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Thanks to 'Dirtmudd', I am spinning up, WAY UP on the UTurn 'Orbit Custom' TT.  IMG-2159.jpg

And what it looks like here in Longfellow Music Hall.......NEW speaker setting.  Martin Logan's are now at 14' center to center apart, the new Forte' 4's just to the inside, 30" from the front wall makes the most low end response in the listening space.  I will return Saturday 15th, and will be happy to spin more vinyl with you all.


I WILL have my laptop in the hotel room, so I can at least stop by and give some likes 🍷IMG-2160.jpg

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Working Men's Club is a UK band hailing from Todmorden in West Yorkshire, England. Formed 2018
It’s a new record for the collection - the second release from the band

Limited Edition, White


Post Punk / Electronic New Wave 


Artist - Working Mens Club 

Title - Fear Fear 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/23891849-Working-Mens-Club-Fear-Fear





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I´m still tuning, but, most important: All the distortion I had before is almost gone. Sounds more "open".


I had a eliptical stylus on the old M91 before, wich was not playable. The sperical was better, but still had distortions... Both were after-market copies (although good ones). My guess is, there is something amiss with the geometrics of the other system, have to check that once more.


Now, I guess, I can start to enjoy the music, instead of waiting for hissing to set in...


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