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15 hours ago, JohnJ said:

They're great together.Tim. I've got a record with them on it, George has it too I believe. Might be able to entice him to spin it for us all!

Thanx for this reminder JJ , Ja I´have it but didn´t listened to it more than a year .

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Interesting note.  Mark Chatfield is going back on the road ASAP since Bob Seger retired.  Mark is replacing Bruce Kulick from Grand Funk Railroad.  23 amazing years touring with a group that originated in Flint, MI. and has withstood the test of time for more than 50 years.


Mark and Bruce are long time friends and GFR is doing a "Loco-Motion" tour this year.  23 years for Bruce and Mark 40 year stint w/Bob?  It's a zero brainer if ya think about it.  Should be a great tour.


The first of 40 tour stops will take place on Friday, January 12th at Ledyard, Connecticut’s Foxwood’s Casino. 


I remember Seger hitting Cbus and Mark was telling me one day he was gonna play lead for him.  I told him to tell Bob that and he did.  Seger told him if he could bring it to let him know.  Funny cause he did it.   40 years with him and when he retired Mark went back and has been packing the house w/his old band "The Godz."  Then the phone rang.  lol


Trust me he can git it and will be a great add to GFR!


Check me out!  ;)





Laced w/a few Seger hits ya better buckle up.  Great ticket prices and a good time for sure!  :)

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