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@mustang_flht some good stuff.  I'm kinda partial to the big man, Tal, and Nathan East.


Slip to the 30:00 minute mark for a nice lil tune w/Joe Walsh (he's sneaky like that) on the lead doing "Love Is A Heart Attack."  Joe didn't even hesitate and jumped right in there!  It dropped in 1970 but I had mine a bit earlier.  It's a great combo!  John NEVER missed!    :)   Oh yea, turn it UP!


Tal Wilkenfeld?  Pffffft, off the charts imo.  With Jeff Beck @ the 2007 Crossroads Festival in Chicago.


32 minutes of her w/Beck that day?  Watch her go!  :)



Nathan East?  Totally solid.  Gotta remember, in my opinion, those great drummers and super bass players are the heart of any band especially rock n roll. 

 Just a few favs of mine.  Everyone's got theirs.  :)

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Naaa, It's good music to me and a lot others that that bought the beer and the nachos after paying a cover to see them again!!

Plus it was the Marshall Tucker Band for a couple days last week... both were on Capricorn and they do have some similarities to their tunes!

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Not exactly on yt but recognize this down in the bar? Can't get a screenshot of it whole screen, it shows up blacked out.




Aw Heck the title is up there.

Hubba Hubba on the side with pain.


For over a decade I've not seen the scene where Porter goes to Steckers office and takes down the linebacker-large guy at the front desk!

Was it prejudicial? Must have been deemed that because of all the other violence left intact in the great flick!

Yep, seen it thirty times probably and still like it. Wonder if it's cheap to buy, and what other movies have been ruined by dummies that do not like the flicks they ruin?

Edited by JohnJ
Lucy Liu always leaves a trail you can follow!
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GetIt @billybob with those powerful tunes!


Was looking for the new version of the Dead that's been out a few years...


Found this, and I'll quote what I found at the top of the comments:


Letting Billy use an electric guitar is like letting mike Tyson bring a baseball bat into the ring.
Couldn't have said it better!
Wish that old guy on the hill would hear this and take it to heart. No I do not mean Brandon, I mean the one from SC.
Must have been Lord of the Rings night up in Asheville!
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