM but someone ponied up the full $850.00.

At 425 I was all over them, but 850 was a bit steep!

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That's an awesome deal. I have a CWO pair with risers in mint from 1985 that I got for 699.00. Drove 6 hours to just south of Boston pick them up. They're amazing. I keep meaning to do lots of upgrades to them but really enjoy the sound as is.

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