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Integrated Amp suggestions


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It's impossible to make blanket recommendations of one amp over another as everyone has different listening criteria.  However, if you post a very detailed description of your requirements (starting with which speakers you use) and describe your room, distance from the speakers when listening, level at which you listen, type of music you listen to, etc., some ballpark suggestions may be possible.  Keep in mind that the only way to make a judgment of what will be most satisfactory to you is to try the amps in your own system.  Making a purchase based on what someone else tells you is the best can be extremely costly.



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I do not have any experience with the first amp you mentioned, but I did recently buy my first tube gear. I bought a used Primaluna Dialogue Two. It is not the Premium though. Only limited listening so far.


I like the ability to be able to switch from ultra linear to triode mode on the fly. However, because this is not the Premium, this function can only be accomplished on the remote. It always reverts back to the default ultralinear mode when you shut it off. So if you find that you prefer the triode mode, you have to switch it over each time you turn the amp on. It makes a low thunk when you do this. Apparently the newer models have a physical switch on the side that stays in whichever mode you last left it in. I wish mine was like this.


The remote does not have an on / off button so this has to be performed at the amp.


There is not a dedicated subwoofer out tap so if you want to use a sub you have to use the speaker level method.


Other than these initial observations, I really like it. It is VERY sturdy and heavy. It is well built the connectors on the back are of good quality. I like the flexibility of being able to tube roll, which I am just experiencing for the first time. I would easily recommend a Dialogue Premium.


Good luck with the hunt. That is half the fun. I would not limit your search to just those two brands though. There are many entry level tube integrated amps that have the potential to be a great start to tube audio.      

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I highly suggest going to your local audio store & have a listen to a few different amps on the same pair of speakers & bring some of your favourite lp's/cd's with you.

you want to get a feel of the different tube types & how they differ from one another. when you know what tube type you like then you can start comparing amps. 

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28 minutes ago, seti said:


How the mighty have fallen.... Led under the tubes. So so sad. It looks like a Marvel or DC amplifier.




I haven’t heard this amp but I will defend the LEDs. Apparently, the green turns to amber when the power guard circuit senses clipping. Yes it may be overly dramatic but it serves the same purpose as a little red light would. 

I have owned both vintage and modern Mac equipment (as well as countless other makes - no not leben) and to my ears Mac is still at the front of the toboggan. From both a sound as well as build quality standpoint. So I cannot agree that the mighty has fallen. In fact I believe that the opposite is the case. 


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