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The first album that I am spinning for 2024 is a fabulous Prog release from 1972 

Even though one speaker is partially obstructed by a Christmas tree. But still sounding fantastic 🤘


Artist - YES

Title - Close To The Edge 

Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/2054249-Yes-Close-To-The-Edge-危機


What will your first spin be in this new year ?



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8 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

You're asking me?  I just posted a group of youtube vids here so yea, who knows at this ;point!  😂

Different time zones - And I’m to busy listening to my first 2024 album to search out the differences 🤪

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I have a quick update as this post is being sent via mobile phone as we are in darkness without power 


We have had all around us major weather destruction starting on Christmas Day with cyclones and now on New Year’s Day major flooding 


Where my home is we only got the edge of both weather events and are safe for now 

But electricity is cut off

Now I’m not that old but I do remember when I was under 10yo candles and oil lanterns used in our home 


So after I post this I will light up some candles 




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I spun this afternoon ...Blue Öyster Cult




and Saga with Silent Knight




in the early evening ....Saga´s  Images at Twilight




and finally Al Stewart´s Time Passages




I had dinner some minutes ago and feeling a bit tired ....gonna watch a movie now .







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