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Oh boy, took every single tar and nicotine saturated venetian blind off my windows & to the dump. Cleaned with windex this last time to get them clean. Why? My blinds were arriving today. Double cell, top down, bottom up, cordless. Bought from this same company years ago and trusted them. Every single one of them is an < > an eighth of an inch too big to fit.

Gal on the phone was insufferable and wasted words that did not belong in the conversation like a politician! Owner guy (I think) could speak and listen through our "E"s

Seems they will be replaced:blink:


Remember when this LP came out? As a 70s kid, I sure do and he put on a better show then than he did in the late 90s when he opened a Harley dealership on US1 at the Satellite Beach Causeway!

The burnouts made a different kind of show:wink:



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While I love that kind of R&R, I've been listening to a lot of good tunes from back in the day..

Yea mostly Southern These guys were on Capricorn Records too, thanks to Duane!

And Eric did a cover of one of their well written tunes on 461 !

@Marvel you might like this LP too, the whole thing is good!






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Hey @JohnJ, lookie what I found for ya.  Full lp rip.  I snagged th cd a week or so and last night I hit Amazon and he's got it out on vinyl.  Ordered in a nano second even though it was 45$.  Mooonnnnnndaaaaay gonna light this rig up!  :)  




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@billybob   Sold out in Akron, Pitts and Ky already and they're in July I think.  I might slide up to Akron and hit the back door.  THAT would be a hoot.  I'd get some pics of that one cause Mark wouldn't care.  We'll see when the time comes.  Could be a good day or a bad day.  Blah.  lol

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