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@Full Range there you go w/the Stewart Copeland thingy,  You do that and I immediately go to my life long friend Dave Anslow who played forever and eventually spent his life as Copeland's drum tech.  David passed in '06 but during our lives we always remained good friends.  Yea, he told me the last time he was home he had cancer and it was prolly the last time we'd ever talk, which totally sucked.  He'd accepted it but it was so hard to hear him talk about it.


I remember the last time I mentioned it in here and I did follow up w/an email to his sister Polly who's a full blown chef living in NJ.  She too had his drive because she was the "go to" woman who dressed up the food and prepared the food that a couple major TV networks used to make the "cooking shows" look even better. 


She now teaches out of her home in New Jersey to all kinds of people for big bucks.  Her life is truly non-stop so I didn't want to open another can of worms.  Now that I saw your first post of Stewart I'm gonna.  That piece had David ALL over it.  The beginning was him and it carried throughout the song.  Crazy!  He even kinda looked like Stewart.  lol 


Now that this year's festival is done it's prolly a good time to ask her about it and see what she has stashed in the way of info.  You're a persistant one mate but that song HAD him all over it.  Crazy.  Now I'm gonna go back and watch it the second time!  lol

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