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Carver Amp / Preamp


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I have too much stuff, some things need to go! First up is a Carver M1.5t power amp and C-1 preamp. I bought both second hand and have not used them very much. All functions that I have tried, work. I have not done any in depth testing on either unit. I do think the power amp could use a tune up based on age and what is standard for this product. It has tons of power (350 wpc) and sounds nice. I did get a rare pop through the speakers on occasion, but nothing major. I have looked into refurbishing but doubt I have a good use for it even if I did, so.....up on the for sale block.

I am not looking for much in return, just want them to go to someone that would put them to work.

$100 plus shipping takes both. PM if interested.






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34 minutes ago, MookieStl said:

Radical opinions are not welcome on this forum.


Well that really depends on who is giving the opinion and who is deciding if it's radical or not.  :emotion-14:


You deserve sellers remorse for this one.  LOL, I'm trying to do the same thing and thin the herd, and so far I think I'm at plus 2 pieces, so I'm not very good at it.



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10 hours ago, geoff. said:

Missed another great deal on here while I was at work!


That’s it!


I’m not working anymore...


LOL, so true. I managed to get lucky recently but I know what you mean. I missed those free Montana k-horns. Uhg, still hurts. This forum needs constant watching.

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