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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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Not necessarily spinning this yet. It arrived yesterday:




I'm not a vault subscriber plus, missed the release but found it on discogs. Whether I'll play it soon or not, not sure yet. It's still in a sealed box. I found out about it on Tracking angle dot com. Just happy to have it.





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6 minutes ago, Tim Sr. said:

Good to see you here George :) and of course everyone else as well.

George will understand this image I think, and I will only say that it does relate to Vinyl and driving my Heresy's here, we will see soon...



Ja Tim , but I don´t mention further details as we´re the undercover tec maniac´s 😂

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51 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

Happy new year @Full Range . We have 25 minutes left till 2024


Still spinning ...Gilmour´s Debut from 1978 on the SME Arm with the Sonus BlueGold









A great album to see in the new year 🤘

Approval rating 10

I stayed up to see the Sydney fireworks on TV 


38 minutes ago, Tim Sr. said:

I didn't See Fullrange but Happy New Year to you as well

Next up...


Another great album for the new year 

I will try and spin an LP today even if the tree is obstructing one speaker 🤘

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Gonna throw down a few this evening for lack of anything better to do.  I'd go out but don't want no covid smoochies from da wimmen folk since covid is starting to flare up lately.  Let 'em suffer!  😂  Trying to figure out what I'm gonna wear to the living room.  :)


Happy New Year everyone!  :)


Terminator2 Ill Be Back GIF - Terminator2 Ill Be Back Arnold Schwarzenegger GIFs

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