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As this is the only cd thread we have here .....well Guys ..it´s done ..the moddy from my Marantz SACDP/ DAC ...


That´s what we´ve done .....


*Drive and lens cleaned
*mechanical damping of the drive
*Mains phase connection revision
*Jensen double capacitors
*operating voltage blocking with additional film capacitors
*replacement of all old electrolytic capacitors against Elna Silmic / Panasonic
*Quartz amplification with Masterclock oscillator XO1.1
*Increase of power supply filtering
*Improvement of the converter filtering


My Model SA11 S-3




Inside pic seriell Marantz model sa11-s3




after ......Elna silmic caps all over ...




the new masterclock pcb with Elma Silmic /  Wima Caps




the new jensen filter elkos and some Elna Silmis




How  it sound´s ? 

The production model S 3 is already the further development of the SA 11 S1 / S2 / S3 series and should therefore be sonically mature. Is it also in relation to its predecessors . But now playing in an even higher league. More air between the voices and instruments on stage, an even deeper as well as finer resolution of the mid-highs in the stage, better basic dynamics in the fundamentals, the bass stagger even cleaner, sublime control and composure at high levels.    


I am even more surprised how the RF7 EvoTec acoustically implements the modifications made to the Marantz SA11-S3 so clearly audible.


So I would say .....a senseful audible investment ....


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3 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

the new masterclock pcb with Elma Silmic /  Wima Caps


Yes, I did blink then went back and re-red it...  😂


Should sound great but what do I know?   


Thank you.  lol


Be there for Oktoberfest & a listen!  hahaha  :)

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1 minute ago, JohnJ said:

Quartz for the clock is great!

Balanced outs would be a dream.

But those Marantz sacd players are primo to start out with! 

A Live without " xrl Balanced outputs " isn´t worth to be lived .....😂

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I tell you what, when i afforded them for the connection between my amp and preamp... I WAS SOLD ON IT!

The dead background, the pure sound, and the never ending expanse of the soundstage of the discs I was familiar with.

Nuff Said!

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19 minutes ago, billybob said:

Born under a bad sign John.


& how many times has that one piece of music been turned into something unforgettable? 

To hear it done by the writer with SRV is very nice indeed!





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I have just started to enjoy Albert King since I got that "I'll Play the Blues For You" record and another last year. Then I've pulled him up on youtube so much he's still in the list when I plugged the roku back in!


Better keep that one... it's from 2019 and you can not download youtube to roku anymore since they went to war with each other.

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When I read about it, i couldn´t resist and ordered:






Re-recording of the 1982 movie OST, two discs, just over two hours of music. About a third of the tracks were unreleased before.

This is a much clearer recording, compared to my 1987 muffeled original. Details are different, for example:


• On the old recording the drums are prominent.

• Some tracks are played a little slower (my impression).

• Makos (Iwamoto Makoto) opening is missing in this recording.


Now i´m looking for this to make my collection complete:



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3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Had discs with album-like labels before, this one emulates the grooves too.






There were also once audio CD blanks in vinyl retro design.





As I still own a Audio CD Recorder from Philips I use and prefer the Maxwell CD blanks to record CD`s for my friends.




The best CD blanks are from MFSL , but quiet expensive.










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I´ll prefer to listen to unknown music as long as my SACD is in the re-burn In phase . Has approx. 50 hours of operation now and opens up more and more . Love to listen to ......Jennifer Warnes " The Hunter " 1992 Production .





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