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Ahhhhhh, that Dream Theater starting to get to you @Full Range  Portnoy and the boys will take ya on a lil ride fo sure.  :)   Since you opened the door you can take it all in.  Mah boy is cookin w/gas!  😂




Oh wait, it's about prog?  Check him out w/Jordan. 


Sharin the love brother.  Just sharin the love.  lolol

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Like the Dream Theater but still early for me and strangely busy for the last couple of days.


RIP: Gordon Lightfoot


Yeaa, even I heard of lot of his music back then.



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Mr. Cray still has it & Cohen? Where the heck did he come from, cause the two you've put up from him... I DIG IT!


I watched an old flic earlier before it leaves tubi... cool tunes in it.

It's a shame that tough chic (it was her `tude, not an insult) didn't get to do more with her actual life. I recall her overpacked jet crashed right soon after the movie was made.



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Check out Leonard's modifications.  Amazing!  You're going to a different place with him almost every time.  Just another Canadian dude right?  Yup, been around forever and has always nailed it.  He be ultra-cool imo.  :)



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