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The wife finessed me once again...


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Ok, so we have an old range that acts up and hits an error message....and stops dead in its tracks.  The stove works perfectly...  It's a Kitchenaid and they no longer make the part needed to fix it...


So, I decided it's time for a new range.  Getting a new Kitchenaid with (another) convection oven... second oven instead of the lower drawer and the top is an induction cook top...  looking forward to it.  Getting the matching microwave/hood to go with it.

So, the wife says since we're getting a new stove, I (she) need a new countertop...


Since we're doing the stove and counter top...  I (she) think we need to change the ceiling.  I (she) want a T&G wood ceiling.


The existing drywall ceiling is 5/8'ths inch, not half.  Put it up because I KNEW she'd want to do something different.....however at the time, I figured different would be to add a texture to it....not rip down a perfectly fine ceiling and change it.


Sigh...  I digress....  


So, this is how I spent my last weekend.


We had dinner plans last night.  I got the the VERY last board and had to stop to get ready so the last board is currently waiting on me.  I'm worn out from working over head Thursday/Friday/Sat/Sun that I'm going to wait a day or two.


Also...when it came time to pull the drywall down, I could literally HANG from it.  It was really put up well and it turns out that 5/8 drywall is pretty darn strong!


Also need to hang the center light fixture.


I had a problem board that was crowned.  For the life of me, I could not budge it to fit.  So, I came up with a crafty way to persuade it.  Screwed a 2x6 to the side wall and used a ratchet strap!  Once it was tight, we used some finish screws to hold it in place and also screwed the next board.  I didn't want the finish nails I was using to get pulled back out.  Now, she has to go back & putty the holes & paint them but that will be easy.


So getting a new range has turned into a new range, new microwave, new counter tops (not yet installed) a new sink (not yet installed) and a new ceiling.


I told her that they haven't delivered the range yet so I have time to cancel the order... :ph34r:









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HA, joke is on me...  I forgot to mention the second sink on the side wall and the new cabinets that are going there...  so I had to rip a strip in the wall to add an outlet by the sink and access above (visible in picture) for power to the cabinets because she thinks she's going to have a light in them.



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OK I have to go with the wife, I think it looks good.

I know I have always voted against almost everything your wife suggested, but they were all about audio and teenage speakers so that could be expected, but she has you with this one, she's right.


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We don't need no stinking joist, oh wait yes you do good idea. Not a problem at all removing the drywall, It didn't bother me in the least bit ! 

It's best to keep her happy anyway, you know how that works, you pay one way or the other, anyway it's really hard sleeping with one eye open.


On a house in the past I put T&G 4" wide boards on two walls. I left the drywall and just used adhesive and a finishing nail only on the top and bottom plate, but they were vertical and not overhead, big difference. If anyone goes to try and replace those walls now there not going to be happy at all. 

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On 4/17/2017 at 8:35 PM, customsteve01 said:

Are you sure she didn't break the range and had all this planned out a head of time?  


She IS able to out-fox me!



On 4/18/2017 at 7:36 AM, Ceptorman said:

Nice job Richard....she keeps you busy huh. Could you have left the drywall and installed the T&G right over it?



I don't think so, as Carl says below, you'd have to know where the joists are...AND, she wanted the can lights along the left side, moved outwards about 2-3 inches.  (I was able to simply move them within their adjustable range but now, they're centered more over the counter top.  Only way to get this done was to pull the drywall down


On 4/18/2017 at 7:53 AM, CECAA850 said:

I was thinking the same thing but you'd have to know exactly where the joists were.




On 4/18/2017 at 1:41 PM, The Dude said:

Looks good, I would have stuck the other Danley DTS10 in there somewhere.


I DO like how you think....but....  two things...  first, I'd have to lug the Danley up the hill to get it behind the house, then up stairs to get into kitchen.  Have you ever moved one of those monsters?  Second....  it looks like it's in process of being sold!  (something bitter-sweet about that)


On 4/18/2017 at 2:29 PM, Marvel said:

So... you'll be rested by Oct. when my wife is gone for three weeks and I redo the master bath? It's not that far...


I should be on top of my game by then!

Just be warned that I've been called "The Nail-Bender" before.... 


A bit on the side....  ordered a Kitchenaid slide in range.  Induction top and warming drawer instead of traditional drawer.  Also ordered their matching top of line microwave/hood vent to replace the one we had (which unlike my stove, was working perfectly)


They came out today to install them.


Those are some seriously nice units.  He wanted to test the stove so asked for a pot of water to boil.  Our (her) stuff isn't induction ready so the pot didn't work.  I pulled out one of my cast iron skillets and we put the water in that.  That water was boiling in about 60/90 seconds....AND (and this is the interesting part) the water was boiling i the skillet BUT, if you touched the sides of the skillet, they were still cold to the touch.  It was amazing.  I realize the sides will warm up but that is a testimony as to just how fast it will heat something.  I'm impressed although I think my 7 minute eggs are still going to take me 7 minutes... 

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4 minutes ago, Coytee said:

Just be warned that I've been called "The Nail-Bender" before.... 



We should go into business together, since I have been called the "Over-Torquer."


7 minutes ago, Coytee said:

the water was boiling i the skillet BUT, if you touched the sides of the skillet, they were still cold to the touch.  It was amazing.  I realize the sides will warm up but that is a testimony as to just how fast it will heat something.

That's just weird.  The whole point of cast iron is heat retention and stability. 

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I agree.  The other thing that will take some getting used to...  I took the boiling water off (bare hand on handle of skillet, which was still cold) and then put my hand (very quickly) onto the face of the stove where the skillet was sitting.


Yes, it was "hot" but it wasn't HOT, especially when you consider the boiling water that just came off.


If you take a hot skillet and set it down on your counter top....  let it sit for a moment and then lift it....  if you then put your hand where the skillet was on the counter top, the counter top will be 'hot' but not as hot as the red-hot stove that got it hot.


Got it hottie? (I didn't want to say surely)


So the induction part of the stove heated the skillet (but not the glass stove top) and the skillet then, heated the glass that it was sitting on.


this is going to take some getting used to.

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Those stoves are cool, (sorry) more efficient, and safer I would think. Sure glad the cast iron works on them, it's my favorite pots, there a little slow to heat up but cook great and very easy to clean, I have been slowly collecting different sizes, I do the cooking is why I know.


When I seen the title of this thread again just now I laughed.


"The wife finessed me once again..."
That's why she is your wife, it's how it all started, it's what they do and why were Ok with it. :emotion-55:  
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